Six Month Anniversary Celebration Contest - Week One

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We started @heyhaveyamet in December 2018 because we knew there was a need to help seasoned and busy Steemians weed through all the posts that have been tagged "introduceyourself" because there is so much spam, fake, and mistagged posts that it takes a lot of time causing many real introductions to be missed and passed by. This month we are celebrating our six month anniversary and would like you all to join us by participating in four different contests.


@brittandjosie and I, @xcountytravelers, decided we wanted to do something special with our partnership @steemterminal and we will be giving away 5 SBD each week in the month of June starting with this post. The prizes will be awarded the following week after the judging has occurred. The judges will be @brittandjosie, @jamerussell, @derekrichardson, @brisby from @heyhaveyamet along with @thekittygirl, @wesphilbin, @medro-martin, from @steemterminal and myself as well.


For this first week of June's contest we would like you to write a post about how the Hey! Have Ya Met...? posts have helped you. Were you one of those we introduced? Were you one of those who found some of the new Steemians from our posts? Were you able to find help by visiting our sister project the Steem Terminal in Discord? Please tell us how we helped you.


What would a contest be without a few rules? We are keeping it really simple for everyone to try to win the 5 SBD!

Write a blog post about how HHYM has helped you either as the new or seasoned Steemian.

All photos and quotes to be sourced. No plagiarism tolerated.

Must be 50 words or more.

Must have the tag #hhymcontest1.

No resteeming or upvoting this contest required. It would be greatly appreciated, but not required.

There you have it! So what are you waiting for? Go write the post telling us how @heyhaveyamet has helped you find your way through the Steemiverse or helped you find some amazing new Steemians! Go, we will be CLOSING ALL ENTRIES ON:



The prizes will be announced and awarded on





Are you interested in sponsoring us or providing delegation so we can connect and engage with new Steemian accounts both personal or business? If so, please contact @xcountytravelers Steem Terminal#7157 in the Steem Terminal (a discord server) or down below in the comments. We appreciate your interest in helping us help others.


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Like I have said many times... I was basically "wandering around" when I first joined this Steemit'verse. I joined the @steemusa Discord, found @josephsavage and the @steembasicincome, and felt things were looking up. This started my feeling of seeing how things were going...Steemians needed help, and then one day, I learned of the @heyhaveyamet group. @xcountytravelers and @brittandjosie were taking the time to find new Steemians... introducing them, giving them some much-needed guidance and exposure. Little did I know that I would "land" in the @steemterminal, and become a part of this AWESOME group of individuals.

I can't thank you all enough, for allowing me to be a part of this... and SIX MONTHS!! Wow...what a groovy ride this has been! To all of you, that have become just like family to me...

Happy Anniversary Team @heyhaveyamet!!!

Happy Anniversary indeed

We are so glad to have you as part of our team!

Hurray!!!! What a fun contest! Hope @everyone enters!!!!

Congrats on your 6-month anniversary! You're doing a great job.

I've noted this contest, and I will try to find some time to get something up, for sure :0)

Oh thank you so much! We appreciate you so very much.

I'm running a bit behind on the delegations, and even the follow-ups, but the garden is taking up guite a lot of my time. I need to get back to it soon!

Gardening is totally worth it!

Absolutely true... but so is saving this platform 😉

Congratulations to @heyhaveyamet

I remembered when I land on Steemit for the 1st time and you guys gave me a great shout-out and helped me too. Thank you for everything.

Nothing is better than helping someone. I wish you all the best for more upcoming anniversaries. 😊👍

I believe this is exactly what the @heyhaveyamet team contest is seeking, some really good testimonials, but with a chance at a reward @bloggerkrunal!

@jamerussell Yes I got your point. Well I'm not that great in shout-out but I'll try to catchup if possible from my work schedule.

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Please make a post! We would love to have you enter!

I guess you would like to correct the date.
It says 2010 instead of 2019 😄

Corrected, good catch; thank you @bloggerkrunal!

@bloggerkrunal I remember our first comment and encounter and you are well underway to grow big, please do us a favour remember us when you are a whale. Thanks for participating in the contests by me too,

Yes I'm glad for that, we got connected since my intro over here. You helped a lot as my life guard in Steemit ocean. @brittandjosie

Are you kidding me? From where am I about to be become a whale? 🐳 😄 But it sounds really great. I got goosebumps. Lol.

I wish you all become a whale one day. So whenever I post, you all can make me rich! Haha.

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We Will both try to get to whale dome

I just can't believe it has been six months already!!!! Happy Anniversary you guys! Couldn't ask for a better group to work with!

I remember the day we started, combining powers, loved every minute and with a canon ball like you there is no way of stopping

I don't feel much like a canon ball today! I feel like a guy trying to get the canon ball into the canon! hahaha!

Thank you! Now go make that post!!!!!!!

I remember it all and wouldnt have missed it for the world. I Will offcourse do a blog and tell my stories, but i just want to state that i am PROUD !

@xcountytravelers for your amazing amount of energy and all of the others too.

