Lanita SupHerb Intro! For those seeking better health like me, I created our sustainable fitness life-style transition plan.

Greetings Steemians, I am the Ayurvedic Lifestyl'ist!

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You see, most people are dis-eased in some form or another, physically, mentally and spiritually. A large percentage of these people, (I use to be one), don't want to admit that they have a health issue, or possible mental situation that is causing them pain and suffering.

So, after my own rabbit hole rock-bottom tumble, I picked myself up, and I decided I needed to grab hold of the reigns and get my self under control. I pulled me out of the disillusioned mind-set, and committed myself to learning, studying and utilizing Ayurvedic teachings, in-order to assist others with the healing process. Thus, creating this Ayurvedic Lifestyl'ist mission.

These teachings have revealed to me, that I have the power to be self sustaining! And, if I got the power, from knowledge, which has allowed me to recognize my authentic wealth of life, then everyone is capable of this same power.

Currently, my pursuit is to eliminate as much pain and suffering, from my life as one possibly can. Why? I want to see me do it. I have already eliminated my PMS symptoms by using herbs. I have also gotten rid of the random headaches I used to get before I started this Ayurvedic life style. Plus, I have been illness-free for the past five years. No doctors or drugs.

Ayurveda is teaching me the basics, the science of healing. Imagine you are able to heal your ailments, and ease your pains. Imagine having the strength, stamina and will-power, to handle your daily affirs with conviction and brevity. Imagine you are in control of your life. You are taking responsibility for every action you make. You know exactly what you are doing all of the time, every movement has purpose. You matter!

I created Lanita SubHerb to be the sustainable fitness model which aids committed people with planning a lifestyle transition. This is a path way to optimal health, more wealth of life and the enjoyment of social gatherings for loving-group contact. I will be sharing anything, and everything related to such progress, with an emphasis on farming, body building, hospitality, law and Ayurveda.

A rose in wholeness, shines bright!

Much appreciation!


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Good post


Much appreciation for reading it. It took me all day!

Welcome to Steemit. I hope you enjoy your stay.


Yes, me too. Thank you Lopez.