Frank Gets Pulled Into The Johnson-Sims Feud Plus Texas Justice

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Check out this Bobcat on someone's roof not far from our place. The owner's got up in the morning and found this guy sitting on their roof. lol. We've seen Bobcats and a Mountain Lion here but they didn't get on the roof. This is a big one!


Howdy folks and greetings from the Great Plains of North Texas!

We're in a series about one of the best Texas Rangers to ever wear the badge, the great Frank Hamer, who was brought out of retirement to take down Bonnie and Clyde.

(And who temporarily went out of his mind in his choice of a wife)


In the last post Frank's girlfriend, Gladys, turned into a cold blooded killer and tried to kill her ex by shooting him. Well, she DID shoot him but didn't shoot him well enough to kill him, her brother Sid did that.

So they were arrested and charged with murder.

Today's story

You can imagine how furious the father(Dave Sims) of the shooting victim, Ed Sims, was. He wanted Glady's father dead. But he was guarded by Harrison, Frank's brother, so then he wanted both Harrison and the father, Billy, dead.

He first hired a couple of hired guns to do the job for $4,000(which would be the equivalent of $80,000 today)but they got arrested and sentenced to prison for another murder. Then he turned to Gee McMeans, his son-in-law.

Gee was the real danger

I talked about Gee in another post. He was a tough, ex Texas Ranger with a hot temper and bad reputation for killing people. He's one of those that never should have been a Ranger. He was a nasty piece of work.

Frank was out on the range huntin cattle rustlers when someone found him and told him that his brother Harrison was in real danger. Well, Frank knew about ol McUgly and what he was capable of so he made his way back to the Johnson ranch straight away.

Frank flat out had no fear

He brought another cattle inspector with him to the ranch. Then Frank boldly went to the Sims ranch and confronted them, Ed Sim's father and McUgly.

In Frank's own words, "I informed the bunch, that if anyone murdered my brother that they would pay dearly for it and immediately thereafter the hatred of the entire bunch was directed toward me. McMeans boasted the fact that he would kill me on sight."

Frank also took a leave of absence from his dream job with the cattle association and became Billy Johnson's full time body guard. Of course he was mighty attracted to Gladys and she saw him as their hero and savior.

Gladys's trial

Texas justice at the time. The judge dismissed the case against her because she hadn't fired the fatal shots(even though she tried to kill an unarmed man) and because she was a mother of two small girls.

A Texas jury at the time never would have convicted her anyway, they were very lenient with wives who shot their husbands. It's true!

Sid's trial

Sid was Gladys's brother and the one who fired the fatal shot that killed Ed Sims.

Texas justice at the time. The jury found him not guilty.(even though he gunned down an unarmed, wounded man) They felt he was justified to "protect" his sister and defend her honor after Ed had insulted and cursed her when he screamed "God damn you!"

The Scurry County Courthouse where the trials were held. Naturally the Sim's bunch was furious at each outcome and swore vengence.


At both trials the feuding clans showed up of course. Law enforcement had scores of extra men and called in the Texas Rangers to prevent a war from breaking out.

But since the Sims family couldn't get justice in court, that's why they decided to do it themselves with McUgly as their hired gun.


McUgly goes after Frank in the next post.

Thanks for reading folks, God bless you all!

PS- I found a couple more interesting vending machines. The first one has me baffled though. It has designer handbags:


Now ladies, wouldn't you want to handle a bag and check it out closely to feel the quality, size and fit before you bought it? And being from a vending machine, aren't the odds of it being a fake knock off from China fairly high?

But look at this one, finally a wine vending machine! I have no idea where this one is located but I thought it was just wishful thinking that they even existed! I wonder if you have to provide an ID for age qualification?





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I guess no one asked "Why can't we all just get along", eh?

lol! No, that would show weakness. You just had to be careful who you insulted back then!

I am sure glad that I don't have as much drama in my life as that bunch has! I'm expecting that meanie guy to bad ending.
I don't think a handbag vending machine would have been as big a hit as cupcakes!
@tipu curate

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 10/15)

Thank you so much for the upvote tipu!

Oh yeah and about that cat on the roof! I'd be staying indoors today!

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

lol! Well if you noticed they took the photo through the screen door or window!
Jack would be going crazy if that happened here but it would be fun to get some cool photos.

I hope the cat made his way to safety. I'm sure he wouldn't be allowed to hang around the neighborhood.

yeah the people that posted the photo didn't explain anything they just said look what we saw when we got up this morning! I think most people are fine with Bobcats unless they have small dogs or cats.

The mountain lion is a different situation, the Sheriff's department told people to shoot it if they saw it because it was killing so many dogs and chickens all over the county.

There aren't many places left to be if you happen to be a mountain lion, I guess.

That's the sad truth! How are you doing today?

I'm good! Just got back from a drive with Alli looking for autumn photo opportunities. The leaves are not very pretty this year, though. How has your day been?

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Howdy tonight Melinda! I agree with your first point and also your second. On the second point, I have no idea who would want to buy an expensive handbag from a machine. Do you? I mean you need to touch it and feel it and examine all it's features. Unless you just want it for the brand name.
Thanks so much for the tipu upvote!

I wonder if they ever actually sold any! I can't imagine a scenario where I would need to buy a new purse from a fending machine!

