The Harmful Parasite Living Inside of 250 Million Americans TODAY - Part 4

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Proven Ways to Kill the Parasite & Live Longer!


I exposed the silent Candida killer parasite in my last post.

We learned that doctors are already saying that it could be the biggest health hazard to hit the world since cigarettes, polio, HIV or hepatitis. I believe that it’s bigger than all 4 combined.

We learned that sugar is covertly killing us and that it is hidden in processed foods and preservatives under nefarious names.

Many studies have shown that cancer cannot survive in a non-sugar (alkaline) environment. When our body is acidic (as most people’s are) - it is a literal breeding ground for disease.

Candida is dangerous because it directly affects your digestive system - the largest internal organ in your body - the home of your immune system.

A strong immune system (gut) is essential for good health and longevity.

I will show you how to achieve it.

Our body, and in particular our gut, is in a secret/hidden war - we need to give our body all of the ammunition that we can. If we don’t - we will lose the war sooner rather than later!

There are many ways to kill Candida, improve gut flora, overall health and live longer. You don’t need to eat like a rabbit to do so.

I employ a multi-faceted approach.

Firstly, it’s good for me, and secondly, if I slip up in one area (and I do) I am more likely to be protected via my other methods.

You don’t need to follow all of my methods to live a healthier, more fulfilling life. You probably do need to follow at least one of them. I’m going to write about the most important one in this post, and cover others in my next post.

My methods are not the only ones that work - but they work for me and importantly, they complement my lifestyle.

My Diet


I don’t live on lettuce leaves, sprouts and carrots alone - but I do eat a lot of veggies. I eat a wide range of foods - some good, some not so good. I focus on getting the balance right.

The cornerstone to good health is diet - by that I mean the foods that I consume. My breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. I will talk about supplements (and many other things) in my next post - but for now let’s stay focused on what we traditionally call food.

My goal is to keep my body in an alkaline state.

Do you remember learning the pH scale in school?


I learned about pH (potential of hydrogen) in chemistry class. I didn’t learn about it in human biology but I should have.

I remember testing the water in our swimming pool when I was a kid.

I learned at a very young age that I needed to test the pH level of the pool once a week (and give it a clean). My goal was to keep the pH of the water at just the the right level so as to stop algae and bacteria from growing and turning it into a green swamp. If I didn’t I was not allowed to swim - so I kept it clean.

The same principle applies to your gut - the home of your immune system.

If we don’t have the right pH balance in our blood and our gut - our body can quickly be taken over by bad bacteria, like candida, and become a literal swamp - just like this swimming pool.


People with swimming pools spend a lot of time and money keeping their pools clean and healthy. Most people keep their clothes, skin, toilets, showers, kitchens and garden clean.

They can clearly see the algae, mould, dirt and weeds growing and taking over the environment right before their eyes. When they see it - they spring into action and reach out for their chemical weapon of choice and eliminate them from their sight instantly.

Why are we more concerned about the health of our toilet, pool, bathroom, kitchen, clothes, skin and garden than we are about our own body?

We have been conditioned to kill bacteria, weeds, mould, mildew, dirt, bugs, rodents and other creepy-crawlies on sight.

We have been exposed to decades of advertising and ‘public health warnings’ - obeying our orders we have armed our households with a literal cache of chemical weapons and trained our loved ones to use them when the enemy appears.

We’ve been conditioned to spend more time keeping up appearances and keeping the exterior clean - when we should have devoted much more of our time educating ourselves about what is going on inside of our bodies and keeping it in tip-top shape.

Out of sight, out of mind - ever heard that one?


That saying should be flipped on its head - we should be saying - out of sight, front of mind!

We should be more worried about the things that don’t see than things that we see. This principle can be applied to so many other areas - I’ll save that for another day.

Let’s get into a little more detail.

At the most basic level there are only three possible pH scores.

  1. Acid - 0.1 to 6.9
  2. Neutral - 7
  3. Alkaline - 7.1 to 14

Interestingly, the ideal pH of my pool, my eyes and my body are identical - 7.3 (give or take a decimal point to two).

