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Hello Steemians, it’s been a long day, but #NewSteem is now producing blocks once again. At 11:00 AM the Steem Witnesses began producing blocks in accordance with HF21. Block production appeared to proceed as intended for about 45 minutes at which point the blockchain halted during automated validation, preventing an unknown bug from impacting critical components of the blockchain like token balances and reward allocation.

Community Team Work

At that point the Steemit Team along with the Witnesses and other community developers worked together to diagnose the offending bug and issue a fix. There are a number of validation steps that occur during transaction and block processing to ensure that activities on the chain are proceeding as expected. The bug caused one of these checks to fail, which resulted in the halt. To quote community member @netuoso:

The blockchain performed its necessary checks and measures to ensure that the offending transaction did not make its way onto the ledger. This is a good thing because you would much rather have the system block a problematic transaction and halt so you can address the issue instead of going on unnoticed.

The blockchain resumed block production at 2:47 PM EST with the first block being produced by Witness @gtg, which means we have now been running longer on Hardfork 21 than we were before the halt.


While this certainly did not go as smoothly as we had hoped, we do feel that there are some positive takeaways and as of now, it has been a marked improvement over the rollout of HF20. Leading up to HF21 there was far more testing performed which unearthed problems which were fixed prior to the hardfork. In addition, the halt was due to a bug that would have been extremely difficult to produce in our testnet environment.

We are still investigating the incident to determine what further steps could have been taken. This will certainly be the headline topic of our next retrospective. We will provide more information about what happened, what we’ve learned from the experience, and what we intend to do in the future to ensure that this does not happen again.


Now that normal block production has resumed, the user experience on Steem applications appears largely unchanged, which was the desired outcome. Over time we expect to see rewards get distributed in subtly different ways. To learn more about the major changes to Steem that have now been added to the blockchain, check out this post.

Still Monitoring

While things appear to be going smoothly now, we are still on high alert and keeping all communication channels open so that in the event that any issues present themselves we are ready to respond.

Reporting Issues

If you do come across any bugs or other unusual behaviors on steemit.com or any other Steem application, please let us know in the comment section below. If you'd like to chat with other community members about the hardfork or any other technical issues, head on over to the SteemDevs Discord Channel.

The Steemit Team


Have you checked the downvote pool? I am not 100% sure, but I think you can do a lot more 100% downvotes without drawing from VP.

I saw that on a bot who did 10 100% downvotes withing 4 hours after HF21 but still being at 98% VP which should be impossible. Don't remember the name :(

Wasn't it supposed to only be 2.5 full downvotes?

Yes. That's why I am asking them to check it.

That's what I hear (2.5 per day for free), but I voted 5 or 6 times, and my downvote potency was still about 50%. I think they mean you can downvote 2 or 3 times per day, without depleting your downvote potency. Like with upvoting, where you can upvote 10 times per day, without depleting your upvote potency.

While not ideal, you have to admit that the reason for the halt was pretty funny. And other than the hiccup, things seem to be running along nicely and it will be fun tom monitor how the changes affect the community behavior. I am hoping that the Steemit Inc team join in on at least one aspect of the community initiatives HF21 has brought.

Also, people seemed far less stressed by proceedings and I think that a lot of this is down to the better and longer flow of communication in the lead up to explain how and why things are being done. That deserves some credit.

Agree. Communication has been consistent and informative. I know I was less stressed about HF 21 than HF 20. I am impressed with how quickly the resolution was put into place.

I was less stressed about HF 21 than HF21.



Just noticed that I said HF 21 twice in my original comment which was not my attention. Made the correction. Sorry about the confusion.

isnt it funny how no one really cares about their funds anymore when they become worth so little? LOl It makes us all way more chill and rational when our bags are so light. Maybe we are ascending and steem has to go to $0 like some Buddhist test where we have to be ok with a chain worth nothing but with the best features, nirvana, cheap enough for anyone on earth to use. Is that @neds plan from beginning? To have so much steem he can dump right when the project starts getting popular, basically allowing for a MASSIVE AMOUNT of CHEAP steem for the worlds less privileged to purchase cheap? Think about it

Be one with the $0 price tag in steem

Dont fear a low price its only temporary.

This hard fork is proof that steem is running smoothly and is a dynamic living thing. Steem and EOS are like extra terrestrial training wheel programs overlayed onto society, whenever the top users are ready, they all get transported star trek style to Ned's guitar shaped metaphorical spaceship.

