The Harmful Parasite Living Inside of 250 Million Americans TODAY - Part 3

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85-90% of Americans have a very harmful parasite living inside of them. How did it get there? Who put it there? Why is it there?


Part 1 began in the year 1900 as I exposed men like Donald Rumsfeld and Dr Ancel Keys - and the key roles that they played in the Great Sugar Conspiracy. We learned that sugar is more harmful and addictive than cocaine and that scientists knew this as early 1808.

If you haven’t read Part 1, please read it.

In Part 2 we discussed the Sugar Tax that is on its way to a city near you. Science knew that sugar was harmful and addictive way back n 1808. After addicting us to sugar for the last 200 years they will soon tax us for consuming the addictive drug that they addicted us to hundreds of years ago.

In Part 3 (this post) - I want to tell with you what this parasite is. I want to name it and shame it. Some of you have been waiting 6 months for Part 3 (I apologize), let’s get into it.


So, what is the end-result of all the sugar that we consume? What are these unnatural things, and what do they do to our bodies after we choose to consume them?

Why are more people getting sick than ever before?

Why are more people suffering from obesity than ever before and why is cancer predicted to soar by 50% by the year 2020?

The answer may frighten you - as it did me.

Doctors are already saying that it could be the biggest health hazard to hit the world since cigarettes, polio, HIV or hepatitis.

In our lifetimes, this one parasite will affect more Americans than all four of these combined.

In 2005, Molecular Biologists at Rice University estimated that it was already affecting 70% of the American population.

What Is It?


It is the consequence of the unnatural elements that we’ve been exposed to and the deep dark secret that the food conglomerates hide from us - as we speak, they are spending millions of dollars in an attempt to sweep this parasite under the carpet and away from the collective conscience.

They have some help from the killer itself - this disease takes over your body from the inside. Most people never even know that it is there - until it’s too late.

It Is Candida - Otherwise Known as - The Parasite!


Candida is a type of fungi, a single-celled member of the yeast family.

Where did it come from? Was it carried over on a boat from Africa or did it come from livestock?

Actually, no - Candida is a natural resident of your digestive tract along with 25 trillion other bacteria (yes, trillions). Some good and some bad. So long as the balance stays in order - which scientists say now is 80% good bacteria to 20% bad. The old 80/20 rule.

Your digestive and immune systems will continue to function normally (or so it seems).

But here’s where the problem starts, Candida is a member of the yeast family and do you know what yeast likes to eat? You guessed it - refined sugars, artificial sweeteners and preservatives. All the things that we have slowly and consistently been added to our food supply over the last 50+ years.

Maybe you did the experiment back in science class where you put yeast on a petri dish and fed it sugar to get it to grow. That’s what’s happening in your stomach right now.

When you feed the Candida, it starts to breed faster and faster and faster.

Soon, it has out-numbered the good bacteria in your stomach. Then, it makes its way into your upper and lower intestine and throughout your entire gastro-intestinal (GI) tract.

Before long, it begins to expand into other parts of your body - resulting in serious medical problems that can cripple your ability to enjoy a happy life.

Fatigue, weight gain, sleeplessness, bloating and gas, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, skin problems, fungal infections - these are just the start of the havoc that Candida can wreak on your body.

If you are suffering from any one of these symptoms - it is very likely that this parasite (candida) is to blame.



When you take antibiotics, Candida growth accelerates even faster as antibiotics kills off many of the good bacteria that would otherwise keep it in check.

80% of all Americans suffer from some degree of Candida overgrowth.

Dr David Perlmutter, a personal advisor to Dr. Oz, recently stated:

Those of us who deal with this health condition in a clinical setting, are witnessing what now seems almost epidemic.

The reason Candida is so dangerous is because it directly affects your digestive system, which is the largest internal organ in your body. It’s also the home of your immune system.

When your digestive tract is weakened, so is your ability to combat sickness and disease. You are now vulnerable. Your immune system is your key to longevity and good health. Left untreated, Candida will affect every area of your body and life.

