226,306 Total Team Reps (+4,070 added) - Steemit Daily 100+ Rep Fitness Challenge - Day # 96 - 3/12/18

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Daily Update: 14 Steemians for 4,070 reps today (226,306 overall by 32 people from 9 countries in 95 days).

The Challenge:

At least 100 honest reps of exercise every day. No excuses. No bullsh*t. Just actions, positivity, and results. Only post AFTER your reps are done. Always support each other.

  • You choose what types of exercise reps to do.
  • 30 minutes of fitness walking, running, spinning, biking, cross-country skiing, etc., can count as 100 reps if you need to rest or can't use weights.
  • I'll award 1 SBD for every 10,000 rep milestone you hit. (10 SBD paid)
  • I run the numbers daily which is sometimes harder than my reps.


  • Weights not required.
  • Do real reps with good form, aiming for 100+.
  • Start your reply with "Challenge Completed".
  • Reply with a list of the exercises and reps you did.
  • Cumulative tallies are appreciated as a separate line.
  • Only submit reps you've done, not ones you're planning to do.
  • Use the tag "fitnesschallenge" on associated posts.
  • Upvoting or resteeming is appreciated to reach more.


  • Stretch before and after exercise.
  • Breathe properly on each rep.
  • Quality over quantity.
  • Eat a healthy snack after and stay hydrated.
  • Start with exercises you enjoy to build up for harder ones.
  • Take before pictures to appreciate results over time.
  • Feel good about your accomplishments.

My Daily Challenge Completed - 100 reps:

-25 Bar Shrugs (75 pounds)
-25 Bicep Bar Curls (75 pounds)
-25 Back Bar Rows (75 pounds)
-25 Bar Squats (75 pounds)
-Also a 45 minute walk - not counted
-Also 50 arm circles holding a 10 lb plate (25 per arm for baseball shoulder prep) - not counted

My Daily Assessment:

I made a sacrifice of 3 eggs to the Steemit Gods to try to get some more exposure and rewards for everyone.

See All Of My Progress Pics After 93 Straight Days & 11,212 Reps

Original Intro Post With My Motivation

@rmsbodybuilding and @steemmatt with attendance of 95/95 days.

Daily Rep Count:
720 - @thevillan
664 - @rmsbodybuilding
405 - @notorious562
390 - @mightpossibly
388 - @kbarrett
310 - @mgood (mind & body)
292 - @fitspace
176 - @cygon
145 - @khufu
144 - @gruber.muc
136 - @belemo
100 - @lordcarlo297
100 - @steemmatt
100 - @aussieninja

Feedback from @mightpossibly:

"I find it deeply satisfying to do these reps, which is a big deal. I've always hated the gym and prefer to exercise at home. But I've lacked the discipline to do it. It sort of feels like I have gym buddies now, without the hassle of going to the gym."

Feedback from @notorious562:

"I seriously cannot explain how much this group pushes and motivate me to keep working harder. I love this fitness community and the support and encouragement will help us achieve our goals."

Feedback from @khufu:

"Your challenge has helped immensely to keep me motivated lately. I've had a lot of... problems going on so your challenge has been a quantum of sanity in an insane world for me."

Please support our hard work and dedication and ask any questions in the comments below.

Please also resteem this new format/replace in your post links if you don't mind to try to get a fresh start on spreading the word on our challenge.


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Challenge Completed for Monday:

219 reps:

  • 15 minutes hill sprints + 15 cross trainer = 100 reps
  • 16 pull ups + 28 jump squats + 75 sit ups = 119 reps

This was hard to even imagine. Must've been even harder to do, but that's what makes you successful at parkour.

Thanks man... honestly, those hill sprints nearly make me want to throw up every time.

Daily Challenge Completed - 310 reps
200 reps - Walking 30 minutes X 2; includes down and up elevation of 300 ft
5 reps - yoga asanas - 5 min X 2
5 reps - pranayama (yogic breathing exercises) 5 min X 2

100 reps = 1+ hours X 2 Transcendental Meditation and advanced TM-Sidhi (morning and evening)
(All reps from yesterday and night)

Like clockwork!

Challenge Completed!

Bench Press - 10x135, 5x175, 5x195, 4x225 - Second fail in a row =(
Close grip cable row - 10x130, 2x10x150
HS Ab Machine - 15x90, 2x15x100
Sidebends - 3x24x45
Cable cross - 3x10x140
EZ Bar Curls - 3x11x85
Tricep Pushdown - 3x10x80
Lateral raise - 3x10x22.5
Rear Delt Machine Fly - 3x9x90
Pullup - 3x6

Total - 339

Definitely deloading next week, I can feel the overtrain.

Just keep pushing on that bench press. i remember the 1st time i hit 225! It took any days and consistently lifting on the bench to get there. You can do it!!!

You're not failing at anything when you're putting in a big day like this. Turn that frown upside...

Challenge completed - 260 reps:

  • 50x2 shoulder raise (aka arm flaps TM) -- no weight (100)
  • 50x2 overhead press -- no weight (100)
  • 15x4 knee-pullups (60)

Let us know if you get any lift off the ground and then I'll try it!

