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Global assault on mankind

in health •  last year

I have been telling people about the chemtrails since I learned of the damage six years ago.

To heal and cure yourself of these toxins, we can detox our system and stop eating the man-made, pre-packaged foods full of preservatives.

If you need assistance with what to do checkout my info:

I specialize in detoxification of the body, and healing to optimal health. the Ayurvedic Life Styl'ist

The reason I started cleansing my body was after I discovered the toxins were causing dis-ease and ail-ments creating death and distruction in my environment and mind.

As of today, I have been illness free and no doctor visits and NO pharma. drugs.

Thanks for the post @lastdaysoutlaw

Read my info, send me some upvotes and take care of YOUR body. Do some cleanses... Your liver will thank you!

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Thanks for the good advice. My personal shield from all poisons is cannabis oil, with a high percentage of THC. I've been using the holy plant all my life and I've never been seriously sick. Doctors have no benefit from me, nor do pharmacies.