Following is a list of common Candida symptoms composed by Dr. Mark Hyman, a recognized Candida authority and best-selling author of the Blood Sugar Solution.

General symptoms include:

• Chronic fatigue
• Loss of energy
• General malaise
• Decreased libido
• Sensitivity to foods, chemicals or other allergens
• Eczema
• Psoriasis
• Irritable bowel syndrome
• Toenail fungus
• Gastro-intestinal symptoms including thrush, bloating, gas, intestinal cramps, rectal itching, altered bowl function such as diarrhoea and constipation
• Yeast infections
• Frequent bladder infections
• Irritable bladder
• Hormonal complaints including menstrual irregularities such as pain or bleeding
• Pre-menstrual syndrome
• Thyroid dysfunction
• Nervous system complaints including depression, irritability, inability to concentrate
• Immune system complaints include allergies, chemical sensitivities, low immune function

If your past history includes chronic yeast infections, chronic antibiotic use for infection or acne, oral birth control pills or oral steroid hormones - your chances of having Candida overgrowth significantly increases.


One of the scariest things about Candida, is the way that it begins to reprogram you to crave more of the foods that it wants. It hijacks your taste buds, brain chemistry and hormones so as to make you desire foods that make it grow faster and mess you up even more (classic addiction).

Breads, sugars, refined carbs, sodas, fried foods, carb heavy foods like pizza and pasta, and of course, desserts and sweets. Do you often find yourself craving these things?

If so, it’s probably not because you’re a naturally unhealthy eater. It is because the bad bacteria has already taken over your body.

It’s like, they’re down there in your stomach yelling Feed Me as they force you to crave foods that worsen your condition, make you gain weight and make it literally painful for you to go on a diet that doesn’t include them.

Candida has also been linked to many studies showing that it could be the number one cause of obesity.

As Dr’s Carolyn Dean and William G Crook wrote in their 2005 book: The Yeast Connection and Women’s Health:

Most women don’t have even an inkling that their symptoms could be caused by yeast overgrowth in their bodies. The number of women suffering in silence, not even knowing what is really wrong and blaming themselves for failing is, I believe, literally numbered in the millions. Millions of women who can’t lose weight and have no idea why!

Closing Thoughts


Sugar is covertly killing us.

Many studies have shown that cancer cannot survive in a non-sugar environment.

You will soon be paying sugar taxes to the Gov’t that addicted you to your sugar!

Sugar is often hidden in processed foods and preservatives and given fancy names on the label that are designed to disguise it from you.

Scientists have known that sugar is more addictive than cocaine since at least 1808 (over 200 years ago) - see Part 1.

Everyone should know that most cancer research is largely a fraud, and that the major cancer research organisations are derelict in their duties to the people who support them - Linus Pauling, Ph.D, two-time Nobel Prize winner and one of the founders of quantum chemistry and molecular biology.

Linus Pauling was invited to lead the chemistry division of the Manhattan Project but he refused on ethical grounds.

Science is primarily funded by Gov’t and corporations - the men that fund the research control the scientific outcomes.

You won’t hear about Candida in the mainstream media.

Fortunately, we have Steemit.

If you seek truth - please consider following me and help me to spread it.

Please consider supporting my channel and resteeming this post.

In Part 4 (my final post in this series) I will share with you what I personally do to kill, and keep this naturally occurring parasite at bay.

Till next time…

Love, Peace & Truth

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thats scary!
thanks for the info

My pleasure.

It is scary - but it is also truth. Part 1 is the key for now. Part 4 will be more important as I will share remedies.

Really glad to see this article here on Steemit.

Parasites are a very real issue, and it's not a case of who has them, it's a case of to what degree. Morgellons is also real and the pharma industry don't want to know, and they deny it exists! The keys good people are to cleanse once a month or so (new moon is best) - and to use a Rife Machine. So many people are addicted to wheat flour and sugar - because the parasites feed on them - and most think this is crazy talk. Hey ho. Peace, ww.

