My Fitness Journey Week 2

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So, a week has passed and let's see where we are at this week!

Overall, I have experienced no change in weight this week. HOWEVER, that is not a bad thing. Due to the KaradaScan, I can actually see my muscle mass percentages and fat percentages. What seems to have happened is that my muscle mass has increased while my fat mass decreased. The remainder is likely water.

Normally, I don't weigh at night but I was just too excited. I will be weighing in again in the morning to have a more accurate read on an empty stomach.

The numbers on the measuring tape also seems to be going smoothly as my body seems to have shrunk quite a bit over the past week. This makes sense because fat has a significantly lower density compared to protein so a pound of fat looks wayyyy bigger than a pound of protein.

So what did I do different?

I suspect that the increase in muscle mass this week is due to two things. Firstly, I increased what I was eating. Previously, I would eat at a caloric deficit of about 1k per day. This was actually quite unhealthy as it meant that my body would enter a starvation mode and start consuming my protein (ie muscle) to survive. This is because the body is stupid like that. So, I lessened the deficit which means that I should experience more fat burn and more muscle gain as my body isn't screaming that I am starving myself.

Next, I did more strength training. I have an adjustable dumbell in my house and I have been putting it to use. I do some basic exercises such as bicep curls and squats. In the previous week, my exercise mainly consisted of combat sports which is great for cardio but not the best for muscle growth. So, it was understandable that I would burn both muscle and fat, my body was starving and it was reaching out for more!

Food Gallery

This is what I ate over the past week.

Some chicken and rice with veg and fruit. This wasn't the most ideal meal for dinner as it wasn't compliant to the 3-3-3-3 diet plan I am doing but it was a meal of circumstance and I couldn't request a different meal in time. (Staying at my grandparent's place for Chinese New Year).

Yong Tau Fu. High in protein and low in carb. Quite delicious and surprisingly filling.

Kale salad with turmeric cauliflower steamed broccoli lemongrass chicken. This was from La Juceria. The sauce was a grainy mustard.

Baby Spinach Salad (Homemade) with Greek-style Feta Cheese and Balsamic Vinegar as dressing.

Managed to clean up the last bit of hummus, chicken and homemade bread.

Had a pokebowl but replaced the rice with salad. Came with some pieces of Salmon Head

Another salad this time from the Village Pantry, my girlfriend helped build it for me.

I ate a Nandos 1/4 Chicken with grilled Veg as side. I only went Mild because I am white and weaksauce. This was while I was helping my friend as a secondary second at his Martial Arts tournament.

My attempt at making Mapo Tofu. Ended up becoming more like Tofu Stew. I needed to put more spice in.... For future reference...

Edit: Whoops! I meant KaradaScan not HaradaScan. Got confused with the guy from Tekken


wow you are dedicated. How are you getting all of the specific readings such as BMI and muscle percentage?

I am using the HaradaScan weighing scale, it detects fat percentage, visceral fat, muscle everything!

that's pretty incredible. Makes me wonder how it is possible. Sounds good though :)

I stand corrected, it is called the Omron Karada Scan. It basically passes a weak electrical impulse through your body and determines its composition based on that.

"Muscles, blood, bones and body tissues with high water content conduct electricity easily. On the other hand, body fat does not store much water, therefore has little electric conductivity." ~ According to the User Manual (

interesting. I never knew such tech existed. Thanks for that. I might have to get me one of those :)

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