Help me put together the ultimate guide of tips for new members! (Information Bounty) - Paying 1 STEEM per qualified response! (Details inside)

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Please list your best tips/suggestions for new members in the comments below!


  • The tips should be targeted towards users who have recently joined the platform.
  • You can post as many tips as you want, but I will pay a maximum of 3 STEEM per user.
  • They should be relatively short (at most a paragraph).
  • Links to awesome posts that would be good for new members to read are valid.
  • If the same tip is posted twice (even with different wording), whoever posted it first will get credit.
  • Spend time reading the tips that other users have posted and upvote the ones you like :)
  • The bounty is open until the payout of this post closes.
  • All payouts will be made within 24 hours of this post's closing.

I plan to use the content shared by users to create a new post with all the best tips. I will likely change the wording on some, but I will give credit to all the ideas.

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oh wow!! I just noticed I was awarded some Steem for commenting? I had no idea LoL!! You have been all kinds of surprises!!! I have to point out that you have been extreeeemly helpful, kind and I appreciate it very much!!! As a new member, You are what I have envisioned this site to be all about! Thank you again Tim, you just rocked my world again :)


Thanks. It means a lot :)

Giving on Steemit means gaining!

  1. Commenting and engaging in conversations on community and their interests posts. That's a very good way of learning what this community is about and how to contribute to it's wellbeing. Also it will match you with same interests people and that means more friends on Steemit and followers. Don't forget Steemit chat where you can directly talk to other Steemians and promote your posts.
  2. Following people who share the same interests as you. Newbies will get inspired to create quality-matched or even better content in particular topics.
  3. Reading Steemit whitepaper if you have time. Essential stuff about what this is all about is there but it's optional if you are already familiar with the blockchain and social media in general, although Steemit is without competition out there.
  4. Read, read, read even the topics you are not really interested to. Why? You will find some inspiring themes to write about when you are currently without ideas.
  5. Upvote and resteem posts you like, it will give you curration rewards and you will directly be influencing how the particular topic trends are set. Especially if you have some influental followers on your list. And it means a lot for new users and their rep. They will probably start following you and you might get a same karma.
  6. Don't blitz post. I learned from these mistakes. It will label you as a spammer and your Steemit reputation will be questionable for some time - just like IRL. Blitz posting includes copy-pasta content which is considered as plagiarism and could get you blacklisted.
  7. Seven is a lucky number, so I will finish here. Be yourself, enjoy being part of the exciting future and pleasant present. Steem on!

Good initiative @timcliff , upvoted!


This should be a post rather than a comment. Great information here. Thanks for commenting :).

As a newbie myself the best tip I can give anyone is comment, comment, comment, and then comment some more (quality of course, not just Great post! Nice work!). I've met some amazing people just by adding my two cents to their post or sharing something related. It really is the best way I have found to be a part of this community, plus a good comment often leads people to your own work...not hinting at anything there ;) seriously.


I'd like to comment on that..................


I agree its nice to have a quality response versus a two or three word reply to something 'deep" i blogged

Hello I am a newbie here, joined steemit for few days, heres are some tips that I found, hopefully you find them useful :)

Participation is important!
Besides upvoting posts and submitting posts, commenting is also very important! It should be noted that you should furnish valuable and related comments, instead of just leaving words like "follow, upvoted" things like this. Please respect every author here and support all those valuable sharing here, in order to build steemit together:)

Good idea.
Very helpful for new members.

upvoted and followed you @timcliff


For new members:

  • Do not lose your password
  • Do not tell anyone your password & private key
  • Always back up your password

Dear @olyhigh nice post really the most obvious one but probably also the greatest threat to newbies...! Thanks... cant be repeated enough!

When you are new...don't get excited or depressed because you are not seeing growth in your wallet...instead you just want to concentrate on upvotes and followers and you yourself want to follow and take knowledge from the ones that can tutor you right. Keep commenting on others post and make friends...learn the ins and outs of the system...patience will take you all the way to the target...and success is ahead...happy steeming.