I totally agree with you. I use MFT (morphogenic field technique) to test people for parasites and find them in about 80% of clients. I find that Energectix also makes a great homeopathic remedy called Para-chord that can eliminate many of them. Also this remedy works well for children as it comes in liquid drops with mild pleasant taste that can be easily diluted in water. (I have to connection to Energitix other than that I use this parasite remedy often and find it effective). Great post!

It's unfortunate we are given the illusion of choice as well. Everywhere we turn we are being inundated woth propaganda and behavior control tactics.

Totally agree amigo.

@waykiwayki - can you write a few blog posts about these topics and let me know when you do? I will support it (and so will others) so long as it is accurate, valuable and credible. That's how Steem works.

When you say cleanse - I assume that you mean fasting (as a minimum).I have never heard of a Rife Machine before today, tell me more. Blogging about it could be good.

Please share what you know with us, for the greater collective.

Thank you for adding value and commenting. It is very much appreciated.

Hi - thanks so much for the reply. I am going to wait a little before I post about what I really know - I am new and my rep is low - and I have it on good authority I will have my rep pushed down if I start posting against the status quo. But.....I will know when the time is right, and sooner rather than later I will take my foot off the clutch. You will be first to know, and you totally have my support :-)

I am new and my rep is low - and I have it on good authority I will have my rep pushed down if I start posting against the status quo.

I get it. From my personal experience - don't dive all in. Take your time, make some friends, enjoy it and find your home in the eco-system.

Keep me updated. I'm genuinely interested.

Very good info. Thanks.

Great post, and thanks for helping to make this important subject more front and center.

This all ties into the UN Agenda 21 plan (more commonly known as Agenda 2030) of massive population reduction, a program which was officially adopted by the US decades ago, starting with Kissingers National Security Study Memorandum 200. The plan was to use hard eugenics on the poorer countries (blatant and fast), while using soft eugenics on the more developed countries (subtle and slow).

Kissinger's 1974 National Security Study Memorandum 200 (Declassified Aug 3, 1989) - Official US/UN Depopulation Eugenics Programs
The World Population Plan of Action is not self-enforcing and will require vigorous efforts by interested countries, U.N. agencies and other international bodies to make it effective. U.S. leadership is essential.

For more information check out the documentary Esoteric Agenda which can be found at the link below, which goes over Agenda 21, Aspartame, GMO foods and more.

United Nations Agenda 21 & Sustainable Development - Esoteric Agenda
The sustainable goal is the elimination of the middle class. The world cannot support 6+ billion people. The plan behind Sustainable Development includes population control. It is a program for land control, education control and population control. The leaders of the Sustainable Movement said that the world human population should not exceed 500 million people. That is a 93% reduction in today's population.

Anyways, keep up the good fight!

Thank you for sharing and spreading truth. I will watch your suggested video tonight. Keep on trucking @budz82 - your information is typically first-class.

good job one of the best articles on steemit

Thanks mate - you are too kind. It is very much appreciated.

I believe you 100%!! Thank you for pointing this out. Cutting ourselves free of sugar, or limiting it as much as possible is a huge key to being healthy again. So many people will just buy more drugs, to bandaid over the symptoms of the true problem. There's a cream for that. There's a pill for that. And so on and so on. Whereas all we really have to do, is change our eating habits. Thanks for this post @steemtruth. Truth ON!

There's a cream for that. There's a pill for that. And so on and so on. Whereas all we really have to do, is change our eating habits.

Very wise words as usual @lyndsaybowes - the 10 year anniversary girl that has succeeded at practicing what she preaches. Genuine respect!

Read this post please folks - Today Is 10 Years of Sobriety For Me!

My oldest aunty is 81, incredibly healthy and she is not on one drug. Ironically, she met and married her husband in Montreal while she worked for Big Pharma - that is another story.

Have a great day Lyndsay!

Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

Of course, I love reading your writings! Thanks for believing in me, and celebrating my big anniversary.

My Gramma is 93 and still rocking out. She gets lots of fresh air, and eats very healthy. She hates big pharma, she like NEVER goes to the dr. (as she calls them 'crooks') AHHAHAHAHAAA Ooooooh how I love her. Her and I are the "oddballs" of our family. And I'm grateful to have her!!!!