On a more granular level we have foods that are:

  • Highly Alkaline

  • Moderately Alkaline

  • Mildy Alkaline

  • Highly Acid

  • Moderately Acid

  • Mildy Acid

We only need to be slightly alkaline (7.3) - it is not difficult to achieve this.

You simply need to consume 70-80% alkaline foods and try to limit/balance acidic foods.

Follow it up by guzzling down 3-4 litres (105-140 ounces) of alkaline water per day and your body will soon be alkaline and loving you.

Alkaline Water


Did you read the list of benefits in the above image?

I have a homemade remedy for making my own alkaline water.


  • 1 pitcher (64 ounces - 1.9 litres) of filtered or spring (good quality) water
  • 1 organic lemon – washed and cut into eighths
  • 1.5 teaspoons of Himalayan Salt


  • Fill the pitcher with water
  • Add the lemon – DO NOT squeeze it! Just put it in the water
  • Add the Himalayan Salt
  • Cover the pitcher
  • Leave it on the kitchen bench - you can put it in the fridge but room (and warm) temperature water is much better for you
  • Go to bed - let it sit overnight - this is important - the lemons need to breakdown
  • Wake up - give it a good stir and drink a few glasses first thing in the morning and get your day off to a great start
  • Keep drinking it throughout the day

I usually make two pitchers, per adult each night before I go to bed - kids need less.

When I want a cup of tea (which is acid) - I pour some of the alkaline water into a saucepan, boil it on the stove and pour it into the cup with organic tea.

Once you’ve made it a few times it becomes a habit and it only takes a few minutes to make. You don’t need to buy expensive alkaline water - just make it yourself like I do.

If you want a quicker fix you can use pH drops or baking soda.


I grind Himalayan salt on to almost every food and liquid that I consume.

It makes the task of maintaining an alkaline pH so much easier.

Himalayan salt is highly alkaline, as it spinach, cucumber, kale, parsley, broccoli, sprouted greens, green drinks, grasses and kelp.

I still eat acidic foods - it’s all about balance and making your diet fit your lifestyle - specifically, it is very much about pH balance - get this right and you are well on your way to much better health and no candida (the silent killer).

An alkaline diet is centred around microbiology, plant based nutrition, sports science and longevity studies. It is a diet that is abundant in nutritionally dense foods that contain alkaline salts, green foods, whole grains, clean proteins and omega oils.

Bonus Tips

  • Ditch rice and replace it with finely chopped cauliflower or quinoa
  • Drink green alkaline smoothies
  • Eat organic
  • If you eat beef buy grass-finished (not grass-fed). There is a difference in Australia and I suspect elsewhere (do your local research)
  • If you eat fish buy it fresh and make sure it is not farmed - fresh from the ocean is best

I am going to share more tips with you in a future post - if you want me to?

I would also like to tell you about the importance of eating organic foods and the critical nutrients that are not found in organic foods and how to rectify it.

I would like to tell you what I know about BPA, probiotics, kombucha, kefir, detoxing, supplements (I take some unusual ones) and fasting.

I could write for days about the benefits of an alkaline diet but it is quicker if I point you to a website that I have used for many years (see link below).

Closing Thoughts


Your toilet is much cleaner than your gut.

Care for your gut and spend less time worrying about your toilet

Many studies have shown that it far less likely that cancer will grow in an alkaline environment

The on-set of many of other diseases and health issues can be eliminated - or at the very least delayed when your body is an alkaline state.

Candida, (a naturally occurring parasite - just like cancer cells) are kept under lock and key by an alkaline diet.

I believe that an alkaline diet is central to a healthy body.

I don’t beat myself up when I eat the occasional hamburger. I enjoy it. I know that my immune system is strong enough to kill the toxins that I am sending down the hatch and exposed to in my surrounding environment.

You can test your pH levels at home with a saliva or urine pH kit. You can buy them from your local drug store (pharmacy) or online. They are not 100% accurate accurate but they are pretty close. I recommend that you start off by using one of them and after a few months - get a blood test and request your pH results.