Nned and his guitar was meant to not be like Nero playing music while Rome Burned,

No he was trying to give us a message about the "tuning" of the blockchain and its governance, each string is like a setting in @aggroed 's scotbot settings page, we have the author and curator curves, the inflation ,

But Ned is like Stamits from Star Trek Discovery, trapped in the Mycelial world wandering around... we need to find his dead gay black doctor lover to remind him of his humanity and bring him back to our world, like in star trek discovery.

While you are one of the good guys, it doesn't seem that most whales are. This looks like a complete take over which will bite them in the butt. They basically canceled most of the pay outs for the little guys. Guess how many new people will join now?

Or how many minnows will stay.... but that does not impact them. As long as the cadre can split the daily spoils thy are happy. {shrug}

Look at the greyed out posts, does that mean the hardfork worked? Will it be an orgy of flagging now?

As has been in the back of many minds.
Is saying "thank you" low quality content now? Not smart enough, original enough, long enough or is it "how you use it" that counts? Ah! "Who you ARE!"?
:: :: RC's & new acct's for sale :: ::.
Nah, it's just a foreshadowing... or simply another form of commenting.
Decent chance I'll turn into the other bookend. Grey border on both sides- It'll make your colors stand out bright, lol.

Flagged for not liking nickelback

flagged for not liking that they dont like nickleback

flagged for sticking up for anti-nickelback propaganda

The instigators of that have been engaging in such behaviour for a long time. Nothing to do with the hardfork

Thanks to those who put in the hard work - I never have any doubts about the technical capabilities of Steem or the Techo's that work on it.

Congrats and hope for a smooth next few days

@steemitblog @steemit @steemitteam @steem
Firstly, congratulations to everyone who worked on this, regardless of the accepted or unaccepted changes that the community may agree or disagree with, work was done on HF and the transition was executed fairly smoothly.

After reading the comments below, I decided to take a step back and just look at the platform as a whole, not taking into account the new rules regarding votes and voting power and allocation and distribution of funds in whatever format the #newsteem has been implemented.

I realised that we as the @steemit community all come from other Social media platform giants(who's names shall not be mentioned) who have taken our information posts and personal life contribution, which we handed over and gave away freely for years by the way, and they abused and used for their own financial gain and platform enrichment by selling your information to big corporates without so much as a thank you, much less a reward for the content contribution made.

In light of that, I come to realised that instead of complaining about getting 1 cent for the contributions I make here, I should really be thankful that I get any reward at all, since all the other social media platforms (who's names shall not be mentioned) simply don't bother giving back anything to their users and contributors.

Just my 2 cents.

Happy Steeming everyone, I sincerely hope somehow it all works out in the end. I will continue contributing to the platform in however small a way I can, as I believe in the platform and everyone on it.

Let's try not to forget where we come from. Just a thought.

You don't have two cents anymore. One of them just went to the whales.

HF21 is the straw that will break the camel's back.

SteemitInc...while pretending to want to do something about spammers (when simple warning messages, and then communitized major downvotes against repeat offenders, would have worked easily) has just said "We don't want any newbies hanging around."

I hear you. And I am a tad bit disappointed too. Was just trying to reflect on a semi brighter side. Not sure what can be done at this stage other than to work the system. As I said I truly believe in @steemit and the changes are not ideal but it has been implemented so I guess only time will tell.
Just my revised 1cent.

You are 100% correct

You are 100% astute. Thanks!

Sadly I'm beginning to see it this way too. HF21 so far has cut upvote value in half, which should have been a 15% cut at best if you're going from 75% to 65% of inflation going to the reward pool. There is now a movement underway down voting anyone that asks sensitive questions or voices legitimate concerns about HF21 discrepancies. It's foolish behavior that undermines confidence in the whole ecosystem, and it suggests that steemit inc is insolvent if they can't even be transparent about where the reward pool is actually going.

I thought it was from 75% to 50%, so a 25% reduction? (Still doesn't account for the observed changes.)
Wow, a movement of downvoting concerns about the hard fork? If that's not censorship, what is? Censorship doesn't always happen via government. Anyone can censor. And it's not appreciated one bit.

Yep. Thanks for the reply and concise additional info.

What you say makes sense, I came from facebook in which I write as much as here and don't earn anything for it. But it's still disappointing comparing how the same SP that could earn you $0.02 before the HF, now earns you only $0.01 unless the payout reaches 20 STEEM.