Whatever spin anyone puts on it, we are all here with hopes for a future payoff.....follow me, Ill share honestly how much my time here pays off


Read comment below by @liliana.duarte

Read the Steemit whitepaper:

...and keep in mind some details are out of date, but it's an important read, especially if you are investing in the platform.


Do you think that they'll update it any time soon? It can be off-putting to read, especially if you don't know that it is out of date.


It's a bit of a mystery why it hasn't been updated. I guess everyone is too busy.

Most of the details are still valid, but the big ones for me are: coin inflation (now at 9.5% and falling) and staking period (13wks).

We might have a lot more investor interest if these details were updated and marketed.

  1. Don't expect to start earning lots of money, must create good content and a network first
  2. Don't ask for votes and follows on other one's​ posts
  3. Be positive and let that emotion flow when writing​ your posts.

If this qualified, please give steem to @olisan. Thank you!

  1. Be patience, building followers takes some time and effort
  2. Post a lot of comments, but make sure you read the whole post and your comment is relevant with the content of the post.
  3. Don't compare yourself to other users, there are a lot of reasons why other users just as new as you, are getting higher payouts, don't take it as something personal.
  4. Read a lot, learn as much as you can about steemit, and crypto-currency overall, this will help you to get a better overview about the community and understand why things are the way they are...

Looking down upon my noob Steemit world from a bird's eye would appear the most important thing to consider is what is good for Steemit. It's a self-fulfilling system in my eyes. You help the Steemit community; the Steemit community helps you!

Interaction seems to be key. Posting is great, but to get followers I feel commenting on others works is a better route; you can only post so much without diluting the quality of your reputation, whereas you can comment as much as you like, the more the better in fact.

And when commenting or posting, its all about ADDING VALUE! People appreciate when they put the time into a post, and then someone adds a new point of view or opinion, "enriching" the quality of the post, so-to-speak!

So happy to have found Steemit!..

  1. Use your posting password to sign in for blogging
  2. Leave constructive comments
  3. Remember this isn't Facebook, so respect other people's opinions even if you don't agree with them

There's a lot of good comments here and honestly I haven't read them all. I hope I don't overlap too much. Here's a few things I learned, participating for a few weeks.

  • I'm learning to go 100% power up when posting. Young steemers need to gather as much steem power as possible.

  • You can 'bribe' the system by purchasing steem power. It's always easier to make money if you spend money. Even in the crypto-currency world. I haven't done this yet, but I should. :-)

  • Finding a good content creator and following all of their followers (Any follower of yours, I'm willing to 'follow') is a great way to find like-minded steemers to connect with. Be diligent in replying to new and older posts on your feed and offer interesting or valuable or funny or even controversial replies. Strike up a conversation, people like to talk.

  • I learned that every upvote lowers your 'voting power'. I've been so generous and indiscriminate with my upvotes that they began loosing their effectiveness. I checked my 'voting power' and it was down to 25 percent (ouch). I cooled it with the upvoting and the next day it was up to 35 percent. I've heard it recommended to only vote about 20 times per day (might have to verify that one)

  • vote for @timcliff as a witness. Thank you for encouraging us little minnows and giving us an opportunity to share what we've learned so far.

Following, upvoting, resteeming, and voting. The works baby! @ironshield


This is great. I just joined today and I'm trying to learn as much as I can as quickly as I can before I start posting. This post and this reply specifically have made things clearer. Thank you very much.


Thank you! All great advice ;)

One extra tip - with the current price of SBD worth more than a dollar, if you do 50/50 payout, and then use the SBD from the payout to buy STEEM and power it up, you will get more SP than if you use the 100% payout option. It also helps to drive up the price of STEEM :)


Thanks, appreciate the addendum! Steem on! @ironshield

  1. Proper Tagging of Posts--Don't sell your oranges to apple lovers. It will not help you neither on your posts.
  2. Commenting is far better than Posting--It broadens your idea on the platform and helps you connect to other users.
  3. Don't be afraid to ask for Help-- We have different communities that you can approach in times of enlightenment. We have, Discord and etc.

