Rocky Mountains Backcountry - Lake Carnarvon - part 3📷

in hiking •  18 days ago 

Here are the last (maybe the best) photos I took at my backcountry trip to lake Carnarvon, a place I will surely venture to again. Its amazing...

Click for full size views of any images.


My hiking buddy down by the water soaking in the views while I'm shooting more photos (as usual, haha)

one of my all time favorite pictures, a mountain frame view over the headwall lake, out to my favorite mountain in the distant background, mount of the holy cross.





Even around the lake, a great place to hike, a couple scrambles and some nice scenery overlooking the headwall lake.

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This seems a great place! Feeling pretty amazing with this wonders of earth!


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This place looks beautiful...BC and Alberta have good places indeed.

Amazing photos, you should include a photography tag to earn PHOTO tokens.

I don't even know what photo tokens are? info?

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OK, interesting, but no idea what I could do with all those tokens. and logins, etc. I think I'll just post my photography shots for now.... lol

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your site seems to have a problem?

ya, with steemit keep changing the urls and apis, its annoying to keep maintaining it. not many users on it, so not sure I'll fix it up again or not. Honestly, I've not had much time for steemit for quite a while, but will try to post a bit sometimes again.

What did the site do? Have you posted the code anywhere.

Wow, where is this place?

its on the continental divide (alberta/bc) on the south end of hwy 40, in kananaskis my friend. Its a wonderful place, bit of a hike and scramble to get to it though, but oh sooooo worth it.

Right on, that’s awesome. Me and a buddy were going to hike to Rawson lake last month, until someone reported seeing a grizzly on the trail, as we were at the info centre. So we walked around Upper Kananaskis Lake instead. Tons of bear droppings everywhere though, kind of unnerving at times.

I like seeing the bears in the mountains actually. Had quite a few sitings and encounters, all good ones though. Oddly, I've hiked 500km this year and haven't seen one bear on the trails yet (only from the car).

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