You can always use some bid bots to top up to 20 steem ;) This is what will be rewarded now. Bid bot users and whales.
Everyone else will be penalized for posting not worthy posts.

U don’t get 2 cents anymore
Remember? The fork killed that

As a content creator I assure you that posting on Twitter is far more profitable than posting on Steem. Steem users don't buy things, they only upvote things.

Other networks also build residual income, steem posts are forgotten in a week.

New steem... or oldsteem disguised as New steem?

New Steem is the one traded for 10 cents, the old one traded for 10 usd... hopefully they finish smts soon... and put the linear reward curve back soon...

and put the linear reward curve back soon...

I couldn't agree more.

Now, the true potential of steem will shine very soon before we know it.😊

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let's hope so 😁

As desired, but don't you think our expectations should be moderate? Hf20 in retrospect!

Not due to this fork that’s for sure.
It’s lame

I'd downvote it but you wiped out your own rewards... I know I'm not the first to say this, but this SUCKS.

I spent almost 2 years here and didn't power down once... I vote 2126 SP... And my vote is not worth anything. Its ok, I get half of it though.

Ohhhh shit, I just realized half of nothing is still nothing!

This is the nail in the coffin... You guys are truly clueless

I upvoted this because even though it's worth nothing, it also costs me nothing.

There is now more "Nothing" in STEEM than in "The Neverending Story"!

Sadly accurate, with the possible exception of ads; of those we seem to have plenty....

It looks like I will have to stop using my phone as a backup sign in method. These ads make replies almost impossible by filling my entire screen.


How disappointing. It seems like things just keep getting worse and worse around here. I don't even know what to say. It boggles my mind how anyone thought this reduction of value for any posts or comments under 20 steem was a good idea. I've done a good job of not complaining over the last number of years, but this is just bad and sad.

It’s beyond lame. Steemit will be dead soon

Haven't you understood it yet? They want to incentivize 'small' users to buy (enough) steem. 'If you have no money, f**k you' attitude

I agree with your analysis, but it works the opposite way with me. I don't like that kinda "incentive" (ie I get nothing unless I pony up $)... I spent almost 2 years daily here, that was my contribution... I'm not about to invest a nickel in a system that is going to lose all the common folks at the expense of the few at the top they have protected.

It’s not about money
I could buy 100000 tokens
It’s the fact it’s a Ponzi scam now.

"bad and sad" ... perfect description @apolymask!

And you always carried yourself with amazing integrity... You have my respect always!!!

I'd upvote you for speaking the truth, but it will be worth nothing, so no point. Sorry.

lol... no worries... thanks for the comment though... At least now when people say the words are worth more than the money, then we will know they speak the truth! :D

I DID upvote your comment, because you echo my feelings exactly.
My VP went down a bit as reflected in Steemnow.
I upvoted my own post from last night, at 100% vote power, and
The value of that post (which had made it up to $0.04) did not
Change a bit.
So it is obvious to me now that I will NEVER be able to make any
Real money here now.
I just do NOT understand how the Steemitdev team can think that
This system is conducive to small holders making money, making
Significant quality posts to the platform, and want to remain here.
Thanks @davemccoy

i aggree also. it seems unless you were here from day 1, and ammassed a huge trail behind you, you aint gonna get shit.
i legit gave up trying to post and make any reward months ago.

gave u an upvote, hopefully it puts you above the 2c required to get a rewaard. but with steem price falling every day, unlikely.
u need a vote from a roughly 2600 sp account now to make threshold

The good thing is the reward curve can be restored... so now you might be able to get some steem for a few cent, steemit inc will have to sell all of their steem in order to survive, let them restore together with smt the reward curve... then have this recover... my point of view... no financial advice...

yep.... it was nice to meet you way back @artgirlnyc... good luck in your future activities!

My first action on "newsteem" was an upvote, since my voting mana (or whatever it's called lately) has been at 100% all day, because I wasn't expecting there to be downtown due to the HF (silly me).
Unfortunately, the upvote I gave only resulted in a $0.02 award. Normally my upvotes are worth at least $0.04. Are all our votes worth half what they used to be worth, or is the problem just with me?

Yes we were all cut in half. Steemit will die soon

This will be mainly due to the new "CLRC" reward curve.

  • If you upvote on a post / comment with zero payout your vote will be 50% of what it was under HF20.
  • However if that post / comment payout grows to (something like) 20 Steem then your upvote value will actually have increased back to 100% of what it was under HF20.
  • If the payout of the post / comment gets very big your upvote will be worth more than it was under HF20.

