GINAbot and Dustsweeper - advice for new Steemians

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I'm sure many have heard of GINAbot but I wanted to share it just the same in case someone did not know.

GINAbot works with Discord, a chat app that you can use on your desktop or mobile ( and will alert you via private message for many different functions:

If you add someone to your monitoring list, GINA will alert you of their new post. You can also configure her to tell you if someone upvotes you, comments or replies.

Here's information on GINAbot:

It's free too! I do donate to the developer @neander-squirrel either 1 STEEM or 1 SBD per month depending on what I have. But you don't have to. Being new it's not expected.

I think Conradt was the first to tell me about GINA so it's funny I'm using her for his contest, but it really has helped me manage STEEMit and made my life so much better. Read Conradt's suggestions as well on his post:

Another service I like a lot that is new is @dustsweeper

If you have an upvote that is less than $0.0249, then your value will show either $0.00, $0.01, or $0.02. @dustsweeper will see those values on day 6 of your post/comment and upvote you $0.028 automatically so that you will get paid on the balance of those upvotes you already have.

Check it out! I sent 1 SBD and already Dustweeper is doing it's job. I really like this service and hope it keeps going on. It's new so give it a try.

Dustsweeper banner by @charisma777


General advice:

  • Try to add a few new people to follow each week. Add them to GINAbot so you can be notified when they post and see if you connect with them.
  • Join some contests about things you are interested in. I assure you there is pretty much a contest for every kind of thing it seems!
  • I personally do not visit the Trending or Hot pages anymore. I prefer the "friend of a friend" approach and look at who comments on the posts of people I do like and go check them out. That's really a personal style though :)

Good luck and comment if you have any questions! I still consider myself a newbie too.

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Two awesome services!! Thanks for the mention! Hope you are doing well!

Seriously, I started using @GINAbot a few days ago and it made it so much easier because I literally don't have to waste time to check on things multiple times.

@dustsweeper has given me so many clean sweeps, I fear I will have to load up again soon. lol

The beauty of Ginabot! She is always right on time! Well sometimes she can be buggy but if you let her human know, she ends up right back on track!

I know I love having the alerts in Discord so it's like a list of all the activity just so much easier to access and act on.

Thank you @antimetica! I didn't know about these services and will give them a try.. I really appreciate when someone gives such detailed tips, we need more knowledge about how to manage our time online steemit without being consumed! Bravo!

I hope they help you! I love how they save time. Although I find my GINAbot "watch" list gets too full and then I can't keep up with everyone anyways lol

Great advice @antimetica .. I love GINAbot I get advised when people follow/unfollow and when they resteem me its a great service.

Good luck for the contest :)

such a good read and valuable info.

obviously upvoted

Thank you Piotr! Did you get GINAbot yet? Or try the Dustsweeper?

didnt have time to get to it yet :(

do they help you safe time and organize yourself much better? do you think it's really worth trying those tools?

thx for your kind reply

Yes, I do, that's why I wrote about them haha GINAbot is a time saving helper if you use Discord anyway. Dustweeper just maximizes the votes you get on comments so you are actually paid and the small votes aren't dusted.

thx for your kind reply @antimetrica

Im so scared to even try to use Discord. It looks like real-time chatting app. Those kind of aps can eat entire time.

Once you started with discord you will be devoured in a bottomless time-consuming pit 😬

thx for your comment @f3nix
that's exacly what im afraid :)

im glad to know that you're very responsive. will do my best to support you here on steemit

Thank you Piotr, I read some of your comments and I like your positive attitude a lot. I think that some steemit-time-management posts would be a cool idea, from what I hear around hehe. I will support you too, cheers!

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I started using Dust Sweep and I like it, it was annoying when I stopped getting a payout on posts lower than 3 cents.

I like it too still even now, it's really a useful service!

Least steemit could of done was let someone know. I didn't know until I made a post asking why and someone responded