Haha right. Will do. But seriously, a hundred of each of those are quite heavy -- I feel it well today. All my shoulder muscles (the tiny ones too) feels stimulated.

I've been told that this is good approach (and more effective than using weights) to shoulder exercise, before the shoulder muscles are developed properly (mine aren't). Before I start doing shoulder exercise WITH weights, I'll be doing these for a while in between my main workouts, and focus on core exercise in the main workouts instead.

Good point. I kind of did the same thing with weights in my general lifting motions, until I felt built up enough to start working on my throwing muscles.

Daily Challenge Complete - 299 reps ( knooooooow... I only needed 1 more!)

Workin' them wheels
Back Squats - 4x10
Lunges - 4x10
Leg Press - 4x10
Single Leg Step Ups - 4x10
Leg Extensions - 4x12; 1x25 (go to failure, strip weight, repeat)
Hammy Curls - 4x12; 1x18 (go to failure, strip weight, repeat)

Leg day!!!!! I need to do this more often :/

If you were at 99 reps, I wouldn't have let it slide, but 299>300 is understandable (sort of). Ha.

hahaha I was soooo close. If I knew how close I was to hitting 300, I probably would have squeezed out more reps on the Leg Extensions or Hamstring Curls... which I suppose means I didn't actually reach failure lol.

Heck yeah, Leg Day is my favorite! Get it!

I've been doing more running to workout my legs. I still have chicken legs! LOL

Daily Challenge completed - 188 reps

Metcon - 20 Minutes KB Swing 32 kg

Challenge Completed!!! (220 Reps)
Am I the only one that this time change is really beating up??? LOLOL Days are Flying by!!
Got in some cardio and a quick ab workout in the midst of the chaos that is my life!! I hope that everyone is having a great day!!

Tuesday Morning
60 push ups
50 squats
Total: 110reps

Always consistent!!!

Challenge Completed - 580 reps

Back to my 3 day cycle now, though on the fourth day I will be having a cardio only day :D

Daily Challenge Completed - 100 reps:
-25 Bar Shrugs (75 pounds)
-25 Bicep Bar Curls (75 pounds)
-25 Back Bar Rows (75 pounds)
-25 Bar Squats (75 pounds)

-Also a 45 minute walk - not counted
-Also 50 arm circles holding a 10 lb plate (25 per arm for baseball shoulder prep) - not counted

I know you like to praise others, but i think you need to be praised and should be given 100 reps for you walk. Just my opinion! Oh snap weighted arm circles should be counted. In my book you hit 250 reps!

Thanks. I don't know why I undercount stuff, but I'll try to maybe do a 1/2 rep for such arm circles since I'm going to be doing them quite a bit for a few weeks. Baby steps.

Yea well i think if you count everything it'll motivate others to keep pushing themselves to higher levels. Just my opinion bro. Either way you are doing a great job with this challenge.

Challenge Completed - 137 reps

neutral grip pullups: 10, 10, 10 -> 30 reps
chinups: 10, 10, 10 -> 30 reps
tandem grip pullups: 7, 7, 7, 7 -> 28 reps
narrow grip chinups: 8, 6, 5 -> 19 reps

lunges: each side - 10, 10, 10 -> 30 reps

I hadn't actually checked out your profile. Had seen a few others post about this but I never noticed it was you running the challenge!

I just quit smoking cigs in january and have been wanting to start exercising as a smoking replacement. It's been hard to get motivated. I need to join this.

Great job quitting the cigarettes! That's truly an achievement in itself. And do join us, don't hesitate. Looking forward to see your first entry.

Before this, I never worked out regularly in my entire life. It's now been almost four months.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Really that's cool! I haven't really ever worked out regularly either...I did some much needed stretching followed by 25 reps today but then I got caught up fixing my car (it's been broken for a whole year). Now I have to work. I will try! Stretching felt great too. Hadn't done that in a while.

Daily Challenge Completed 244 reps

3/12 was an hour of hot vinyasa yoga! That may not count for reps but it felt amazingly!!!
3/13 was with a trainer so a little different than my previous workouts but hit 144 reps!Screenshot_20180313-190930.jpg

That's pretty good for thrusters!

Daily Challenge Complete- Tuesday 3.13.18

Today's workout:
Push Ups-60
Ab twist-150
Bicep curls-80
Calf raises-100

Total Reps: 390

Are you doing 75 ab twists to the left and 75 to the right? Holding any weight for these or still building up for that?

I am doing a full range ab twist from left to right with a 20 LB dumbbell.

Daily challenge completed- 145 reps

15 cal row - 15 squats
10 cal row - 10 squats
5 cal row - 5 squats

Every minute on the minute for 10 minutes:
1 front squat, 3 second pause in the bottom position

5 rounds of 3 minutes:
Row 300m
15 wall ball shots
Rest the remaining portion of the interval
Score is the slowest round

Medium weight strength work first, followed by some interval work. Quick sprints around 1m30s with 1:1 work rest. It got pretty spicy in the last rounds.

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