This ignores other (I think smaller) complications introduced under HF21.

So that basically promotes voting on whales then. If I want my vote to be worth something, I need to vote on posts that I know will reach the 20 Steem barrier.
Why would I vote on newbies if I know they most likely will not get big payouts?

And what about whales votes? They will also not vote on plankton knowing their vote is gonna be worth half the real value.... So who is gonna vote those little ones now?

How is this #newsteem gonna help new users? I thought it was supposed to help with onboarding....
So disappointing!

The CLRC makes it inefficient to vote on posts that will end up with low payouts. The aim being to discourage low value spam posts from extracting rewards without being seen. Unfortunately the level at which it has been set may also dis-incentivise smaller / newer users and also impacts rewarding comments (since each of these cases typically gains small rewards).

Things change and this is where we are at now. Fortunately the Steem environment is very innovative. There is a clear need for methods / behaviours which will allow smaller SP holders to use their votes more efficiently and quality niche / new users to be promoted effectively. It will require some level of aggregation / cooperation but I think that this will happen quite quickly.

The CLRC makes it inefficient to vote on posts that will end up with low payouts.

This actually also includes my posts and my friends posts. So if my post is inefficient I will get even less votes than I was before. Where will the whales place their votes? On the potentially efficient posts I am guessing. Which is promoting circle jerking even more.
Why would I vote those small fish instead of voting on those big payout posts too?
If things don't get adjusted my daily earning will drop by half (Total Steem earned comparing from before HF and with yesterday's claim). And I am not the only one here....
The potentially increased curation will not cover that loss.

Which brings us back to the idea of punishing bid bots with this fork. I didn't use bid bots before, but why wouldn't I now start using them now to help my posts reach 20 steem payout, so I don't lose any more than I already did?

For smaller users, the systems / communities / user behaviours that were used under HF20 will need to be adapted to be efficient under HF21.

At the simplest level, one post earning $5 will be worth (something-like) twice as much to the author as 5 posts earning $1.

So communities may look to reward users with a larger amount every 5th post rather than a smaller amount on every post. Users would adapt their behaviours / expectations to this uneven payout schedule.

Users may also post less frequently but with a focus on increased quality in each post.

This all requires some cooperation between communities / groups of friends and there will be some need for scale in each community to make it work. So it's a less "pure" system than HF20. But I think that these adaptations will come.

I also think that it will be accepted that people will use bidbots to reach the 20 Steem threshold, at least initially. As long as the quality is good and the purchased votes aren't excessive (and the bidbot is one of the ones that the general community approves of) it shouldn't be a problem.

There may also be a blurring between communities / bidbots with communities purchasing delegations to support their users, with some level of funding coming from users.

But the key is that some adaptation will be necessary.

At the simplest level, one post earning $5 will be worth (something-like) twice as much to the author as 5 posts earning $1.

Ok, so people should post less often. Maybe twice a week... Won't that reduce the overall site traffic?
That still doesn't solve the post earnings. As a example: If I would vote someone with 100% every day, he will get 5 full votes that way in 5 days. Posting once every 5 days he will get one full vote. I cannot vote with 500%.

I also think that it will be accepted that people will use bidbots to reach the 20 Steem threshold, at least initially.

Which will bring more customers to the bot owners instead the other way round as planned. I read something this HF was supposed to reduce/kill/make it harder for bid bots.

As long as the quality is good and the purchased votes aren't excessive

If this was taken care of for the past 2-3 years, who will take care of that now?

But the key is that some adaptation will be necessary.

Yea, that I agree.

Overall... overcomplicating (and this is what I think of HF21 now) things will make it a lot harder to understand and absorb for average user. And not understanding leads to lack of interest.
On top of that discreet promotion of using bots to reach the 20 Steem and voting on the biggest payed out posts instead supporting small plankton posts.
Sorry... but I don't see how this HF as a positive change. Hope I am wrong.

P.S. Thanks for taking your time answering me.

So, does that mean if payout is something... Let's say 10 STEEM the upvote value would be %75 of its max?

The CLRC continues to increase past 20 Steem, slowly converging on (but never, I suppose, actually reaching) a maximum value.

I did some numbers a while back, so these are broad brush.

