heyhaveyamet: the recap

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I've only been on steem for 6 months.. maybe 7. Who knows. It's all a blur..

The @heyhaveyamet people have also been around.. as a thing, for about the same amount of time..

they are having a contest, 'er sumptin' to commemorate their now immutable existence

We started @heyhaveyamet in December 2018 because we knew there was a need to help seasoned and busy Steemians weed through all the posts that have been tagged "introduceyourself" because there is so much spam, fake, and mistagged posts that it takes a lot of time causing many real introductions to be missed and passed by. This month we are celebrating our six month anniversary and would like you all to join us by participating in four different contests.

Almost as soon as I joined steem and posted. I was innundated with very positive comments from the people at @welcomewagon.. which is where the heywhatchaupto people are from

now I'm not really a positive person.. more of a wolfpack of me.. So I was taken aback by the showering of good ole fashion lerve

I was, in fact.. SCARED FOR MY LIFE!

I kid, I kid..

it was a nice change from the usual social media where everyone is trying to one up each other

onwards to the contest..

write a post about how the Hey! Have Ya Met...? posts have helped you. Were you one of those we introduced? Were you one of those who found some of the new Steemians from our posts? Were you able to find help by visiting our sister project the Steem Terminal in Discord? Please tell us how we helped you.

my inital post.. which I expected to just fall into oblivion.. was titled portrait of the Steemian as a wash-up artist

and it helped to have the @heyhaveyamet people come in and shower me comments.. Made me feel like this place was alive..

and the comments in their intro post made me feel.. i dunno.. it just made it seem like I was in the right place..

There was just enough snark in this introduction to be entertaining and enough sincerity to keep me interested in reading. It was quite different and gave me a lot of information. The truth will be seen over the years as we watch him add posts. Can't wait to see what he adds to the blockchain.

Now, honestly, all I've added is a shit-ton of actifit posts and a ton of complaining.. But at least they got that I was all about the snark...

I regularly go in and check out new people due to their posts, and you should too.

ok, enough with the happyHappy... back to posting about my water intake..

and a pic of the artist as a grumpy mofo..


Upvoting you from my PAL account and my shiny new PAL coins. Which seem to be worth 0 at the mom...
Waitaminute, I think I have to power them up.

I'm still learning all this rigga-ma-roll too

Goodafternoon @darrenfj I remember your entry and the way your journey is going so its great to read that we showered you with love and we like the way your journeu is going. Thank you for entering and blog to you soon.

blog to you as well :D

yah I love the @heyhaveyamet and @welcomewagon people

Thats what we are aiming for..... thanx


Well, I hope that you smile sometimes!! I remember landing here...thinking I could get some income, and maybe meet people. Haha, it isn't an overnight success story here... it takes time and patience. BUT meeting people that truly care about what you are doing, and helping you to achieve success is true....priceless. Certainly, appreciate the kind words also... we try to help people as best we can at the @steemterminal... keep on holding down that rock...


Thanks for the laugh as I pictured you sitting behind the computer screen and reading the welcoming comments with horror. 😂

Glad to know that you still check out the HHYM posts to find posts from those new to the platform! Have a lovely day, enjoy your water intake, and thanks for both encouraging the encouragers as well as your contest entry.

it was absolute horror!!!!

thanks for the good words.. it is appreciated..

Hi Deej, just dropping a line to let you know that I featured your post in this week's comment challenge. Actually, you should really thank Judge @wesphilbin for that. :)

Thanks for telling us about @heyhaveyamet. I think I heard of them from another source but never checked it out. It is a great initiative and something worth sharing.

Now I will have a sip of water before heading to bed. ;)

I'm at 12 waters today ;)

thanks for the heads up

steem is like in real life, there are times we get noticed and there are times we don't. But if you'll just look into the other side of steem, steem will make you feel that's it's wonderful to stay here. There are nice people, and those nice people they supported many people. That's why because of those lot of people, keep in mind that they can't support you all the time.

summary: just enjoy in steeming, ignore those content that didn't recieve any upvotes. The important is, you love to share what's on your heart and mind.

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thanks Mr Nightmares!

Glad that they've made you feel welcomed and that's what all new accounts should get.

Glad that they've made you
Feel welcomed and that's what all
New accounts should get.

                 - fredkese

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