Steemit: I Really Need Your Help, I am Facing Some Dire Situations

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Greetings to all my Steemit friends and family.
I currently find myself in an emergent situation requiring ASAP relocation from St Cloud Minnesota to Columbus, Georgia which is where I spent a large chunk of time and it is basically my home town.

The reason is because of my own physical and mental health needs & because I need to be closer to family for emergency medical reasons.

On October 8th, I suffered a fainting episode, cause still unknown. It happened at work of which caused me to hit my head on the heating register and I sustained a concussion, short term memory loss, loss of consciousness and also had a seizure while unconscious.

I was transferred to the ER immediately. I vomited bile in the ambulance. Upon arrival to ER, I sustained ANOTHER fainting/ loss of consciousness episode with another seizure occurring during my loss of consciousness, more vomiting, as well as another concussion that required 5 staples.

I still have no memory of the fainting or seizing. Scary stuff!!

I was put on a 24 hour heart monitor as I do have a known heart condition that is a prolonged QT rhythm which is the "break" your heart takes between beats. My doctor is unsure if this is a normal variance for me because I am a runner and since running strengthens your heart, it can give you a slower heart rate and QT rhythm because the heart doesn't have to work as hard and is more efficient.

I see the doc again on oct 29th to find out if there's something wrong with my heart causing these seizures. I'm only 30 so I sure hope not!

I used ALL vacation time and was on workman comp until the 12th to cover medical. All medical bills following the 12th have to be covered by me/ my medical insurance, but mostly me.

Since I've moved to minnesota I've acquired some larger items that will not fit in my car. It is an 18+ hour drive to my destination in Columbus, Georgia.

So I need a small uhaul for my car to tow so my two fur babies can have a comfortable drive.
As some of you know, I work in physical therapy and face reinstatement fees to get my license reinstated down in Georgia, as it expired, otherwise I can't work.

I have a house lined up to rent but we all know that means upfront rent and security deposits.

I don't come from money, any and all help anyone can do I'd greatly appreciate more than you'd ever know. And one day I would love to repay the favor.

I've never done a go fund me or essentially asked publicly for assistance, but I'm humble enough to know I need help. A wonderful friend suggested it and I decided to take the advice given.

Thanks in advance to all people who are willing to help me.

Here's the go fund me link:

There's more details to the situation that cause my being here to be undesirable. Feel free to message me on discord (chelsea88 #4758) or on fb (chelsea marie) if you would like additional detail.

I have NEVER started a fundraiser for myself but as I said I am humble enough at this point to know I need others' help. I hope to repay the the favor in some form or fashion at some point in time as I appreciate each and every one of you.

I take crypto too via steem/sbd OR:
BTC: 38d8C74VdamF8JnVgJ9M8P8YfTmPfJ5tmB
Or PayPal of which you may contact me for my email. :)

I don't typically ask for resteems but if you could share the love on this one, I would REALLY REALLY appreciate it.

Thanks so much for your time and reading this.
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Good luck with the move. I really hope everything is okay when you get the test results. 18 hours is a bloody long drive! Make sure Mousey (and your other kittens!) Have nothing but comfort on the way over.

Ive 100% upvoted, resteemed, and put $20USD towards your Go Fund Me.

As someone was in a similar situation; I know how scary this uncertainty can be with regards to heart rhythms. Please, don't let that anxiety overwhelm you.

We were painting the house when I had the almost identical issues (minus the vomiting and concussion!) And it was such an incredibly stressful time.

Be sure to take time for you. Give Mousey and your other kittens some love so that they can ignore you in return. It works with me and my cat when Im stressed.

Let me know on discord if there's anything you need. Happy to chat through some of this stuff with you.

You can find me as holoz0r#7605

GREAT idea on the cats. Lol.
I'll def have to hit you up on dcord.
Tysm for the support, you have no idea how much it means to me!!

@holoz0r sent the Adelaide Steemians or #mallsballers over here to help. I have upvoted this post.
I will see what more I can do later today.

Thx @holozor & the #mallsballers

Allright everyone, let's get this ball rolling!

This community has pulled off awesome feats of help and compassion before, so time to step up and help out here!

Chelsea is a long-time active community member and engaging publisher... and she needs our help.

Upvote and re-steem!

And remember this!!

You can also upvote all of Chelsea's comments on this post to help add value to the overall payout of this post. It's NOT going to kill your Steemit career to toss a half-dozen 100% upvotes at some of her comments!

Direct donations are great too! Like the eternal Craigslist appeals... "If everyone who reads this gave just $5.00, this would all be handled in an hour!"

Chelsea, I'm so sorry...