Don't upvote too quickly or too often. Upvote no more than 25 times per day and upvote posts which are 20-35 minutes old for curation rewards. Also make sure that you are doing this with popular posts.

Having a catchy title is also great, but no click bait!

Leave thoughtful, sincere comments and you will be rewarded for it.

Gratitude is super important. When people are spending time to comment on one of your posts, respond to them. This will go a long way. Be grateful that they are spending their time on you.

Following accounts with tens of thousands of steem power is great to do. Their posts will appear on the home page and will generate far more revenue than those with low steem power. (overall)


Great tips, although at least until the next hardfork you can upvote up to 40 times per day without depleting your voting power at a faster rate than it recharges :)


I started off by upvoting every post I saw. haha

Currently I am unable to upvote it says I need to recharge.

I'm going to buy steem power this weekend so that will help!


How does voting power recharge? Is it just a time thing?


There is good info on this in the FAQ


Thanks, I've read some of the stuff there, but haven't finished. Looks like I've still got plenty of Steem reading ahead of me.


Thanks for the info. <3


Great tips but why upvote posts 20-35 minutes old? I've heard that before but don't understand why that is relevant. Thanks.


The algorithms used make it so that if you upvote beyond 15 minutes you earn more money. Upvoting after 30 minutes is best. But you also want to upvote a popular post before its too popular. You want to get in early, just not within the first 15 minutes or you wont get much of a reward at all.


Crazy. So many tricks to figure out. Thanks for the help

Great idea Tim. Here are my tips for new members of the Steemit community:
1 - Steemit is not a “Get Rich” Scheme; it’s a “Earn Well with Experience” program
2 - Don’t come to Steemit chasing money; come for the relationships
3 - Come embrace the spirit of openness and uncensorship at Steemit
4 - Be a part of the most helpful and nicest community on the Internet
5 - Since a majority of Steemians live in the U.S. and Western Europe, avoid posting blogs too late after night (e.g. after 10 pm EST)

I actually wrote a blog post covering these tips and more a few days ago:


Hmmm... Does anyone know if there's a project to study steem activity by timezone ?
combining most active hours with an editor app would allow to schedule your posts to times where your chosen demographic is most active.

I really got to take the time to learn blockchain development this summer...


That's a great idea. I travel all over the world and never really know where I am going to be next. But, with a scheduler and access to an app that shows timezone activity (with tag search?) would mean the ability to synchronize my posts with their preferred use time.


Same here @pbock. I'm actually in the process of teaching myself some blockchain development right now in order to do my own blockchain project.

An app to study Steemit activity by timezone would be a great idea! Great for scheduling your posts for a time when there is maximal activity in your time zone.

Have you checked out It has a bunch of cool apps for doing different things in Steemit, including an app called Steemit Countdown, which allows you to monitor the elapsed time of posts!


Cool !

I imagine the "steemit activity by timezone, person or overall activity" project would be even more usefull to everyone as an API. imagine if they integrated that into things like steemstory to say when a user is on average the most active compared to the majority of the community, or into any of the posting tools with drafts to make scheduling a breeze with "options" for different time-zones that are automatically optimised for getting the biggest "eye-share" :)


That's sounds wickedly awesome! An API would certainly be the way to go and would be most convenient if we could embed this API into our story draft in order to determine whether or not this was a good time to hit POST ;) Great idea - we should totally send our thoughts to @furion and the development team!


Yeah. No idea how to go about contacting them, maybe ?

Extra functionality could be studying the amount of upvotes by non-followers based on time posted (until at certain cut-off value, as above that it gets into Hot and Trending ?), as that should be a pretty good indicator of people seeing it when browsing "new" or another tag.

I'm itching to play around with the Steemit API now...


Same here @pbock - I also want to see if I can develop an application using the Steemit API especially after seeing all the awesome tools already available on See what you can come up with using the API and let me know!

