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"I'm not a conspiracy theorist - I'm a conspiracy analyst." - Gore Vidal

People often ask me what I think when the 3rd World War will begin. I like to answer that if they haven't noticed it, it is ongoing for some time now. The 3rd World War will not be conducted with nuclear weapons, it's just a lie to keep you afraid. While on the other hand, people are not aware that they are already victims of this war.

What do I mean by that? When did you last check the statistics on increasing numbers of people with alzheimers, parkinsons, cancer or multiple sclerosis? The numbers are skyrockin'.

I remember somewhere in the year 2000, I noticed some changes in the sky. Otherwise I'm an airplane technician and was always curious about airplanes. So I sat one day on the terrace, rolling up a cigarette and looked the sky. I saw those unknown trails in the sky that stretched across the horizon. And they stood there for hours. As this began to happen more frequently, I decided to look at the internet, whether there was any explanation. Maybe some new fuel, maybe some weird meteorological conditions or something like that. After some time I came across the term Chemtrails for the first time. At first I thought it was stupid and impracticable, just another false conspiracy theory. As time passed, this phenomenon became even more frequent. I went again to look for an explanation on the Internet, because my knowledge of airplane exhaust had nothing to do with what I was looking at in the sky. I slowly accepted the fact that chemtrails are actually truthful. I was founding people on the internet who had been dealing with the subject for some time and studied their research.

Fronts of war

1. Chemtrails

If you are studying this topic, sooner or later you will come to the data on a very large increase in the amount of aluminum in the water. You'll say, so what, it came naturally in the water. But do not forget that aluminum as such in nature does not exist. Aluminum is produced by the production process, there is no aluminium to be found in the soil naturally. From where the aluminum comes in the water than?

One of the leading researchers of this phenomenon for the last 20 years is Cliff Carnicom. Check his work on the Carnicom Institute page.

Earth and water analyzes showed weird results, and so they found out what is in this chemtrails. Mostly, they found barium, nano aluminum, nano aluminum coated fiberglass, radioactive thorium, nickel, red blood cells, mold spores, yellow fungal mycotoxins, ethylene dibromides, etc.

Scientists have proven the association of aluminum in the brain with alzheimer's.

2. Morgellons

Related to chemtrails is a new disease called Morgellon disease. Symptoms that people suffer from this disease include: itching of the skin, burning sensations, feeling like there is something crawling under their skin.

In some cases, the affected are finding fibers that come out of the skin at the site where they have lesions. The individual with this problem may feel like they have skin mites, springtails or scabies that cause the skin sensation.

3. GMOs

The GMO is a new toy in the hands of our rulers from the shadows. Its first commercial use began in 1994, so we do not know the long-term effects of GMOs entering the body. Geneticist David Suzuki recently expressed his concern, saying that human beings are part of a massive genetic experiment over many years, as thousands of people continue to consume GMOs.

One study by French scientists has linked in a 2 year experiment the association between GMOs and cancer on mice . Around this research is still a harsh debate in scientific circles today.

The problem of GMOs is not just their impact on our health but also economic. Thousands of farmers in India commited suicide after they moved to GMO cultivation. The problem is that GMO crops give good yields only in the first years of planting, but later it starts to decline rapidly. On a soil where GMOs have grown, it's almost impossible to cultivate non-Gmo cultures. Thus, farmers in India, have failed completely.

4. Vaccines

There is a fierce debate about the use of vaccines. Adhesive advocates are keen on the effectiveness of the vaccine, while opponents point to thousands of examples of its harmfulness. I personally believe that aluminum and mercury have nothing to do in our body, so why injecting them? The amount of mercury in the vaccine exceeds every health organization's recommendation, but still nothing is changing about that. People are being scared by doctors and pharmacysts of various epidemics, pandemics, but the true data on the harm of the vaccinea are hidden. From personal experience I know a few examples where children after receiving the vaccine developed autism. The increase in autism in the last ten years is enormous, and no one states the reasons for this.

5. Food additives

I personally argue that there should be nothing in food other than food. But today's food industry is actually a disease factory. From the very names of their additives I get chills. Mono-Sodium Glutamate (MSG), Acesulfame-K, Butylated Hydroxyanisole, Propyl Gallate, Potassium Bromate, Nitrites and Nitrates ... These are things I would not even put into a car. With all these poisons, how do you think to stay healthy?

6. Depleted Uranium

Do you know that during the war in Iraq, so much depleted uranium ihas been released enough to kill slowly the entire Iraqi population? Unfortunately, in my neighborhood, I have large quantities of depleted uranium used by NATO forces during the bombing of Serbia. There is a large increase in malignant illness in the areas where uranium was most used. The good thing is that we should be waiting only for 4.5 billion years for this Uranium to disappear. Optimistic, isn't it?

These are some of the major factors of warfare in this 3rd World War. There are, of course, much more, enough to write a thick book, but I do not have time for that.

And now, what do you think how can we survive under such conditions? And for how long?

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I have been telling people about the chemtrails since I learned of the damage six years ago.

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Thanks for the post @lastdaysoutlaw

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Thanks for the good advice. My personal shield from all poisons is cannabis oil, with a high percentage of THC. I've been using the holy plant all my life and I've never been seriously sick. Doctors have no benefit from me, nor do pharmacies.