This really sucks, but hopefully everyone can pull together and help you out enough to make a difference! Sending lots of positive vibes your way!

(Upvoting my own comment PURELY to knock it to the top of the list for visbility)

Edited to add: Additional fundraising post here:

Thanks so much @denmarkguy
There's more to this story that I can't publically say involving another mistreating me. That's all I can say.

It has been a major shit storn for sure. Tomorrow i go find out what's possibly causing my health maladies

I did an internal transfer in my company, the manager hired me over the phone. Though my last day of work here is the 28th,i get my keys to my new cute house on the 9th after i put down the deposit.

I am actually utterly aghast at what the community here is and has done for me. THANK YOU SO MUCH for your thoughtful remarks and encouraging comments!!

AND MAKING A FUNDRAISER FOR ME. im in tears. I've been dealt many a rough hand in life but to be a part of a community willing to help like this, i'm simply so thankful

You're welcome sweetie... wish I weren't quite so financially precarious, myself or I could help out more!

I figured there was probably something "beneath the surface," but not mine to poke around in. I hope your move and travel (with the furbabies!) goes smoothly.

I'm being gaslighted and enduring abuse. I'm about to blog about it. Thank you again SO MUCH FOR HELPING ME

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gave you a 100% upvote, sent over by Battleaxe and I’m
in steemusa. many prayers sent your way to assist in guiding your situation with peaceful intentions.

eagle spirit

<3 thank you, Chelsea is top notch,,, I hope all goes as smoothly as possible for her

Thanks @battleaxe AND @eaglespirit
One day I'd love to repay this kindness in due time as able. You both ROCK!

Resteemed. Asking for help can be super hard. Glad I saw this on Teamgood. Sending love, courage and abundance to help you on your journey. 💞

Thanks so much! Yes and it's always been extra hard for me, but humility is a good trait and i'm working on improving if it!

I resteemed this article. Do you know @fundition?

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No i wasn't aware of it.... let me look into. I am posting an update soon things have gotten worse. Thanks so much btw!

After this, Have you seen it? @fundition

i really do like the warm support you are getting from steemians!

Yes i'm BLOWN AWAY. I can't even begin to explain it. ... no words
I love you steemians

So sorry to hear all this I have resteemed to help and will also give a tip! since upvotes are so weak

I REALLY appreciate your kindness and generosity perhaps more than you will ever know!!!!!❤

Just helping in my own little way :)

And it means the world. :)

I don't know who you are, but I feel for you, as I know how not being well is.

I've been studying health for a while now, as allopathic health is a scam IMO.


  1. Any recent mold in your home?
  2. Any recent installation of the 5G towers near to your home?
  3. Had you been living in this place for a while, or did you recently move in?
  4. Did they test your blood for any poisons? I don't trust their blood tests, but it's better than nothing.

I'm just throwing things out there to see if we can rule out some things.

  1. What's the heart condidtion called?

I upvoted you & hope to be able to give you something later on. I know how it is. Don't be ashamed to ask for help.

We should ALL help one another.

Be well.


There's no official diagnosis yet, i will learn more monday when i see my pcp.
Right now it's getting labeled as vasovagal but that is NOT official
Yep plenty of blood tests run, no abnormalities.
Probably no 5g towers as this is a small college town.
I have asthma, if there were mold i believe my asthma would've akready "told me"
Been here for a bit over 6 months.

Thanks for concern and helpful things to consider!

Such a scary situation to be in so young, I hope the medical side gets dealt with quickly that's something you really do not need hanging over you at such a young age. I hope my upvote and resteem helps get you the support you need.

#thealliance #witness

Thank you very much for the support and encouragement, means the world!

WOW, sent by the TeamGood Over-Lasses, 30 is way too young to have these kind of episodes! I had a very unusual thing myself, my heart rate was down to 42 but I had no other symptoms. This was found by a Pre-OP exam for eye surgery. Seems the best guess was that my eye drops, or the ones they used there for the eye exam reacted with the supplements I had taken earlier that day. Never happened again... so watch all the supplements and meds interactions very carefully!

🙏 and Positive Waves sent... 〰️

Plus a Re-STEEM ;-)

That could be a possibility i should find out on the 29th what it could be. Thanks so much for the support

Oh my goodness girl, you have so much going on at once. Sending you love and light and positive blessings on your transition to Georgia. contributed to your gofundme. ♥ ♥ ♥

Thanks you so very much, i noticed and i appreciate more than you might know!

I hope your holter monitoring result will be ok. Hit me up on discord if you need a cardiac nurse. Best wishes. (Lola.Imma)

You're an actual cardiac nurse? No it didn't go well, the results were strange /a bit scary.... what's your dcord?