So many great tips already been posted but one I haven't seen is a really big in for crypto noobs. Understand that your password is the Key to your account. There is no forgot my password link. Use a password manager. Copy it to text file and a save to a USB, print it out but don't lose it.


Great one!

Go meet people in It's a great place to connect with people, ask advice, get involved with the community. Just don't expect people to vote for you just because you threw down a link to your new post.

I've read so many of these Comments. I think the biggest one is NEVER GIVE UP although you may write a good post but you don't get noticed or the Whales won't vote for the little people. Stay focused, put blinders on, keep commenting with sincere comments. Resteeme good article and Pray for favor!


Wow!! I just seen a notification in my wallet.😊I was so surprised. Thank you so much for the Steem Dollar. Much thanks!!! 🎈🎈🎉🎉@suziescorner

The best tip I can give: post at the time that you think the most people are online. Steem is big in the US, for example, so you don't want to be posting when it's 8 a.m. over there as people will be getting ready for work, not looking at steemit. The first half hour is crucial to how many people see and upvote your post. Therefore, post when it's 9 p.m. in the US, or 9 p.m. in China, to mention two.

A new user should:

  • learn how to post his own profile pic.
  • read the quick guide before begin posting
  • start posting by introducing yourself
  • follow with high reputation people and learn from them
  • interact more than posting to get many followers
  • brand yourself
  • join the #redfish daily challenge and interact more

Do not convert your SBD rewards to STEEM using the in wallet tool while the SBD price is greater than $1.05. Use the internal market to trade your SBD for Steem.


dammit , ive been doin wrong !


Me too! Now I know. This post is more helpful than I'd have imagined. Thanks!


Good one. I just figured that out myself. Just do not sell too. HODL

wow all of a sudden i see whales
on mass helping out minnows. I think it's to be reciprocated with thanks. I'm starting to think some whales got in a room together and colluded to do the opposite of what the 1% does in America, and that's actually thank the "lower" class participants. Perhaps I was wrong about people (under the right circumstances)

I'll carry on the torch once I'm there and I'm convinced i'll get there.

  • Power up
  • Share unique content
  • Be yourself - no one needs another version of the same old crap
  • Comment and upvote content you like
  • Don't be shy - communicate with people in the comments, everyone around here is friendly and encouraging!
  • Follow people creating content you like

I like your tips than other!


Agree with all of these. Most importantly being #original as you can be. Nothing surpasses the annoyances of seeing the same topic, article, cryptocurrency, etc. being posted over and over. Especially when it's clearly been copy/pasted from someplace and/or someone else. Also, reorganizing / rewording an article doesn't count as 'new' ;-)
Fantastic article and idea @timcliff . I followed you and also caught one of your talks on #beyondbitcoin podcast/ #soundcloud talks. Keep up all the great work and continue spreading the word.

In order to keep track of your reputation you can use eSteem app which allows you to see down to the nearest 10th place.

Invest in as much Steem as you can and start posting :)


At the same time getting all your friends and family to join the Steemit Community!

Do not plagiarism or copy someone's work without editing, make sure you post link to the source

Post. Post good content. Reply to users that have a good post. Make sure you always attach a photo to your posts. Don't sell, always Power Up. Upvote STEEMIANS and tell them when you FOLLOW them and when you UPVOTE them so they know and will likely pay more attention to your own posts. Always upvote content you think is worth it. Ask for followers. Don't be afraid to show who you REALLY are here, as people will follow you if they feel a personal, honest connection. Debate when necessary but don't argue, you can lose credibility and followers as dast as you can fain them. And don't forget to post 🦅 🌎 ⚓️. Also, try to at least reply to post daily and spread the love. You are what you put out here on STEEMIT and my only regret is not posting more earlier and yet I already have a successful account in my opinion. When you post about what you are passionate about it will be much easier to post and reply. Go for it. The world is yours.