But practically if we say that a post with 250 Steem payout is pretty close to producing maximum values for each vote then:

  • 0 Steem payout gives 50% of the maximum vote values
  • 10 Steem payout gives 75% of the maximum
  • 20 Steem payout gives 82% of the maximum
  • 30 Steem payout gives 87% of the maximum
  • 40 Steem payout gives 89% of the maximum
  • 250 Steem payout gives 100% of the maximum

If 20 Steem payout gives votes value that are equivalent to HF20 linear then:

  • 0 Steem payout gives 61% of linear
  • 10 Steem payout gives 90% of linear
  • 20 Steem payout gives 100% of linear
  • 30 Steem payout gives 105% of linear
  • 40 Steem payout gives 108% of linear
  • 250 Steem payout gives 121% of linear

It's a broad indication only; there are lots of assumptions involved.

Thanks, that was easy to understand!

If you are a whale your vote is worth just as much... only normal people got shattered...

Okay, thanks for letting me know it isn't just me.
Anyone else's upvotes not producing the same payout they did yesterday? I used to upvote for between 4 and 5 cents (at 100% power). I was at 100%, voted at full power, and only resulted in a 2 cent payout!

YUP... my up-vote shrunk as well. And here I was all happy about being a dolphin at last so that I can dole out decent votes and then they pull this on us when Steem is at rock bottom in value already! How many more Minnows need to abandon hope before they realize that they are killing Steem with these 'new' ideas? Instead of making changes so that more minnows can grow into dolphins (and promote the Steem ecosystem), they make it impossible for a minnow to get ahead.

Well said, that's how I feel too.
We clawed our way to a tiny upvote, now that's halved, and then halved again. Not just tiny decreases, but a total change in one move, like a transfer of wealth away from the masses toward the insiders.

I guess we can forget about Steem and focus on Battle and PAL tokens, plus a few more of the coins based off of Steem. If it wasn't for them, there isn't much left to be working for, especially if you hold less than 1,000 SP.

Yea.. it's like putting another tax on those that have the smallest earnings already.

I suspect that the team running the HFs doesn't understand how psychology affects users. I know they consider game theoretical aspects, but prior to HF21 my incentive to post was low, since even for posts where I spent hours and got a decent amount of votes, the payout was extremely low in contrast to those who are gaming the system. Now under HF21 my incentive is even lower. I had already stopped trying to convince others to join the platform, and HF21 lowers that incentive even more. This seems to all be the result of having an oligarchy run steem. Steem needs many more users, but its complexity and lack of features are unlikely to result in more users. HF21 makes things more complex. You can argue that you don't get anything on the mainstream social networks, but that again goes back to psychology. Folks see the huge payouts on meaningless posts, put time into their posts, then wonder why they get near nothing. Overall, my 1+ year on Steem has largely been a huge loss in terms of time and money invested. In contrast, my time on Twitter has been very valuable, because there are communities there with which I can have meaningful scientific discussions.

I agree with you 100%. I've seen the argument several times that some pay-out is better than none, but that comparison can only be used if all things are equal. The Steem system is far behind something like Facebook for a social media platform in so many ways that it would be like comparing grapes to watermelon. The price for a grape and the price for a watermelon will be hugely different and they are not even the same as far as taste or anything else, except that they are both juicy. So now if someone were to offer to give me a few grapes for free, but I don't care for the taste/texture/or whatever of grapes, would I be incentivised to eat grapes just because they are free? I think most people wouldn't be.

If I loved watermelon and someone offered me free watermelon, of course I would take it. Steem needs to become the watermelon FIRST, then they can use the "but you earn dust here and there you don't" argument.

Your comparison between your time on STEEM and on Twitter made me really think. I used to think in terms of money (1 cent on STEEM is better than 0 on Facebook) but I'm not sure after reading this.

True, I had more meaningful conversations on Facebook than I had on STEEM.

This is why many of us were railing against HF21. This is the plan, and, in my opinion, disadvantages minnows and dolphins in order to reward whales more greatly. I continue to believe this is a problem. I hope that there will be an outcry against the changes and they will change it back.

I wish they'd change it back if there's an outcry. I don't think they would (I'll be happy if I'm wrong.)

I think they'll change it back if they decide it's not working, but an outcry would be a very small part of that. And, unfortunately, what Steem is like for them, and what Steem is like for us will be very different experiences.

From before, only a small minority earned 20Steem or more, but many earned at least 1Steem to 5. Now? I guess it will be at close to zero for the majority of us.

I have 2 accounts. On the smaller one I have set it at Decline Payout. With an SP of less than 200, no point in wasting everyones voting power. The other will carry on a usual for a while, so that I can compare.