@Lola.Imma #3544
Will need your holter result and a picture of your ecg tracing.
Am going out in an hour but will be back in a few.

Hi..what's ur discord access? you want to set a time??

I wouldn't typically resteem, but as you're an actual community member.....

I'm very selective about resteems. Thank you very much for doing that. Posting an update soon

Hi Chelsea, I resteemed and upvoted, but my vote is paltry. I don't have anything to spare as I have surgery 11/08 and will be losing a lot of income for at least a month to heal. I pray God supplies all of your need and comforts and heals you.

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I hope your sx goes well!! Thanks so much for the support !!

thank you!

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Blessings from the Steem community! Hope you get everything you need.

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Thank you so much!!!♡

That's pretty rough. I hope it turns out to be nothing too serious and you get to recover well and move forward with your life.

Dealing with heart stuff is scary, but these days most things can be managed. My dad has had five heart attacks (so far) and he's still kicking. so anything is possible.

Keep positive, draw strength from wherever you can, and always look to the future, and you'll get there, one step at a time.

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING AND THE ENCOURAGEMENT !! Posting update shortly.... edit.... your dad must be pretty tough just from reading some of his posts!

your dad must be pretty tough...

if by tough you mean nuts, then yes he is hehehe

If Steem economics aren't completely broken we should upvote this kind of post.

I think the current stats prove they aren't! Thanks for dropping in

And Wow!

I just saw this (I've been sick and under the radar for weeks) and I cannot tell you how sorry I am to hear this. Why didn't you ping me on discord, girl!?? I had no idea on God's green earth that you were going through this!

I am in awe that they didn't do an MRI. Yeah, talk to them about that! The good part is that you will be moving closer to family, right? The bad is you are coming alone. I am so so very sorry to hear that part.

It might actually be cheaper to get a freight company to ship it. They will do it cheap as they ship it when they have extra room in a container and they are going that way. It is a major hub. You might want to check. It could save you $$.

My thought and prayers are with you on this journey. I will or you can drop me a line on discord. I check it at least once or twice a day. Sometimes bad things happen to good people. I don't understand the balance in that, but, I see it time and again.

I am sending you some SBD and it is not much, but, more will be coming your way. I pray that God gives one of those docs the wisdom to see through the mess and figure this out.

As an aside, if you were here in Virginia and had a seizure, your license would have been pulled. Who is to say that you won't have another one while driving? Don't you have a friend to drive with you?

Just know you are in my thoughts, girl. XOXO

Upped my 100% and Steemed

Tip! .2

I REALLY REALLY APPRECIATE YOU!! posting an update shortly

Hate to hear that things are so rough right now! I know you have had more than your fair share, but hopefully the move will be a good thing in the end to start a new chapter! I don't have a whole lot $$-wise, but I've got some extra SBD with your name on it. Keep your head up!! Hugs from Georgia!

Thank you so very much for the support!!!

@chelsea88 Sorry to hear things are rough for you right now. I am not one to throw out possible medical diagnoses, yet I will do so here. There is a rare one that my physician with 30 yrs of practice has only seen once. I know someone that has it as well and they wish they had known sooner, so I am providing you a link to the organization for Myasthenia Gravis. Your story is too familiar not to share. I hope you get it all figured out soon!

Wow thanks for pointing that out, i had an appt with PCP on monday results from cardiac monitor inconclusive, testing for thyroid disorder or diabetes next, then MRI

Do you have someone else to drive with you? That sounds unsafe if you are fainting and seizing. :(

Nope and that's the same thing i thought. Uh..... posting update soon thanks for the support

I'm sorry to hear you've been having health issues. It's good you're going somewhere you can be closer to family. I resteemed your post and send you some SBD. I hope it helps. Sending some prayers your way as well.

That means the world to me i appreciate you so much

Voted from the community account and @inidaunited trail will follow with our teeny-wheeny upvotes

cc: @bala41288 @bobinson @inuke @sayee

Thank you SO much for the support!!!!

The only way I can help I upvoting this post 100% and other posts of yours. I’m not sure if that makes a difference but I’m willing to try and ill send some sbd on your way as well, as much as I am willing to spare.

I REALLY appreciate you posting an update soon

Sending you lots of love and light. May healing be yours... Hugs :)

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Thanks for the kindness and supporrt,!!

Oh man that sucks, hope things turn out OK for you ASAP! I made a small donation to the GoFund me

That's extremely kind thank you so much once on my feet again, i plan to decorate my house with some of your outstanding work

Giving this post 100% upvote. I know it’s not much, but I hope that it helps a tiny bit! Good luck relocating back to your home town and hopefully your family will provide you with care and support that you need. Wishing you a smooth and speedy recovery and healing!