Your Grandma is a smart lady and sounds like she'd be a hoot to hang around :) Doug Kaufman
There are some interesting similarities between cancer and chronic yeast, mold and fungal infections!!

Thanks for sharing this info @mayla

dont eat pork, get rid off soft drinks and dont eat meat that is full of hormones...

Scary and true... my mother is a Naturopath and always talks about the work of Dr. Perlmutter... nice read, thanks! Upvoted & followed!

I suspect that your mother is a very wise woman :)

Thank you for upvoting and following. I'm encouraged and touched.

What i think every one once to hear right now is how can we turn this around. What things can we do with the diet change to curb stomp this fungus?

That is probably the most important question @kensavage76. I will share what I do to combat and balance it in my next post. Please stick with me.

So here are a few thing that i have found to help turn your health to cleanse our system out and promote the growth of healthy bacteria. Here are two things I found to do just that.

This concoction will help to cleanse you body, give you energy because on the lemon. The apple cider vinegar helps ingestion, acid reflux, lower blood pressure, improve diabetes and support weight loss. So you will need raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar (get this in the all natural food section), lemons 6, and some raw honey.
First cut the 6 lemons and squeeze them into a pot. Add 8 cups of water and boil the lemon sections for 15min then let cool and put in container for later use.
So now that you have the lemon juice pore 1cut into glass, add 3 table spoon apple cider vinegar, and then honey to sweeten. Drink this once Daily in the morning.
Now we need to promote the growth of good bacteria by taking Probiotic supplements I started taking Probiotic 10. You want the Probiotic's with the highest count of living probiotic cultures. This will advance the growth of good bacteria, optimal digestion balance, and promote a healthier immune function. You can also drink Kombucha fermented tea or eat yogurt with out sugar added and do not ear the fat free yogurt.

I have been drinking the concoction or a weeks now and before I was dragging my ass in the morning, felt like a cloud was hanging over my head, but my energy level is so much higher now. Now I'm limited in the activities I can do because of a meniscus surgery I just had 3 weeks ago but my ass want to get out and do things my body cant cash right now.


Good video - thanks for sharing it.

tnx for your sharing

Can you please add links to the studies that you refer to?

I assume that you are asking about the health benefits that are associated with an alkaline body?

I wrote this article from memory. It's been years since I read and researched the studies into the topics that I covered in this post.

I'm not being dismissive. I've accumulated this knowledge over many years. There is plenty of supporting evidence and case studies online I'm sure - there used to be.

I've seen friends and family members cure themselves of terminal stage 4 cancer after doctors told them to go home and arrange their affairs - most of those that switched to an alkaline diet (amongst other things) survived. I've seen people that didn't make the switch die - every single time.

This is alternative medicine - it not profitable for Big Pharma to fund these types of studies. That does not mean that the studies that have been conducted are not valid - it just means that aren't as many of them as there is for drug X.

There is no money in it for Big Pharma so it ranks very low on their list of priorities.

If you read Part 1 of this series it will give you a pretty good insight into how medical studies and the regulatory system works.

Great article. Will have to cut my sugar intake and fast. I love my coffee. Keep steeming.

There are natural sweeteners you can use in coffee such as stevia or honey.

That's give me a bit awareness of my digestion but why was address specifically to only Americans ??? all human has digestive system even you'd say most but is still all human must aware of this, anyway thanks for the info. Scary!

Good feedback. I wrote Part 1 over 6 months ago before I took a break. I can't recall why I focused on America as it was so long ago. Like yourself, I think most people know that it is not just an American problem.

that's very scary
but that's why I recommend fasting.
Fasting puts the body in shock mode and after 2-3 days of fasting everything breaks down and the body starts to rejuvenate by creating new white blood cells and your immune system gets stronger.
Fasting can actually heal a lot of diseases too (some studies show that fasting helps cancer patients!