I had been disappointed by the loss of value in Steem, but had continued trying to earn some, in the hope that someday it comes back to life. The way it is rigged now, no point in trying for the smaller posters and the promise of a future high value for Steem is just an empty (fake) promise. They/we are no longer allowed to try and benefit ... someday.

Thank god so many other Steem platforms have been created.

Thanks for efforts ! 💙

Welcome to New Steem BlockChain World

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곰돌이가 @bluengel님의 소중한 댓글에 $0.028을 보팅해서 $0.012을 살려드리고 가요. 곰돌이가 지금까지 총 6322번 $69.775을 보팅해서 $81.274을 구했습니다. @gomdory 곰도뤼~

Well good luck with this garbage.

Steem is a sinking ship and you've made it harder to bail this bitch out. Took you years to even make decentralization viable on your "decentralized platform" because you couldn't figure out Rocksdb for like 3 years (fucking amateurs). Even with the Rocksdb implementation, very few people are running a node for steem and why should they? Doesn't help that there can only be 20 official witnesses at a time on this platform. There are also only 13 documented public Steem Nodes with 3 of those being owned by Steemit Inc. Wowzers, thats a ton of decentralization! You claim steem is a virtual democracy when its more like a virtual oligarchy.

Now you've made onboarding new users absolutely impossible by screwing with the reward curve. So the users who just bought an account or waited 2 weeks to get an account have to now power up their account with like $1-2k USD? Anyone considering joining steem is going to be skeptical of the platform because that is the prevailing sentiment for Crypto these days. Why would anyone want to sink money into an unknown and unproven platform? Its a great strategy though bro, I am sure tons of people will flood the platform wanting to throw their money away to make the whales richer so that they can make their 2 cents in curation.

..congrats!!..seems we could be really proud to have a great team with monsterpower behind!..steem on!!...show (or better steem) must go on!...

That you for the good work done @steemitblog, so far so good!

It didn't go flawless but a great improvement from the HF20!! Great job on the quick resolution of bugs and the continuous communication as to what is happening this time around! Hopefully the new changes taking affect improve the eco system in the way you had intended. xox

Well, it had to be better than HF20. If I remember correctly it took days for it to back to normal.


OMG HF20 was a horrible mess!! My account was down for several days, maybe even a week + . I don't think the steemit user-base was ever the same again, lots of users left. It will be interesting to see the # of the aftermath of this one, lots of users are not happy with the new changes right now.

I'm one those aren't happy. But I'll probably stay.

woot! hopefully we will start to see the effects of higher curation on content quality soon!

Such changes should be accompanied by a roadmap, I don’t see it. This payment system will only be able to work if, in the case of Steem, the cost is close to the threshold that you set, namely £ 20.
Otherwise, I do not think this will work. I hope that I am wrong about this. But, I would like to hear from your team that you guys do not worry, in three months, we will all be in chocolate. But, for now, I see the fact of change being constated, but no more.

In any society, they protect socially weak people, in this case, it is plankton. But, everything is as in nature, there will be no plankton, the whales will die out.

My upvote is now worth nothing, but this post deserved it.

Thank you very much @theshanelockwood ! I hope that we will see what they made these changes for.

I agree with you but what does this mean?

in three months, we will all be in chocolate.

Congratulation guys for making it happen. The #NewSteem is here. Let's now work to make Steem, the distributed social protocol it was design to be.

Whenever there is criticism of the Steem condition the flag will be plugged into the post or comment.😁
Haha does everyone have to say Steem is good.
With a very bad reputation 🤣

Thanks, we appreciate the support, especially after a long day like today :)

Welcome to new Steem, you turbo virgins. Time to get back to my roots writing about video games, how my nipples hurt when I twist them, and doing movie reviews and shit. Fuck yeah.

Steem is a home for all of us, its maintenance is our duty! We’re glad that the upgrade went successfully.

Kudos to Steemit team for their excellent job!


Thanks for your hardwork. I hope the best for everyone on Steemit. :)

This post has been included in the latest edition of The Steem News - a compilation of the key news stories on the Steem blockchain.

What is this curve?

My vote had been worth 0.001 which is dust.. I got a lease of some more powerful SP..

My 100% vote went to 0.004! Not much but above dust levels yay!

--- roll in hardfork and begin official fork --
....my 100% vote goes back to 0.002, dust again!