Post quality over quantity. Post quality content, on topics you know and enjoy and like minded followers will gravitate to you. Quality posts!


That's true. Your posts need to be contributary in some way or at least with that intent otherwise it comes across as too "facebook-y"

1- Do not lose your password.
2- Steem Read Q&A
3- Support the community

Even that I'm very n00b here I will say:

  • Be 100% honest with your post
  • Enjoy what you write
  • Good grammar & useful content
  • Se agradecido "be grateful"
  • Use your own language as much as possible
  • Spread the message. A new social platform has arrived in town!
  • Be patience with yourself & your audience
  • Answer comments as much as you can. This, will give you +1 follower anytime

Don't just get attracted to the big priced posts (chances are you might get marginalized out of the payoff anyway with your low influence). Help fellow minnows climb up the success ladder by upvoting them too (if you agree with their content, of course)... they might just help you back as well!

Being new im still learning myself, but I do know that content is King. If you post high quality useful content with quality pictures and/or video to accompany you will have many people following you. Original and Quality = followers

Verify yourself with a picture and date, just write steem on a piece of paper and take a selfie. People like to know you are a human and not a bot.

STEEM and Enjoy

  1. Post a photo with all posts

  2. Some will act like they have all the answers. Find your own way, you'll be happier

  3. Explore all aspects of the site. After being here a month, you'll still be learning.

Don't upvote automatically it is on a time scale and you get 100% share after 30 min. So, go to 30 minute old blog posts and try to find a gem that might go viral! You will make a lot more in the long run!

In order to be successful on Steemit you got to find your niche. You need to find the one category or way of posting that makes you stand out and gives you recognition.

Read the QUICK START GUIDE from the slide-out menu on the right side of the page (by clicking the 3 horizontal lines at the top right) then read my article

As a newborn here :) Trying to find my baby legs.. I would suggest a glossary of steemit words used. I kept running across whales, minnows and other strange words that felt like trying to learn a foreign language :)
Today I found out that I am a baby tiny minnow fish swimming in a vast sea of whales and such :)
It's all so confusing .. but fun learning all about it.
Will be following to read the end result of your well awaited new members info!!!
Thanks for helping us youngins :)


For sure :)

  • New users should check out @papa-pepper videos for beginners, a great resource
  • New users should check out the steem chat room
  • Stay positive and keep posting, it will pay off

Totally agree on @papa-pepper having some.of the best resources for newbies, I learned so much from reading his posts!


I learned a lot from him

Introduce yourself
Respect yourself
Respect others
Be positive
Be Amazing!
Everyone is Amazing in their OWN way


  1. refer to styling with markdown for writing, font, and styling options.
  2. do an introductory post.
  3. use your skills, hobbies, and wisdom to create useful content.
  4. tell your friends to join, or get to know others in the community with similar interests. Comment, and vote every time you read a post.
  5. resteem the articles you resonate with.
  6. find an area steemit does not have an author for, and fill that space.

These resources helped me a lot when I joined:-
A great intro post by @thecryptofiend
What is Steem by @tuck-fheman
A complete guide by @reggaemuffin
A must read post on curation by @liberosist
Steemit FAQ
Steemit chat
Learn from Steemit Wiki, can also contribute and earn steem
Check out /
, a search engine custom made for steemit

Try to post on only a few topics and don't clutter your brand by resteeming too many other authors unless it fits with your topic list.

Also use mute button for posters that annoy you

And finally for curation use find post with traction that are near the 30 minute mark. You don't get full curation rewards unless you wait till a post is 30minutes old. Steem li helps you find the best post to vote on.

Read the whitepaper and FAQ's.

Being a new user we want to make an attempt to make a powerful title for our post, than as we write our post we add photos as some get more attracted to the pictures than the notes. Content should be simple and clear to understand. There is much more to just posting. Over all you need a good reader to read your post and upvote it. A good content is never ignored.

Know your followers and unfollowers.

Replace timcliff with your user name.


