HELP! I'm about to get my hands on $30,000! Should I go "ALL IN"? What Steem / BitConnect ratio?

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Alright Steemians, I need your help. A lump sum of fiat is about to fall into my hands...

Should I power up Steem to the max?

Should I loan it out on BitConnect and cake daily?!

If you don't know about BitConnect,
watch the video below...

What would you do with an extra $30,000?
Let me know in the comments below...


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ok @getvotes, where's the upvote? and you better at least read my posts champ, it's valuable info

I'd keep significant cash on the sidelines, though ready to deploy, while we wait and see what comes of August 1st. BTC could take a dive and trigger a selloff in other coins, followed by a giant bounce. You might want to be ready for a massive buying opportunity.

Not that I am giving investment advice - I'm not.

BitConnect seems very attractive, but it worries me a lot. I don't think I'd put any money in there right now.

The reason this got flagged is because a number of trusted users on steem have looked at bitconnect and we have proven that it is nothing more then an multi level marketting ponzi scam, we do not want it here. Or at least I do not.

that's why I was asking for advice. can you please link to proof that it is a ponzi scam?

i will read this. i appreciate the help

i dont understand. that article just explains how any coin takes market cap from bitcoin.. all coins are ponzi schemes? it doesn't look like this user invested in bitconnect and got scammed. do you have any better info on this scam? thank you

I would put 10 in BCC and the rest in steem.

im glad you have faith in BCC.. it hasn't let me down. a lot more steem is so tempting though...

I would maybe purchase some STEEM at this level. I know nothing about BITConnect so it would be unwise for me to comment on that......Best of Luck whatever you decide to do.

I have to figure out bitconnect

Diversify! Some in BTC & LTC, some in Steem, some in shitcoins. I would say a 50/25/25 split. Let us know what you do.

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