You're killling me STEEM. as a new user I have been working my butt off to make something of myself within my network and now you are just working against me.

I can't say pissing in the wind, I'm a girl, so I will compare it to biking uphill against the wind.

All my free downvotes towards you, STEEMit.

The new system makes it so the power of the vote depends on the total payout. For posts with $0.00 payout a vote is worth %50 of its full value, and for posts with +20 STEEM payout (currently around $4) the votes value become %100 again.

It depends on the payout of the post and if you voted when it was at 0 then it became 20STEEM. Your vote automatically becomes %100 again.

I REALLY DISLIKE this update, but well, better adapt.

I don

To me I feel it should be the other way around, a post should leave room for the others once it gets to that kind of stake.

why cant i archive anything in wayback?

In Partiko, somes users rating are just showing 25 as their rating in the feed, but their account shows the real amount.

Great work to all involved for rolling out a smooth hardfork. That being said, I had read that 10% of reward pool was redirected, but my 100% upvote was cut in half. Any explanation for this?

I was against this kind if reward curve... but they implemented it anyway... People will have to get used to not earning anything here... at least they will not be censored...

They won’t have to get used to it.
They will leave

It’s cut in half indeed. That’s the new fork for ya.....

It is obvious to me that I will NEVER be able to make any
Real money here now. I used to be able to see some real returns
On my posts at the end of a week, only a dollar or less for the week,
But still it was something tangible.
I just do NOT understand how the Steemitdev team can think that
This system is conducive to small holders making money, making
Significant, quality posts to the platform, and want to remain here.

I don't know if it helps but now that there are better curation rewards, there will be more communities that gather up together and give bigger votes to quality authors. So maybe you'll get found (better if you're a member of Discord community for your niche.)

Though I totally agree... They don't give reasons for people to stay anymore!

It wasn't the worst hard fork experience, lol. #NewSteem... so we slap a label on it after a hard fork implying there will be freshness? Nice try, but i don't believe it. Call me skeptical but this is still Steem. Changing a few things and then calling it 'new' feels misleading and a tad bit dirty.
These are just my opinions.

So you're giving us free downvotes so that we can deprive more people, and some other whales can benefit because we are so busy taking votes away from each other, returning it to the pool. Why weaponize Steemit like this by giving us free bullets to pull each other down? Why do I even ask? This platform is looking more and more like a fail, purely based on price of steem and the inflationary model. I doubt it will ever recover after this though I hope to be proved wrong. Goodbye Steemit.

Happy that this Hard Fork released with less trouble/bugs than the last one. Not a fan of what HF21 did to the system (mainly the halving of votes for low payout posts.)

I hope the #NewSteem works correctly. Yesterday a user made me unfairly Downvote Power and asked him for an explanation of his behavior. The username is @verunick. This type of users should be punished for their irresponsibility with the negative vote, and for doubting (without arguments) an unpublished publication.

New steem - hmmm - not without a paradigm shift... I’d say steemit is looking a lot like just very AIR coming off of very HOT water ...

This is showing the power of D.P.O.S as consensus algo, voting and delegation of that power is one of main core.

buy buf bug

Thank you very much for keeping us informed of the event and its development. I thank everyone who makes possible the growth of this wonderful platform that I love every day. A hug and my best vibes from Venezuela... @steemitblog

Long live steem blockchain! We are going to steem to recover and return to 1$ in the next few weeks :P

thanks so much

I guess it seems a lot of older users are upset and annoyed with the price of steem being so low and are lashing out as if this specifically is a reason for that... Idk.

As someone new to steem, for a major change to have been able to be rolled out within a day or so, that seems fairly impressive to me. I've seen businesses that are far more successful take far more time to do far less.

I can't attest to the performance of any past situations on steemit inc.'s part, but from my perspective, I think things went pretty smoothly and nothing is perfect... but the idea that the team was smart enough to put in failsafe mechanisms to halt the chain in case of bugs seems highly intelligent to me. Bugs are inevitable and as they stated... working things in a simulated environment isn't the same. Sometimes the only way to actually spot a bug in the first place is to put it into play on a larger scale.

I think a lot of the people talking about how poorly done this was, how bad this has been, etc... are people who couldn't even understand or fix those bugs themselves. It's easy to place blame and send out hate, but how about we take a second to appreciate the fact that anyone at all is even trying to make things better or implement change? In an atmosphere where so many do not, we are lucky to at least have some hope that things can get better. I've seen projects come and go. Gain life and die quickly. I don't see that happening here because there are so many people here who care. People who've become invested with time and/or money. That's why it'll never die and things will recover. Only a matter of time. The world economies need to start recovering before we'll see any substantial change... just be patient. lol.