Hey everything counts!! I sincerely appreciate it!!

Please tell me you have someone who can drive you from point a to point

I was cleared by the doc to resume driving on the 12th. I was a little iffy about but hey, i'm no doctor. I wore a 24 hr heart monitor on monday, which i return to my doc on the 29th to interpret the results of it.
Sexy right? Lol, i gotta maintain some humor =)

LOL way impressive!

I'm assuming MRI's were involved in the concussion drama. So I'm not going to ask about the brain tumor ;-)

All joking aside, seizures were my son-in-law's first clue re the brain tumor.

I'm hoping your seizures were mild. His were were so severe they caused muscle damage and broke his shoulder... clavicle? Something like that.

It's been 2 years. He's doing pretty well, Thank you :-)

They only did did a CT scan to see I had a brsin bleed. I was curious why they didn't do an MRI. nearly two weeksb later i'm n still bruised upand sore in weird places. My massagev therapist thought it looked like i had displaced rib. I'm going to find out why they elected not to go mr. V an MRI tob rule out brain tumor b4 too late. I'm glad your son's doing better!

They had to stand on their heads to get proper x-rays of his shoulder ... some 3 months later! My daughter's take away was don't let them talk you out of anything you feel like they're not doing quickly enough.

They may not be thinking about the brain causing your situation because of known pre-existing but ... yeah I'm with you.

We've been rather surprised by the number of people showing up with brain tumors in our circles. I didn't hear of brain tumors until I was 15 and then I didn't encounter another person with a brain tumor until I was 40 and then in the last two years they have had 2 in their circle of friends and 1 in my circle of friends. Plus we are both encountering many mentions of people with brain tumors. Makes me almost curious enough to find a chart that reflects real numbers.

I'll just be content if you find out why they aren't checking you.

I'm definitely asking on monday!! It needs to be at least ruled out

Well I'm glad I said something even though I really thought that they would have had a look about while you were down!

I'll be waiting to hear how the rest of your story goes.

Well and of course I'm glad you're not dismissing the idea.

Hugs and Prayers!

Thanks so much. I was rather disoriented at the hospital after two concussion otherwise would've asked about MRI

100% upvote and resteem
Hang in there .. :) keep us posted too

Thanks very much for the support!! Means a lot

I give you my full upvote and i will resteem you i hope we can all help you in this bad situation! =)

Thanks very very much!!!!!

Upvoted. Pl. take care @chelsea88. Wish you best of health.

Oh, thank you VERY much

Thanks for the support , well wishes, and encouragement. I will be keeping everyone updated. Means a lot you dropped it. You were one of the first steemians i interacted with regularly. :)

Damn, Chelsea. Really sorry to hear this. Did you mean this happened just this month? The post says November at first, but I’m guessing that was just a mistake.

I really hope you’re okay. I’m going to resteem this now. Please keep us updated.

Goshv that was meant to say v OCTOBER 8th. Gotta go Edit. Thanks for all support and encouragement =)

@kafkanarchy84 fixed it. Also proof... i wasn't cleared until the 12th. Was a "fun " week20181026_203122.jpg

No no, I never doubted you. Sounds horrible. I have a busy weekend, but am going to make a post about your go fund me soon.

Wow, that means a lot thank you so much for the support!!!!!

That sounds like a rough go of it and I hope you get the funds you need. Unfortunately Steem is down in the market but with a rebound and a little help I have faith. I did my part and resteemed for you. Fingers crossed and well wishes sent your way.

Thank you kindly for the support, much appreciated!!

Hi! Well we all get "stuck" sometimes don't we!

Your best of to add an ETH addy, because BTC fees are ridiculous :)

I'll pay for promotion on your post, and then that's even better than just sending some steem as you will get promo and then the steem /sbd :P

..All will work out just fine!

Big Love and Abundance,

Edit.. Just paid 10 Steem for promo, which will be in 1hr 20mins :) you shall get 1 extra steem or so, so 11 steem in 7 days.. its not much but more people will see your post, which will help! Hahah just realized im not on my main account hahahha

Wow that's so generous of you @movingman , @moving.around
I Rearly appreciate it. And i do have an eth addy good idea! Adding it the original post.

Good on ya! Wish you all the best :)

All the very best, Chelsea Marie.
Hope that it all turns out well for you.

Hey there @chelsea88! I really hope that you get all of this sorted out and the move goes well. Cute cats too; I'm sure they're a little freaked with everything going on!