Awesome! I've been collecting all kinds of stats tools for steemit... Just added this to my arsenal. Thanks.


This is a very cool Steemit tool. Thx for sharing.

A few days a go, i read this nice post about what "not to do" in steemit, some nice content for newbies...

Be yourself. Trading your honesty for STEEM isn't worth it.

Use to monitor your Voting Power percentage, so you don't run it down to 32% spending your up votes like a drunken sailor spending beads at Mardi Gras during his first shore leave. I did a post on my personal experience with this.

Register early. It takes a couple days to activate your new account. While you wait for activation, read @timcliffs ultimate guide for newbies.

If you aren't truly passionate about it, don't be surprised or dejected if people who read it aren't passionate about it. Further, don't be dejected if your passionate writings don't find passionate readers. That comes with time, luck, and fate.

Im new here too. The very important thing is to have patience and be active. keep blogging and commenting on relevant and quality blogs and surely u will be on the right path very soon

dont complain when your first post doesnt make $1000 - it takes time to build a following - and Quality content is rewarded better (your post should be longer than 'HI - Im ------ '

as a Newb i found this article quite informative.
Also, this website makes it very easy to find and follow the top creators to learn from.

Thank you very much for the 3 steem @timcliff! It's very good of you and much appreciated!

Hope your day is going well!


Thanks @tonyr. It is :) Same to you!

As a new user myself, I think the best tip is to invest at least a small amount into STEEM and power up. Seeing your votes actually giving money to other people is a wonderful feeling and makes you want to provide more value yourself.

An awesome way to get involved and interact with the new users. Thank you @timcliff

  • if posting about something that may be a controversial topic be sure to be informed /#woke acknowledging both sides in your original post. Try to acknowledge pros/cons of other view points instead of cons
  • Do this for fun. It should be enjoyable. If you're doing this mindlessly, people will notice. This is a community, you can learn from others, and also inpart knowledge so DONT JUST BE HERE FOR $$
    ^^^^ my two cents worth as a beginner. :) hope it helps.

@timcliff Thank you just saw my wallet notification. ♡

Bookmark a Mark Down guide and keep formatting at the top of your mind when putting posts together. Steemit works best with 1920x1080 aspect ration 16:9 images. Illustrate your story!

Point all new folks to ANY and all @sykochica has written. She has so many newbie guides !


this syko's QA posts. and I made a post with a lot of good websites to help make steemit better and other random advice in posts called from minnows to minnows..

But I would say voting is important to explain as easily as you can.
A reminder to not curate right when a post is made if they want curation rewards.
and the starters on how to have images and simple enhancements like here

Just be yourself. Sincerity will get you in touch with like-minded people. That's why we are all here, to have a fun with individuals sharing similar interests.

Prioritize ever-green content (that is content that retain its value in the future) over time sensitive content to promote the long term health of the site.

  • Check out the Steemit 101 ebook by @donkeypong and co.

  • Spend some time reading the introductory guide and exploring the platform before posting. comment on posts you find interesting.

  • provide value. IF you believe you can help others, do it. even if they're super popular, don't be afraid of trying to help them, or correcting any errors they make.

(I do this whenever I see an error in reasoning. Though I obey what I call the Nice Principle. I respect their opinions, and try to come up with arguments to support why what they said is a mistake, or why I feel the need to argue it... it's hard when commenting on what is nearly jihadist-propaganda, which I've done once... they never answered me, but I remained polite.)

  • on that point : Do Not Flamewar. It hurts your reputation, the reputation of whoever gets dragged into it, and reasonable discussion is so much more beneficial for both parties anyway.

  • Be polite, do not insult others, even if they insult you first !! Seek to be the "better person". instead of mindlessly insulting someone, just ignore them.

  • Don't be afraid of sharing your opinion. Just remember my Nice Principle ;)

Hmm.... what else...

OH (these aren't REALLY newbie "tips". rather me promoting platforms I think could be interesting, even for newbies)!