Anything less than 8-10 years old is still a fucking baby anyways, as far as tech/internet goes. A large portion of you seem to want instant gratification, instant returns, you aren't even looking long-term. Chill. Things will get better. :)

If you bought in when it was really high... well... that's your fault for making a dumb decision. Don't get mad at the system because you chose an inopportune time to get in the game. You bought high and now things are low. That's not the game's fault. That's on you. If you bought in at even a moderate amount and are complaining, still, you haven't even given this enough time to reach it's potential. The idea alone will flourish even if those orchestrating things are not the best ones to be in charge, in your opinions. This isn't their decision alone, it's a collective decision among top witnesses. Those who are investing the time and effort the most are the ones who want to see it succeed the most. We may not be able to see the vision clearly, but that doesn't mean it won't be realized with time.

Patience is a virtue. Don't forget. :)

Very grateful for your work, but I find it hard to get into the account what should I do?regards

Spectacular waiting for it to be for better benefits, such hard work, but I have a problem I do not have access to the monero, he tells me that I must register, what should I do ?, thanks.

I am getting rather frustrated with this. I have been here for over 3 years fighting to survive on here but all that is happens ifs my efforts get knocked back , The more i put in the less i get as there's always change for us little members. Before the hardfork my vote wasn't worth much but now it's nearly halved. How much more have i got to do?

I guess they're hoping you buy more STEEM and keep producing quality original content, in the hopes that someday it will pay out. But you've been at it 3 years already, how much more? I've been at it 2 years already, and promises of future pay aren't keeping me happy anymore. I'm putting in money and time, and somebody else is withdrawing profit for themselves. This has become a bit of a scam, by definition. Sadly, we're kinda locked in. More losses if we want to try and escape with our crumbs.

I am starting to agree with you, the more i put into my account the less my account is worth, just doesn't seem worth it anymore but i don't want to give up, its been hard work.

Good progress as reported this far as the temporary halt due to bug invasion would be more beneficial than outright dislocation of process after the fork!!

While commending board's efforts so far, it is genuinely hoped that hf21 ends in equal leverage for investors, promoters and contents providers in Steemit!!

It was certainly a lot smoother than the previous hardfork.

I have a question though. The bug, from what I understand it was a big player doing a large downvote, resulting in a value too large for the variable it was stored in?

If this is the case and as a professional in the software/IT industry I would urge you to not treat it as an outlier or as something difficult to replicate in test.

If it is indeed truly difficult to represent a range of user actions in test, such as a range of parameters for new functionality. I would recommend that this is addressed in the retro and actions taken to remediate why it is difficult to reproduce and fix that.

I would also seriously consider, if you don't have them already, increasing your QA count or pushing them to increase their test coverage to look at standard tests such as boundary value analysis which is for precisely this kind of scenario. Although not often called out by its name it is something that QAs often do by instinct.

We have never heard of our from any Steemit QAs, I do hope you have them and are not replying on dev automation at a component/user journey level.

I appreciate you have a good and experienced team and a great job was done on this fork, I would be happy to offer support at any time based on my experience in delivering/troubleshooting problems in test and delivery methodology for large IT projects.

Ooft, that was a bit too serious for me.

Well done!

hurray, welcome to the new world of steem. Kudos guys. let us all embrace this.

This comment section looks like a GreyZone!

When browsing from eSteem I didn't understand what this meant. Opening this on Steemit.com... Wow!

In terms of steemit renewal it is very clever, but in terms of steemit prices it looks a lot of emptying the wallet of the infestors 🤭

Good job.
And I always support you.

This is great news and thank you for your work. Great job! #NewSteem

Congratulations on the recent hard fork. Let's see how it will go further! All the best!

Congrats on NewSteem, good luck to everyone :-)

On Partiko incoming comment/ replies are not updating under notifications tab.

Any news on the Typerium launch? Was it delayed?

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The internet is pretty cool.

All aboard .,..
We are ready to go to the moon 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Thanks the information. I hope the changes will not affect us.

Good work. I used to run into bugs while running a Wordpress website called Mea Omnia. I can't imagine how much tougher Steem could be.

Thank you... good job! Error happend, error catched, problem solved, system's running ✅ 👏👏👏