My husband and I were on the receiving end of some awesome support from this community when we needed it, so I'm paying a bit of that forward to you. My 100% upvote isn't worth piles, so I'm resteeming and also sending you a bit of sbd to your wallet. Good luck :) Sending big hugs as well!

Way to pa it forward. Thank you so very much

You are most welcome :)

<3 we heart ya
hang in there...keep in touch

Thx a ton axey, you are a wonderful cornerstone to the community, your support means A LOT

Love you, Chelsea! You've been so strong with everything you've been going through and you have support and love from a lot of people who care for you ❤

Thanks my dear SIL. love you :)

Im sorry I cant help more as little funds. But I will upvote and resteem. Best of luck and I hope you get lots of support ❤️💕♥️

I appreciate ALL OF IT. I am blown Away by the steemit community right now

Resteemed, hope you get well soon

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Thank you so much, really appreciate it alot!

Thanks for the supprt!

Oh 🍫 this is sad, I hope you are ok! I will pray for you. 🐾right now.

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Thanks i need it!!!

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There may be an upside to this, don't have to suffer a northen winter! Sorry to hear about this. I'll send you a little Steem later.
I hope this isn't inappropriate but it's unethical for TPTB to profit from people's health tragedies. The fact of the matter is that the 1% are vacuuming up 80% of the money supply leaving the masses in desperation needing the 'offerings' of the moneylenders just to survive--this is not random, IMO..
What humanity needs to solve this crisis and I'll use U.S. inflation rates today as a guide. Every country should have a public non-debt currency issued at 2000.00 a month as a welfare mechanism or basic income especially available to everyone who can't function normally within society
. The money lenders will be the loudest voices of opposition to this idea but humanity should not let these people win. All the current bloated welfare mechanisms should be dismantled as most of the money under neoliberal policy goes to the administrators anyway. GET.RID.Of.IT. AND SEND A MESSAGE TO THE MONEY MASTERS THAT THIS IS NO LONGER ACCEPTABLE.
I'd send more but you may be aware I've also suffered a serious work injury 22 months ago. I found out how corrupt WCB is. I now think these agencies are practicing institutionalized anarchy as they blatantly disregard legal contracts they have with workers. I now have to do my trade injured and it's hard to describe how difficult this is. If I was a sports elite there is no way I would have to play a game injured--I would be given appropriate time to heal. Anyway, the money masters got me for 30-grand and I don't know how I can pay it back at my age especially being physically compromised. I won't get into the speculation about whether the money masters are actively targeting people for debt in every way imaginable but I suspect that is indeed what the scoring system is all about (or a big part of it). THEY.ARE.EVIL...
My New Earth Commons covers some of the complications of solving societal problems via a public non-debt money supply with one of the most important aspects being a new education model.
Anyway, I hope things go well for you and yours as you attempt to navigate this situation.

Thank you for your extreme generosity @andrewmarkmusic !!!!!

I agree with much of what you're saying. I had to go into severe student debt to do my job that HELPS injured people as i had no silver spoon in college. If i didn't have all those blasted student loans which i think should be forgiven ..... you want a valued member of society, don't nearly kill me while I get an education......🤬
And that doesn't count the government loans. Uh.
If i didn't have all that debt i wouldn't have to run fundraisers for this situation because my ideal is to save and conserve money.

Chelsea...will help where I can. Takes a whole lot of courage to ask and even more courage to walk through the fire.

Thanks yes it took a lot for me to do it and wasnt even on the radar until a friend encouraged me. Thanks for the support, means a lot

I would love to find you on the Go Fund Me page as I would like to help. I think rather than paying back you should consider paying if forward. Once all is said and done. If you are sharing a link on your post it should show up in green letters or the reader cannot link into it. Much love from Canada and a fellow lover of running.

Thanks for pointing out it wasn't hyperlinked correctly, i fixed it in the post :)

On the post IDK why it wasn't working. But here you go. :)

Very Sorry to hear whats going on with you.

Thanks for the support!!

I wish you better soon, and that you can collect what you need. A hug 😄

Thank you

What do you "like" about this? It's not really something most people would "like"

Super fantastic photographey

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Read the post it's a very serious post and what YOU have just said is not only disrespectful but makes you look like a complete ass

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Good luck to your mode.
I have faced such difficult time as well. Need to get a new device coz the one am currently using has broken down. However I never knew how to compile and write it up.

Wishing you all the best.

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Did what I could , upvoted 100%.

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Please am wholehearted sorry for what happened sister Chelsea, but always remember the scripture at Psalms 121:7,8, please can read it now. The almighty God would protect your precious life in any circumstances, let rely on him for strength, and he will not forsake you. Am excited you are back on your fit.

Your brother,
Daniel Ago from Ghana.

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