If the stomach is bad, you can eat it peacefully and enjoyed

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Stomach problems may arise when it comes to patio. Excessive eating, stress even may worsen due to illness, while in a bathroom. If you have trouble in stomach, you need to eat less chilli spices, it knows everyone. Apart from that milk and charbio, sugar, oil will also be scrutinized.

So what do you eat? Get to know some foods that are eaten during dysentery.

  1. Banana

Bananas are a dish that is easy to digest and doesn't make any trouble in the stomach. It paripakatantrake the relief of dietary fibre. Banana Dayariah helps Sarateo.

  1. Dry Toast

If you have a stomach, you don't have to keep your stomach empty. Then there is nausea and vomiting, because acid increases due to nothing in the stomach. This is why you can eat normal toast or cracker a few hours.

  1. Eggs

Sick cases require body proteins. But the red blink or fried food creates more problems in the bowel. In that case, the egg is better as a source of protein. Can eat eggs crumbly or scramble with little oil or butter.

  1. Oates

Otser like hole graene food reduces the problem of stomach as well as preventing future problems. But Oates to eat in less amount. Consuming too much can increase nausea, stomach hollow, stomach ache and gas.

  1. Tomato

Not just tomatoes, as well as other vegetables, pulses and nuts can be useful in the abdominal problem. However, Esiditier is Chali good if you have problems with the tomato.

  1. Ginger

Ginger brings great work to relieve nausea. You can eat ginger graven chewing or drinking ginger tea. But be careful. Ginger is safe for adults but children should not be ginger.

  1. Water and coffee

Many times there are hardships for constipation. Constipation can be a deficiency of water. This problem is avoided if you drink enough water. Also, the problem is avoided even when you drink coffee in the morning.

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Thanks for sharing this useful tip!

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