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RE: TIL heaps more about fasting, keto eating, and how ANYONE can use them for health, weight loss and longevity

in #health4 years ago

I'm not sure whether I was madder with him when I thought he'd sold out to the food manufacturing industry, or now that I know it was his own misguided and pig-headed idea. Either way a terrible disaster.

Great article. I haven't used avocado oil a lot, but I want to try and use it a bit more. One other fat I like, especially for roasting veges, is lard.


Do you make your own lard or purchase it?

I save my bacon drippings and use them sometimes but probably should make that more of a point cause broccoli roasted in bacon fat sounds delicious 🙂.

Anything roasted in bacon fat is delicious! I do save bacon fat when we have it, and when I haven't already eaten it straight out of the pan, oops. But we have a very nice free range lard that we can get from our local organic shop.

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