*Check out the eSteem (android, iOS) app to be able to comment and draft posts while on the go or during your commute ! (Bonus upvotes provided for long comments by using the eSteem app to encourage it's use... just saying ;) )

  • Check out chainBB if you prefer posting to a BBS-style forum rather than a constantly moving news feed.

I would like to add something but I am not sure if it's even a tip, maybe someone with more experience can give me a better information but I saw that when you want to add steem (steem power ony! =D), you get different amounts of steem by sending bitcoin or etherium.
The difference is not so big but is valuable for a beginner. In my case because I was going to buy from coinbase it was a better deal to buy etherium than bitcoin. Furthermore, bitcoin has more fees for sending than etherium which makes the deal even better.
I send BTC at my first transaction and the charge was ~$2.5, with ETH it was only ~$0.14

Any thoughts for that?


That's interesting. I didn't know that but it kind of makes sense. I think the fees are factored in to how much STEEM you get, and maybe ETH has lower fees.

-Don't upvote too often at first. Work on building your Steem power instead by posting and commenting more. Your voting power will get stronger as you build Steem Power
-Follow people with more influence than you and engage in conversation

  • Post useful and relevant content, whales actually do look for the best content to upvote

Most important tip to newbies i can give is

Keep your SBD and Steem in your Wallet Savings account. If someone gains access to your account, then there will be a 3 day period of time before the steem and sbd transfer. During this time you can get back into your account and stop the transfer from completing

I just saw someone in the steemit chatroom last night who lost 100 STEEM, he did not use his saving account. I hope this helps anyone. Steem On family!

@timcliff do you still have enough time to review these responses? xD You will a big load of work. Goodluck!

I will comment and encouraged and upvote till they get motivated and more excited to be on steemit community.

I found this post by @finleyexp helpful:

As someone else said in their post - if this is eligible, please give the steem to the post's author: @finleyexp.

Follow @timcliff :)

The biggest "tip" I've been giving people is to check out this post by @andrarchy. Single most informative post I have found thus far.

I got a few friends to sign up and I sent them right over to @timcliff's List of Epic Posts to see what Steemit has to offer:

Highly recommended for any new users!

Try and take note of methods and strategies that seem to work well for other users. In that same breathe I must add, just because you see someone(s) using a certain methodology that is yielding numerous upvotes and resteems, doesn't mean it will work the same for you. As well as taking note of certain "not so above board" methods certain people seem to be applying to try and gain larger monetary gains. These tactics may work for a period of time, and earn you some #steem but the majority of the active users here on #steemit will quickly realize those abusing the system and will leave them upvote-less and without any new followers in a short time.
Be original. Be friendly. Be helpful!

An overview of available service off board Steemit Inc and would be a good thing to share with Newbies, but also others. Some months ago I started creating a list and updated it until it was not possible to edit anymore. I plan to update this list in a new post soon!

Nice post, i´ve lerned a lot. Itś my 3rd day here on Steemit


Cool :)

Remember! Love before you post !! Because I love you and everyone in the Steemit World ~ WAHOOOOOOooooooo ~ STEEM Onwards !!

Don't withdraw right away. If you have other sources of income aside from Steemit, just HODL.

Congratulations @timcliff!
Your post was mentioned in my hit parade in the following category:

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That is awesome @timcliff
To be honest I need tutorials 😀

Use markdown and #hashtags!

My tips

Write good quality posts on topics that you are passionate about. In each post, inject your perspective and experience so that the post is more personal and unique.

  1. At all times go for quality instead of quantity. Quality post will help you to build a following.

  2. Instead of just writing post, engage with the steemians in this community. The more engaging you are, the more followers and up-votes you will get.

Just a few I have found helpful. They are kind of obvious but you never know.

  1. Funk up your posts with art. Break up chunks of text with photos, dividers anything to avoid that wall of text look, @sykochica did an excellent post on this here

  2. Do not write posts based on what you think will earn money. Create posts that you love about things that are dear to you. If you enjoy creating your posts your steemit experience will be a happier one.

