SELENIUM: Why it Matters and Where We Get it

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As a trace mineral, selenium is usually part of our soil. Plants absorb it and we take it in by eating those plants. This should be the end of the story, nevertheless selenium deficiency is a common issue in modern society.

Why we can get deficient

The soil (especially in Europe) is nowadays depleted in its selenium content due to heavy metals, harmful fertiliser and other toxins in our environment that end up in the grounds. In addition, it binds to heavy metals in the soil and makes the absorption for plants very difficult.

On the other hand, this same characteristic can be very powerful when the selenium does find its way into our body. Our modern lifestyle allows several heavy metals into our system which we can get rid of with the right foods and certain lifestyle shifts. Check out our blog post Detox your System – A Beginner’s Guide to learn more about that.

Depleted soil = less selenium for the plants = less selenium for our body = high risk for nutritional depletion

How much selenium matters

What can such a depletion mean for our bodily functions? Selenium is an essential trace element for us – acts as an antioxidant, prevents cancer, supports thyroid functions, improves our neurological and emotional health, strengthens our immune system. If our intake doesn’t cover our needs for a certain time, we start to see weaknesses in those areas. Why don’t we start right away and make sure that our body is properly fuelled for our daily adventures.

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The delicious solution

To prevent a depletion as well as balancing your selenium levels you can turn to the delicious Brazil nuts. Only 1-2 nuts per day give you the content your body thrives on. The usual amount required is considered to be 55 micrograms per day, one nut has up to 90 micrograms depending on the size and quality. We would suggest to buy organic Brazil nuts from a trusted source for a higher nutritional value. This also reduces the risk of heavy metal intake due to contaminated soil.

Now, let’s get to the real question – how to enjoy it? To give our liver a proper rest over the day, we like to keep our fat intake to dinner time. Therefore, Johann snacks on his Brazil nuts as dessert after dinner and I prefer them sprinkled on my salad or blended up in my zucchini noodle sauce for extra creaminess.

Keep it balanced

Even with the good stuff in life, there can be a too much. Due to their high selenium content, overdoing it with Brazil nuts can lead to selenium poisoning. The safe daily amount would be considered as 400 micrograms and one nut depending on size and nutritional value can have up to 90 micrograms of selenium. Consequently, eating more than 4 Brazil nuts per day on a regular basis can have negative impacts on your health. So keep it balanced and enjoy their benefits consciously.

Enjoy the ride! Anais

With a healthy body, a balanced mind and a happy soul we can make our wildest dreams come true.
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thank you for sharing this invaluable information about Selenium. I am a big lover of Brazil nuts but only in moderation, I understand why now. - @trucklife-family

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