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RE: TIL heaps more about fasting, keto eating, and how ANYONE can use them for health, weight loss and longevity

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Ancel Keys is the "scientist" (and I use that term loosely) whom I consider the father of the epidemics of obesity, diabetes and other chronic illnesses.

How the American government got sucked into his skewed data and then the world followed suit is one of the biggest travesties of history.

I cringe each and every time I see "Low Fat" as an advertising ploy in the grocery store. Especially since when they remove the fat they add more sugar.

It's the sugar that's killing you..... NOT the fat.

I too wrote a post about healthy cooking fats in the past if you care to check it out.

I'm a BIG proponent of the Ketogenic lifestyle and am looking forward to the rest of your posts.

In Peace, Love, and Health


I'm not sure whether I was madder with him when I thought he'd sold out to the food manufacturing industry, or now that I know it was his own misguided and pig-headed idea. Either way a terrible disaster.

Great article. I haven't used avocado oil a lot, but I want to try and use it a bit more. One other fat I like, especially for roasting veges, is lard.

Do you make your own lard or purchase it?

I save my bacon drippings and use them sometimes but probably should make that more of a point cause broccoli roasted in bacon fat sounds delicious 🙂.

Anything roasted in bacon fat is delicious! I do save bacon fat when we have it, and when I haven't already eaten it straight out of the pan, oops. But we have a very nice free range lard that we can get from our local organic shop.

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