Metabolic Workout: Kettlebell & Jiu Jitsu Conditioning

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Hey hey my Esteemed Steemers, hope you’re all doing good.

I want to try something a bit different today and show you my custom Kettlebell & Jiu Jitsu workout.

Now, I am by no means a professional athlete, so take this with a reserve. Also, I invite all of you more experienced grinders to criticise. I believe that this particular type of workout flow can be really effective, simply because it made me stronger and more durable (and also much better looking) and it did it fast.

This workout improves whole body strength, improves cardio, coordination and burns tonnes of fat.

Moreover, I am using exercises and workout techniques used by very clever, reliable and trusted athletes, as I will mention later.

Full body metabolic workouts

So, as you surely noticed from the post title, this workout is using kettlebell exercises with movements fitted for jiu jitsu conditioning.
• All of these exercises are performed one after the other with a 15-second pause, 1 minute straight.
• During this one minute, you will try to do as many reps as possible, while always maintaining good form to prevent injury.
• After completing all exercises, rest for 2 minutes.
• Do 3 full rounds

I will now list all of the exercises I chose to mix in this workout.

For those who are interested, I will explain the reason for the effectivity of metabolic full body workouts in one of my next posts.

1. Burpee Kickouts
2. Mountain Climbers
3. Kettlebell overhead sit-ups (Hollow hold when fail)
4. Jump Squats
5. Kettlebell Swing
6. Up and Downs
7. Kettlebell cleans
8. Hip Thrust Triangles
9. Alternating Plank
10. Bear Crawl

1. Burpee Kickouts
Do your regular burpee and when you find yourself down in a push up position, turn your hips and extend one of your legs up, maintaining balance on opposite hand.

Video example here at 2:26 -

2. Mountain Climbers
Excellent for your shoulders and core endurance, works the cardio.

3. Kettlebell overhead sit-ups

I am no yet able do to a full minute of these, so I combine it with a Hollow hold, holding it until the minute runs up. Hollow holds are nasty! Push it to da limits! Remember to stick your lower back to the floor, otherwise your form sucks!
Kettle SitUp.gif
Hollow Hold -

4. Jump Squats

Pretty straightforward. Don't forget to breathe in and out in a proper rhytm. Example in video here at 2:59 -

5. Kettlebell Swing

The legendary Swing ! I personally combine it with American Swing to get more variety.

6. Up and Downs

Try to do as quickly as possible, hold your hands ups to work the shoulders!

Example in video here at 3:58 -

7. Kettlebell Cleans - alternate hands

Great exercises targeting all kinds of muscles and movement patterns.

8. Hip Thurst Triangles

Example in video here at 3:19 -

9. Alternating Plank

Feel free to play a bit with this one. I like to do classic plank and move back and forth while in it and then alternate to side planks. While in side plank you can move your leg up, forward and backward and then restart into normal plank.

10. Bear Crawl
Great conditioning exercise that will challenge your limb coordination.
Example in video here at 3:33 -

Alright that is it ! Do 3 rounds of this and I promise you, you will feel like a savage ;)

*Additional info:
• Do not forget to warm up properly and stretch after workout to prevent injury a regenerate faster.
• Always know your limits, maintain good form throughout all of the exercises.
• Remember to get enough rest before you jump into another hard workout like this. Listen to your body.

Funk Roberts -
Onnit -
Metcon -
BarbellBombshell -
Kettlebell picture -


Man, is like we read each other's minds... I discovered the power of kettlebells a couple of months ago, and have been incorporating them as part of my S&C regime for the past month or so (although my routine is a bit different and adapted for BJJ).

This workout that you propose looks like a killer! It certainly must require crazy muscular endurance. I will have to try it ;-)

Haha !

Nice one, I love kettlebells ever since I did my first set of swings :D It is a killer indeed !

Give it a try and tell me how you like it ;) Thanks a lot for comment once again ! Good day to you Irime

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