After seeing the results over a period of time I learned to understand my body and how changes in my diet affect it. I still do a home test 3-4 times a year. If I ever need a blood test for any reason whatsoever I always ask them to check my blood pH.

Here is the link to a pH food chart at Energise For Life. You can see where foods sit on the pH scale. This is a summarized version. I have a detailed chart on my fridge that I received when I bought some recipe books from Callum & Ross - the recipes are excellent. Very tasty, alkaline rich meals that all of the family will enjoy.

I hope that this post was a blessing to you and that you will live a very long, fulfilling and healthy life.

If you seek truth - please consider following me and help me to spread this important message.

Please consider supporting my channel and resteeming this post.

Please share what you do to keep yourself healthy in the comments below and let’s learn together.

Till next time…

Love, Peace & Truth

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great information! You toilet is cleaner than your Gut! great point. I am going to try this and see what happens!

Thanks and good health to you.

"Why are we more concerned about the health of our toilet, pool, bathroom, kitchen and garden than we are about our own body?"

Wowwwww such a good point, it truly hit home for me, why have I never thought of this before??????? AMAZING!!!

Thank you very much for the alkaline water recipe, our family will benefit so much from that @steemtruth. We have the veggies covered now that our gardens are going full force, so much kale, cucumber and swiss chard too. I suck at growing broccoli but we buy it every time we shop <3 <3 <3

Thank you for caring about people enough to share your knowledge.

I'm so pleased that you got something out if it @lyndsaybowes

I only thought of it recently, while I was pondering what is going on inside of our bodies while we are bombarded with far less important things. I had a little aha moment and I'm glad that you had one also.

I love veggies - I eat them every day. Hopefully one day I will sail into Hackett's Cove and try some of them. I can't promise but I intend to sail up that way one day and if I do I'll let you guys know.

You need to get on to steemchat. Just hit the button in the far right corner, register and let me know when you do.

Okay, sounds cool I will find this button and let you know! That would be wicked cool if you came here, I would love to have you meet our family, and we would have some very serious feasts...which may or may not involve hamburgers LOLOL!!

Haha, I can eat vegetarian (if that's what you mean)?

Sure, I have a bounty of veggies too :)

Here's some Parasite Cleansing Herbs- garlic, pumkin seeds, olive leaf, black walnut, marshmallow root, bentonite clay, pau d'arco, neem, activated charcoal, oregano oil, and coconut oil.

Thanks for sharing these with us @atp11. Some of them are new to me and that's great.

I make the lemon water but I also add to it apple cider vinegar which has many health benfits too. It gets rid of candida like fireworks and it also controls weight too. Also cloves and garlic are good to get rid parasites from the system. Thank you for your informative post

I drink apple cider vinegar as well but I not for a year or so. I have it in the house so I must start taking it again. Thanks you the reminder and for contributing to the discussion.

Excellent post. Yeah, keep on posting your tips here. ;-)

I will. Thank you for your support.

Great content. Thanks for sharing!

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Thank you for reading it @lulita

The human body must keep its pH within a very narrow range in order to survive and function. The 'normal' range is 7.35 - 7.45 as measured from arterial blood.

I learned a great way to balance your ph is through deep breathing, oxygen does many things for the body. :)

wow this is a very thorough and valuable post!
Awesome content, thanks for helping people improve their lives naturally and holistically!
What a gift!

We should be more worried about the things that don’t see than things that we see. This principle can be applied to so many other areas - I’ll save that for another day.


thanks for this vital info.
I already cut on sugars time ago, but never tried alkaline water.
I suffer from heartburn. hopefully it'll help.

It will help and I recommend eating 70-80% alkaline foods and the rest acid. Thank for commenting and good health to you @lavater

The crazy thing about this diet is that it will change your entire emotional spectrum as well. Studies recently showed that your bacterial flora in your GI impacts your mood greatly!

I'm not surprised by that - thanks for sharing Andrew. I'd love to read an article on that - maybe you want to write it? Let me know if you do please.

Thank you @lecrazycanuckeh

loved ur article steemtruth , parasites are a big issue totally get it, checkout mine you might like it

Well I didn't know but it makes sense. Thanks for sharing.

