Little advice for new user

in funny •  2 years ago

Risk of addiction…don’t be too serious…it’s a game…play by the rules…have fun…be sure to never give up. Image credit : Fotolia. Steem on !

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I love it :) Great idea and awesome visuals :)
I feel like: Have Fun is kind of missing.


thank you @sumsum, yes that is what i was thinking, i like to read the comic from @mynameisbrian, and have fun is very important indeed !


Resteeming...Coffee Anyone???

Really very nice! I am a new user and this is what I am doing: enjoying myself so much! =)


hi @manandezo thanks for your comment, welcome to Steemit and YES just keep having fun !

Great post! I'm at "rule 2 " right now. Surely having fun ;)


Glad you like it @kuttmargo , just keep having fun, power up, and steen on ! :-)

I like the visuals very much... but above all, let's all remember to ENJOY OURSELVES!


yes @denmarkguy, being a joyful human being in our daily life and in the Steemit ocean as well ! :-)

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This looks like a FUN crowd. :D