Is Clinton On Deathbed As Trump Vows To Release Health Records

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On Tuesday, ​September 7, 2016, Donald Trump told ABC News's David Muir he intends to release his medical records. This comes as Democratic rival Hillary Clinton has shown extreme signs of weakness during a rally on September 5th.

When asked to go first Trump responded, "In fact, now that you ask, I think I will do that."

MUIR: You're 70, she's 68. Do you think the American people deserve to know some more about both of you and your medical [condition]?

TRUMP: Sure I do. I would love to give specifics as far as I'm concerned. If she wants to do, I'll do it 100%.

MUIR: Why not go first?

TRUMP: I might do that. In fact, now that you ask, I will do that.

What do you think? Is health a significant issue in a United States presidential election? Has Hillary been honest and forthcoming regarding her health? Is Clinton on her deathbed or in excellent physical shape? Should she release full and complete medical records and expose herself to examination by objective third-party doctors? Should Trump also?


An important point for me is that Hillary could not pass the same background check requirements to be in her Secret Service with her OPSEC failures.

I'm more amazed at Dr. Drew being fired from CNN and David Seaman being fired from HuffPo for reporting on it.

THAT is censorship.

The media and even google are on hillary's side

Questioning Hillary's health was ridiculed -- but now she says she has upped her medication to deal with coughing fits. She's just fine -

I just wrote on media bias - Left Turn: Boffin shows media bias moves the vote 20% Left

I usually don't pay too much attention to politics, but this year it is worth paying attention to. We have a giant rich baby who is not part of the traditional political establishment, and a dying old woman who is drowning in corporate influence. The internet is allowing us to see what is going on behind the curtain and it seems like for the first time in a long time, we are seeing transparency.

On Hilary's side, the transparency is coming from Wikileaks and alternative media sources.

On Trumps side, the transparency is coming from brash honesty.

I don't necessarily agree with either candidate, but I feel like the results of this years election are going to create some serious disruptions in the current political paradigm. Especially if trump wins. Very interesting

It is odd how anytime someone questions Hilary's health, they seem to face some kind of recourse shortly after... Also any articles that are written about her health have found themselves removed or not discussed on major networks...

The highest office in the land needs a healthy person to keep up with the stressful demands. The American people deserve to know these basic things.

I am sure they are both healthy enough for people their age.

I'm not sure what you consider healthy, but Hillary is definitely not looking or acting healthy.

I don't pay that close of attention, however I haven't seen anything to indicate either candidate is unhealthy.

.... did you even watch the video of her coughing for 4 minutes straight, trying to talk?

... you're aware that she had a concussion and surgery a few years back?

... you're aware that she's been getting help to walk up stairs ?

If you haven't caught those, you really aren't paying close attention. I don't intend for this to be offensive, but why are you feigning awareness on the matter when you admit you haven't been paying close attention?

The getting help walking up stairs is fake, wow surgery and a concussion, sounds mundane. I've had a coughing attack before too, I'm just not followed around by cameras talking all the time. I don't know, they both seem perfectly healthy to me, I mean people can twist and contort what ever they please and things can seem a lot of ways. She's fine, trump is fine.

Attack either on policy, their health doesn't concern me.

zgazda66 Zdenek Gazda tweeted @ 11 Sep 2016 - 15:31 UTC

Hillary Clinton 9/11 NYC

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I know Clinton has had stroke-like problems in the past before - especially over the Libya incidents - must be too much stress!

Worse yet, she uses it as an excuse for 'not remembering' incriminating details.

'Vascular dementia' I'm reading today!!

Good content, but no upvote cause of clickbait title.Pure speculation.

The older I get, the more I think the word 'election ' need be redefined. As for her health, She appears gravely ill. US presidents have hidden illness in the past. However in Clinton's case, it's too late to hide her health issues. Besides, if she's lying about her health now, how can we be sure that we'll get an accurate assessment from her examination?

I don't know if either looks physically fit and ready for the demands on the body and mind that presidency brings. Obama aged faster than I would have imagined as president, and I don't know how the stress may affect the female body, but Trump looks more likely to suffer a heart attack than make it through 4-8 years of work that he has no real experience in.

That was really painful to listen to. She does sound like she is dying.

Decent health is pretty important for the President of the United States. The hours are grueling, and you have a lot of responsibilities. It's one thing to be disabled and knowing how to live with it. In other words, I wouldn't refuse to vote for someone just because he was in a wheel chair. But the health needs to be stable, not deteriorating, which is what we are seeing with Hillary. And considering what the position is, the health issue really can't be anything that would affect the brain.

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