I agree with you, fasting is excellent. I will be discussing it and my diet in my next article.

Glad you posted this article. Meet people everyday wondering what factors are affecting their health. Bacteria 💓s SUGAR. Really interested in your posts, will follow and up vote!

Very interesting post ! Have you ever heard of Doug Kaufman of Know the Cause, he has a lot on this subject as well! I did his phase one diet and it changed my life! More people need to be made aware! Thanks @steemtruth!

No I haven't heard of Doug but I will look him up. Thanks for the tip.

I knew this was going to be about candida! :) great read. Still learned alot!!

This information compliments some things stated by Dr. Simoncini who wrote a book called, "Cancer is a Fungus." Thanks for sharing.

I haven't read that book but thank you for sharing it.

Great article. Thank you. It is a huge problem especially in the Western world. The crap that is legally allowed to be sold wouldn't even be fit for dogs (as Jamie Oliver said) and the very fact that a government allows a company to poison people with such crap should make everyone wonder about their integrity. Yet, most just put it off as conspiracy theories, while it is right in our faces every day. I'm the crazy one if I laugh when others quote the CDC or FDA as a source...

the very fact that a government allows a company to poison people with such crap should make everyone wonder about their integrity.

Exactly, in Part 1 I think that I clearly showed that the poisoning of our foods is a very real conspiracy.

Thank you for commenting and keep laughing - you know that you are right!

I eat lemons and tons of salt and I don't take antibiotics pretty much at all/

Lemons are very good for you. I use Himalayan salt.

OMFG I love that pink awesomeness :D !!!

I love Himalayan salt, although one has to be careful to find the real deal.

Will probiotics help ?
What foods or medicines can kill it?

Probiotics do help but depending on your starting point they may not enough. I'm going to explain this in a future post.

Thank you for commenting - please follow me as I will share what I know with you.

You can do the 'spit test' to gauge your candida load. A good first step that can be a little more gentle-yet-effective and help avoid a severe herxeimer reaction or cytokein storm from die-off is food grade diatomaceous earth 1/2 tsp once a day mixed in water to start, may be able to up dosage to 1 tsp twice daily after a time, must ensure regular BM, if you start feeling unwell take a break until you feel better, after some time you could add in some other treatments. The DE also works as an adsorptive so can be a little more gentle than treatments that just kill off but won't help rid the body of the free radicals left behind. Sometimes DE can make you more energetic, take in the morning instead of before bed. God Bless.

Very Insightful
Hope you had a great day!
___ Thanks for sharing mate :)
followed mate :)

Thank you mate - I appreciate it very much!

Great info! We really need to stop living shortcut Lives(eating processed foods)..... This parasite eeh,..

It is so true how sugar is a major problem and making many unhealthy. It is hidden in many things that people don't realize like pasta sauce for instance.

Bro, it all makes sense. How do we fight back?

By not participating. Stop buying and consuming processed "frankenfood." Find and support your local organic farmer.

I will tell you how I fight back in my next post @steemblake. I will be talking about natural/dietary methods. If you are interested in other methods I will cover them i due course.

This post made me sit up and take notice - we really need to go back to a neolithic diet - very hard to do in modern western society. Really interesting - thanks @steemtruth

Your thumbnail is a picture of a worm, then you discuss yeast. ... ...

Nice post, nascent iodine is one option to look into for detox and then change your diet. We are what we eat, the cravings are from the parasites and not from us, scary stuff.

Excellent, informative, interesting. I appreciate the focus on one of the greatest problems in the U.S., the SAD (Standard American Diet) which contains so much of this poison.



Thanks @creatr - I appreciate you too :)

good article, but I think the pic of the parasitic worm is a little misleading when you are actually talking about girlfriend got a parasitic worm, rat lungworm, its such a crazy story I should probably write about it.

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For sure I have this...

A lot of people do. But there are ways to get rid of it...or any parasite

Scary stuff. Something I need to look into in my own life as I eat too much sugary crap.

Now that is really unbelievable!

Its grateful to see something important to health but hard to know from public media.

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