Oklahoma Police Seize 18,000 LBS of Industrial Hemp! (VIDEO)

in hemp •  4 months ago

Its the BIGGEST BUST in National History...

...yeah if what they seized was in fact "Marijuana"...


It seems that Oklahoma is still not ready to give up the War on Drugs and are going to continue to arrest law abiding citizens in order to collect revenue for the state. Oklahoma police pulled over a semi-truck and discovered upon inspection that they were hauling 18,000 Lbs of Industrial Hemp that the police claim is Marijuana. They are charging these four individuals with Aggravated Drug Trafficking. Of course the individuals are pleading not guilty, and rightfully so. I don't see a Jury convicting these guys. The defendants say they were just transporting a legal shipment for a company out of Kentucky and driving to CO. Hemp is Legal now, I don't think the state has a Chance in Hell for a conviction. We'll see how this plays out.

Check out my video Below where is discuss the issue in further detail and try out a new CBD Facemask!

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omfg - "the land of the free".
Hemp als well as kratom is very bad for opioid market

Can it get much more ridiculous?


I'm just learning to create content. Go tto get going to good and not wait to get good to get going.

This is funny for sure! Hahahahahaha!

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The CBD mask is kinda scary looking LOL Gotta love the cops, very industrious on their part, really doing good work. Tax dollars going in the right direction, that is for sure. Gah what is wrong with people.


Well it looks like the devils lettus? Grab the mob and as well grab the pitchforks and torches!

It's gotta be that high THC drugs!

Nope it's moldy plant matter. As we don't have the mechanical processing equipment anymore to process the hemp

Hopefully it will get thrown out...but in the meantime those people have to suffer through the "legal" system.


Yep... Only people that come out ahead is, cops courts and LAWYERS!

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