I know! It's nuts and especially designer ones that cost tons of money. The machine only takes credit cards of course. Maybe they're at the airport of a wealthy city or country. Maybe Dubai.

Was husband shooting oft occurring? I can think of a couple of women who would like to do that today.

Howdy owasco! I don't think it was very common but when it happened it was pretty much a dirtbag husband and the women weren't normally convicted.
Really? You know women in that bad of marriages? If so that's very sad. I know many women feel trapped and there seems to be an overload of idiotic, selfish, mean, arrogant scumbag males. And those are some of their better qualities!

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Howdy esteemapp and thanks for the upvote!

Morning janton, I just love their good old Texas logic and honour with never convicting wives who shoot their husbands. We wouldn't have family violence perpetrated by men anymore if this was the law these days!

Love the vending machines, what a cackle!

haha! Howdy angiemitchell! That's very true about the abusive husbands these days. So many of them are but it might make them think twice if women could kill them and get away with it!

Glad you like the machines. I assume you don't have either of those in Australia that you know of? The wine machine seems like a natural for Australia!

Haha, maybe the wineries could make extra business by putting some into different places. There are so many excellent wineries in our country the vending machines would be everywhere, lol.

yes the wineries! One of my favorite things about Australia!

Yes the wineries!
One of my favorite things
About Australia!

                 - janton

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Now that Cover Photo is Frikkin Awesome...!!!!

I know You said there was a Frank Hamer photo shortage......


lol! I didn't even think of the Bobcat as being a cat as in krazzytrukker type of cat but a cat is a cat! lol. Also I love that meme, not often that you see a Joel Osteen meme that isn't mocking him so thank you.

Maybe I should just find great cat photos for my Frank Hamer cover shots!

Mornin’ Cowboy! That’s a big bobcat. He must be hungry and thought, for a snack, a cat or dog was coming out of the house.

Things are heating up with the feud between the families.

Oh you're probably right. He may have been watching the house and know their pets! That's a creepy thought.

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Howdy steem-plus! thanks so much for the upvote!

Ah! So the climax is on it's way Sir @janton.
Good and looking forward to the "friendly" meeting between McUgly and Frank.

lol! yes, it's a meeting only a warrior could enjoy!

Ice cold is the answer Sir @janton, as then one never makes any mistakes in an onslaught. Hot headed is much trouble.

Howdy tonight sir papilloncharity! Ain't that the truth. Like when Gladys lost control and shot her ex. Frank had a temper too but he didn't do crazy things when he lost it.

During my early army days I was appointed as a temporary boxing trainer Sir @janton, before we got posted out to our permanent divisions.
One of my favorite teachings was to get your opponent angry, as an angry man becomes reckless and then he is easy for the taking.
So it was with Frank as he stayed cool and relied on his instinct.

Oh that is a great strategy! You can remain cool and calculating while your opponent goes nuts and gets reckless. What did you do to make your opponent angry?

Very easy, whisper something in his ear during a clinch hahaha

Oh, very shrewd sir papilloncharity! lol.

Howdy Janton! That Bobcat on the roof was in your neighbourhood? Oh my gosh! Tornadoes, bobcats and what else you have there??? Well, we actually have coyotes here, but I never seen one. But my daughter did.

Anyway, I can't believe that Gladys and here brother were not charged at all. I don't think they got off so easy if it was today, since he was unarmed. Well it's a mess and Frank got finally sucked in! Oh boy!

And who is going to buy designer purse from vending machine? LOL. I am curious how much they cost, but I am pretty sure they are just cheep knock offs. But my daughter would love that wine vending machine. She is always in a hurry and she loves red wine, lol.

lol! I like your daughter's taste in drinks! I know, the vending machine makes no sense to me at all.

Yes, the Bobcat was just a few miles away. It looked like he may have known that the homeowners had dogs or cats and was just waiting for breakfast!

We have several venomous snakes like the rattlesnake and we have packs of coyotes which are interbred with wild dogs so those are real dangerous, and we have packs of wild hogs which like to kill anything that moves. If you live out here where we do you would be a fool not to be armed.

Love the bobcat on the roof. That's something I haven't seen before... We have lynx and bobcats around here in MN, as well as some sizable coyote packs.

Sounds like the justice system was a little different back then. They would all have been in the slammer today. Then again... the girl that destroyed my car and had a $2500 judgment against her never paid up and seems exempt from any legal action. Maybe it hasn't changed all that much.

I agree about the Bobcat sir fotosdenada, I think that is highly unusual. They do slink around and check out properties so I'm guess those people have pets so the Bobcat was up there waiting for breakfast!

Yes, those people could never have gotten away with killing Ed Sims these days. That girl that destroyed your car, how could she be exempt from legal action? Even Small Claims Court?

The girl that destroyed my Saturn SL1 (in amazing condition) had a rap sheet about three pages long. The legal librarian for the county let me see it. Drug charges, firearms charges, evading arrest... It was like Pokemon Crime Edition.

She has only paid about $400 of the $2500, and it's been five years. Last time I looked her up, she was arrested for fleeing the police on foot. Winner, right?

I should do a post on the experience, some day. I took photos, of course! lol

Holy moly sir fotosdenada! Wow, yes that would make for a very interesting post! What a basket case she is.
What model of Jeep do you drive? We've driven different models for years, right now we have a Compass.