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Although there has been media reports of an integrated Health Record for all Australians the Australian Government has done little to inform its citizens the the My Health Record will soon go live.

My Health Record will allow Medical service providers in Australia to access a comprehensive set of records regarding your health. The underlying principles / arguments are that it is private and better health care can be rendered to individuals as their record will follow them wherever they are in Australia.

How private will these records be for Australians? I would suggest that trawling information by less than ethical medical practitioners will occur - as happens with some registered tax agents. Who also knows to what use the Australian Government will put such records in the future, eg. denying services because you have not had a recommended injection or are taking some type of medication.

Better health care - as most of us would know although a lot of countries boast high standards in health care - their systems are rife with poorly trained, less than capable providers who make incorrect diagnoses, prescribe incorrectly and will happily and carelessly enter information (right or wrong) into your health records in their practice or hospital. Extend this to your digital health record which will be seen by you next medical provider and the problem grows. Your ability to change this record is limited or non-existent - unless you are a registered medical provider.

Australia has gone one step further - unlike most systems where you choose if you wish to participate - Australians must OPT-OUT online ( by 15 October 2018. At present if an Australian does not do so they will automatically get a My Health Record. A search of the site pages says little about choosing to OPT-OUT after the close of date or what happens if a child is born on or after 16 October 2018 - do the proud parents get a say on their joyous day or is the child simply signed up?

Australian citizens should consider this move by your Government very carefully.

Where I live I have opted not to participate in such a scheme.


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