#Steemterminal and @steemterminal is the place to be and @thekittygirl i am so thankful for everything you do,
You never sleep !

On to steemifuture
Big hug ,

Oh wow, how time flies when you're having fun @heyhaveyamet!
Happy Anniversary Team HHYM!

It sure does we need more time in a day Z!

Congratulation sonthe 6 Months and what a cool contest and good luck

Thanks for being an active Member of STEEMUSA !tip

Aw, thank you so much!
You are most welcome, just love your server and the people in it!

Glad you feel comfortable in there

Congratulation on 6 Months

Keep up the good work Team @heyhaveyamet

Thank you @nathanmars, it is appreciated!

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Keep up the great work!


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Oh icing! That's the best part!

Congratulations girls! Am here to support!

Oh thank you so very, very much! We do appreciate your support. Now to hope over you way and get to know you!

It's amazing how far this initiative has come and the number of people who have been helped in only six months! Congratulations!!!

Happy B-day Gang well done :D

Thank you @swedishdragon! We love you being with us!

woohoo your so welcome :D
Aww me looves playing with you guys tOoOOooOoooo :D i see i got a DM tooo :P

First I've heard of this. It looks cool, though. Thanks for helping Steemians move through the mass of fake posts and spam. It's a highly valuable service.

So sorry you are just now hearing about us! We have heard about! We do hope you will hang around us and encourage the new people!

@blockurator thanks for stopping by, as a fellow member from PHC its highly appreciated and its a great cause, follow is and you Will get introducés to all the new gems on the block

Congratulations on the 6 months!!! You girls are doing great!

thank you! We couldn't do it without @jamerussell, @brisby, and @derekrichardson!

Aww! Hugs to you!

HHYM & the Steem Terminal have an amazing team!

Happy Half Steemiversary :)
You guys may have been doing this just 6 months but you have done so much
Thank you <33

thank you so much! We have been trying very hard to do as much as we can! Couldn't do it without @jamerussell, @brisby, and @derekrichardson!!!!!

Happy Anniversary! Cheers to many more months of helping newbies get going ahead!

thank you so much!!! We love getting the intros out to you all!!!!

It is only recently that I heard about it.
I never been helped or introduced, it was a good reason for me to give up on Steem.

To be honest I find many posts, including contests, hard to understand and I wonder how so many non native speakers handle it.

I read and write everything on my smartphone. Might be it looks different if you use a computer.

I wish you luck with your good work!

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Thank you so much. What language is native for you? We try to make sure we help you in as many ways possible. Just let us know.

Dutch is my native language.
A problem with reading many contest I have too is that they look messy to me.
Frequently it is hard to find out what the contest is about, the rules you need to follow and what is the "advertisement part" for the community or other communities.
It confuses me and I know some have the same problem.

At times it is just too much info.

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Please let me know if we need to verify any of the rules to you. I don't want you to miss it!

Thanks a lot, it felt great to recieve the first comments on here, it’s hard to find a following as a newcomer. And I am glad you are encouraging nee people on Steem.

We need more real and authentic users on here. 🙂👍

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It takes time. That is also one of the reasons we do what we do. We all remembered what it was like starting out and how hard and frustrating it was. So glad you are here. Hope to see you enter.

Thank you for calling my attention, I will resteem for my own benefit because I might forget that I was mentioned, it's a pain using smartphone.
I will try to read all this later.

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Good. I was hoping you and everyone else had found it, but there was no posts coming up with I put the #hhymcontest1 tag in the search. So thought I would make sure to invite you all personally. There will be three more contests after this one as well. We will also be kicking off a Redfish Rally in July to help those with a reputation of a 53 and below. It will only be a monthly delegation, but it will help those who win out. More details to come!

Thanks for the resteem and can't wait to read your post.

Congratulations on your Six Month Anniversary Celebration! You all have been great.

Thank you so much! We have really enjoyed being there for these people! Over 800 new people introduced!

Greetings from me to all,
Appreciate the brain behind this and I wish to participate...

Thank you so much! We would love for you to come join in. If you could meet us in the @steemterminal Discord Server That would be amazing! We can always use your help answering questions there. You could also take the time and welcome these new people and encourage them. Thanks again!

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thank you so much for your entry!!!!!

thank you so much for your entry!!!!!

Just entered! Thanks for welcoming me nearly 6 months ago. You make Steem a nice community and encourage new users to stay. And thank you for the contest, good luck all!

thanks so much for the entry!!!

Congrats to all the persons behind @heghaveyamet. It's you guys make easy for new comers to this wonderful community...

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Thank you so much. We try to treat each person we introduce the way we wish we were treated. It makes it easy to give them a step up! thank you so much for stopping by and supporting our efforts.

Hello @ heyhaveyamet Happy Anniversary HHYM for its 6 months of hard work on and in the Discord Steem Terminal, they do it very well!
I will not comment much because I must keep my words for the HHYM contest article, so Congratulations !!

We thank you for your kind words and appreciate that you will be joining in the contest!