Excellent article! I have only read this, the 4th part, but it is right on.
I have had candida so bad it went systemic and knocked me down hard. Thanks for the great information.

It's great to hear from a person with firsthand experience @bilbop. Not great for you of course. Hopefully you have got it under control now and are feeling much better!

Thank you for exposing this scourge. It's stealth, until it takes over your body. Then literally, a fight for your life. Keep telling the story @steemtruth.

Thank you for the encouragement @bilbop

Thanks for the info, I guess I'll have to wait for the next posts rather than ask what other remedies there are ;)

Thanks for reading it @krnel - appreciate it - you will have to wait but I must ask - are you allergic to lemons? ;)))

Nah ;) I've drank squeezed lemon into water. What's the reason for not squeezing it? The rind and fiber has a reason to be in water?

Yeah, there is goodness in the rind but in saying that I use organic lemons and wash them carefully and scrub them to get any chemicals off. There are organic herbicides that some growers will use.

I can't see the harm in giving them a little squeeze and throwing the rind in afterwards. I used to do that but then I read somewhere not to. I'm not sure that it makes a lot of difference now that I think about it.

Im thinking of eliminating meat out of my life... I'm scared lol

You may consider looking for recipes for meat substitutes (nut/bean based dishes) to help you transition away from meat. I stopped eating meat in 1999, and never went back.

IMHO meat is good, in the right balance. You don't need to stop eating meat to be alkaline even though beef and chicken is highly acidic.Just load up on more alkaline and enjoy both.

That's what I do but I understand and respect that it is a personal decision.

While reading your post my goes in imaginary world and there i m on diet and following your life tips but in actual i am not hope i will follow your life tips in real life because these are the need of time :) thanks for this post :)

Thanks for the great information! I'm surprised that alkaline water is not something more well-known based on all of these health benefits. Definitely something that I will be looking into.

Your welcome and I'm so pleased that you are going to look into it.

sefnote to myself: less sugar

very good :))

Thanks for sharing this, i mean i wanna try it!

Love this series. If parasites get really bad - get on the Rife's amazing how so few know about these.

Thanks @waykiwayki. You mentioned the Rife Machine last time. I've started looking into them since then. I lean towards natural options but I understand that not all people are the same. Do you have one?

Scary parasite... Good info, thanks!

wow !
Eye opening article,
I will start Alkaline drink in my home.

Pl do not forget to upvote, I will and follow

whooopppp.. thats horrible...

Follow back me :)

I tried spicy Kimchi to get rid of them ^^

Being very interested in this topic, I'm concerned with the wording in the article where it it talks about Candida as a parasite. I've been reading a book "The Cure for ALL Cancers" by Hulda Clark, Phd. She describes the role of chemicals such as Isopropal alchohol to disable the liver's defense against the Fluke parasite. The book doesn't refer to Candida as a parasite. So I think it's not a good idea to describe Candida as a killer parasite. It can be a killer, but I think it's classification needs to be reworked. Otherwise Excellent demonstration of health interest and discemination of ways to help cure people through PH adjustment.

Let me interject here that ozone therapy is a unique way to bring the body's PH to neutral. It won't make you too alkaline. Subscribe to my feed because I'll be talking more about Ozone Therapy, my personal experiences treating friends.

Omg how does this happened?

Regarding Candida, not that I'm a doctor, but you can research Lufenuron.

Not the veterinary kind, pure Lufenuron.

I'm about two weeks into a Candida elimination diet - yeast-free, gluten-free, alcohol-free and sugar-free. Wow, what a difference. I feel like I've been thinking as clearly as I ever have. I still have cravings for things like pizza, but understanding that the Candida is what drives those is very helpful. It's a serious battle right now and the time has come to remain vigilant and healthy! I do hope to have fruit again someday soon though!

I am happy that this information is out there - the alkaline diet maybe crossed my radar in the past, but now I am ready to really do the things to fine tune my body and experience best health. I will make a batch of that water tomorrow!

Do you or does anybody have experience ingesting food grade diatomaceous earth in the fight against Candida?

Thanks again!

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