  3. Do not spam. That includes opting your links in other people's posts. It dm'ing them on chat with your link. It will not endear you to anyone.

So many tips are spoken here and all I've seen and read are all helpful indeed. For me, part of my starting up is to set myself to follow as many members as possible. My goal as a newbie is to have many friends here and to establish good relationship with them. So I need to humbly take initiative to follow them first rather than desiring to have many followers at this point. "What shall I sow, I shall reap"


That's a cool idea.

Great and inspiring article!
As someone who is new to Steemit I am constantly reading about how Steemit actually works and the following article's analogy, comparing a real Steam Engine to how Steemit works was really profound ->

Check it out over here:

My tip of the day is if any newbies have some spare Steem in their (External) Steem/Exchange wallets, they can easily transfer them into their Steemit Wallets! Please refer to this noob friendly guide :) ->

Happy Steeming!


I believe posting more than 4 times a day is pointless.


Any reason you say that?


It used to be. If you follow the github code releases, you should see that they have lifted the penalty for posted more than 4 posts per 24 hours because it was hurting legitimate users.

Thanks @timcliff

You have been PROMOTED FREE for using the "steem-help" TAG (hashtag)

Hi Tim - I have followed you - have a lady on my feed who reached out to you because she had waited weeks to be accepted. I am appealing for an amazing young rapper in South Africa @OwenKay who has also been waiting far too long. He has much to give to the community. He is a brilliant writer -(and an amazing rapper)


Please contact me on Steemit chat. I'm not at home at the moment, but I can review when I get home tonight.


Hi Tim - sorry I'm only getting back to you now. I'm not on Steemit chat and not sure I have the time right now to create a new platform as I'm trying so hard to spend as much time as I can on Steemit. My request is once again for @OwenKay. I have so much of his material to share and also as mentioned before - he is a brilliant writer and orator


I really hope that you can help in this regard @timcliff


If you aren't on, then I wouldn't want to exchange his personal info since the blockchain info is public. Probably your best bet would be to create his account for him using SteemConnect. You just have to pay the 6 STEEM registration fee (which gets added to his account as SP). Here is a link with info/instructions:


Thank you so much @timcliff for your advice. Really appreciate the time you took to respond to me. I was about to follow through this morning when I got a message from @owenkay that he had been accepted. Really excited. I'm looking forward to his writing skills being platformed on Steemit

Some steemit related sites to look up:

  1. which is like Facebook but more up to date wallet information including the value of steem;
  2. to find out which of your followers are active designed by @mynameisbrian;
  3. which is useful to see who has upvoted you, voting power etc.;
  4. For free images to use with your post.
    There are so many other spin offs... 🙂

Sorry @timcliff is it also allowed to post a question here. I am wondering how I can mark a post that I would like to keep for later read or keep in my "treasure-box"


There isn't a tool for that built in to the UI, so you either have to use your browser's bookmarks/favorites, or just copy/paste the URLs into a local text file.

If you build it, they will come! :)

Stay true to yourself!

Don't give in to temptation!

I have not quite figured it out yet, so I will be happy to see this guide! :)

To not waste your influence, go for about 40 upvotes @ 100% per 24 hours.

The steemit currency explained

There are three currencies on Steemit.

SBD (steem dollar) is tied to the US dollar, and is thus roughly worth that.

Steem: This is the basic currency on steemit. You can freely trade with this token. As Steemit gains success the steem currency will raise in value as we are currently seeing. If you believe steemit will become a success in the future, you should convert SBD to steem.

Steem Power: This is the same as steem, but is invested in the platform and takes two years to fully withdraw through a process called power down. However, steem power also gives you a greater reputation on the site, and the more steem power you have , the more influence you have on the site.

Steem power is the same as having invested in the platform. The fact that you can only slowly withdraw steem power makes the platform more stable. You should "power up" your steem if you believe that steemit will be a long term success.

Let go and share your true feelings... Story and opinions. Be true to yourself!