Hillary Clinton Withers, Wobbles and Collapses At A 9/11 Memorial Event

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In New York at a 9/11 memorial event, the potential Commander-In-Chief Hillary Clinton withered, wobbled and collapsed outside a van for all the world to see.

The Clinton campaign maintains that Hillary is in excellent health that would pose no risk to the United States should she be president. Some assert Hillary is on the deathbed.

What in the world is going on?

A close-up from a different angle appears to show a piece of metal falling out from her right pant leg:

Do you have any idea what is going on? Is Hillary Clinton in good shape? What do you think? Is health a significant issue in a United States presidential election? Has Hillary been honest and forthcoming regarding her health? Is Clinton on her deathbed or in excellent physical shape? Should she release full and complete medical records and expose herself to examination by objective third-party doctors? Should Trump also?


Personally, I know something is wrong. She could have a serious illness she is not disclosing. And I think disclosing any illness would greatly hurt her chances of becoming the next President and hurt the democratic party.

Again, I am not sure what is wrong. I did find one YouTube video that provided a doctor's opinion.

6 minute video from The Next News Network

The opinion of the doctor in the video is she has Parkinson's Disease.

I am just looking for the truth like everyone else. It is a shame that the truth is not freely provided. But such is the state of politics.

Steem on,

The media is pretending that it's just pneumonia, allergies, and dehydration.

It's just been announced she is ill with pneumonia. Having had a serious case two winters ago, I can relate to her reaction. I went from fine to feverish to dizzy to the hospital within 36 hours. I hope she recovers quickly.
As for Trump, he needs to undergo psychological testing since it's pretty apparent to those of us who have dealt with people with personality disorders, that he has a full blown case of NPD.


Obviously she is a cyborg. She needs maintainance

Well...maybe Karma has finally caught up with the Casket Filling Clinton Clan out of Arkansas...one can only hope!

I just figured she was being extremely careless with her shoes....

This huffington post writer wrote about this topic and had his post yank and writer creds removed. He has been on a mission ever since this incident.

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