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RE: Are You Constantly Stressed? This Is How Chronic Stress Harms Your Health and Physique

in #health4 years ago

Yes, it’s such a vicious cycle. Stressing out, reaching for comfort foods to pacify your anxiety and gaining stubborn weight that is difficult to shed, feeling bad about the weight gain and stressing out about losing it. Especially in this day and age it is so important that everyone take care of themselves emotionally, spiritually and physically. I believe our gut health is the key to our overall health so it’s quite imperative that we are aware of what we are feeding, the good bacteria or the bad bacteria.

Great post @jasmink! I hope you’re not stressing yourself out too much with your studies. We are the most important person we should take care of. Dandays and I are wishing you a happy Halloween weekend from over here :)


"it’s quite imperative that we are aware of what we are feeding, the good bacteria or the bad bacteria" you put it so well, it basically summarizes it all! I'm naturally the kind of person who's stressing easily about everything, but I'm working on it. As I've started to pay a lot more attention to all the aspects of my health, I've noticed how my stress levels decrease, and it's feeling great! I've also started to encourage my friends to do the same. Every now and then, we all need a reminder of that health comes first. You surely don't have to give 100 % of yourself all the time, and if you do, you'll just end up very stressed and burning yourself out.

A few days ago I was wondering when will it be Halloween, this weekend or the next one. Apparently it's already here! For me it'll be a normal weekend, but I hope you'll have a great Halloween over there! Do you celebrate it somehow? :)

I definitely appreciate the reminders to self love more often for my own health. It’s tough to relax sometimes but is a must to maintain internal balance.

Halloween is actually on October 31st, which is on Wednesday I believe. However we celebrate our pumpkin carving and baking on the Sunday before. The kids will be out trick or treating on Wednesday night though. I’m actually trying to reconcile what we’ll be handing out this year. Since I wouldn’t give a child what I wouldn’t eat myself I’m debating between nuts or raisins (chocolate covered of course). 🤷🏼‍♀️ I’ll let you know what we decide. Haha

Exactly, relaxing can be so hard sometimes, yet, it's really important. Those little reminders to self love are vital for our health, at least I find them really helpful! :)

Chocolate covered raisins vs. nuts, that's a tough choice! However, both are delicious so you can't go wrong. I hope all the kids will appreciate them as much as we do!

p.s. Remember the veganized Belgian waffle 😋

Haha… veganize Belgian Waffle, got it. Haha

So I still don’t know what exatly to pass out. We don’t want to be the lame house that passes out raisins (this is my husband talking). He already said stickers were a no go too. Haha… maybe some old fashioned suckers would do 🤷🏼‍♀️

I'd totally be the lame house giving just "healthy" stuff for the kids, haha. But they are probably getting enough candy already, so why not? 🤷🏼‍♀️ Anyhow, let me know what you'll decide! :)

I know , me too but the hubby is too cool for that. I’m not sure what we’ll compromise on but will definitely share it. Today is pumpkin carving day so will share that too. I love carving pumpkins, it’s so meditative.

Today is the day, I'm excited to see your carved pumpkins and to know what you'll hand out! :)

Haha… we still haven’t gotten the treats yet. Apparently we really like the suspense ourselves :). Do you guys celebrate Halloween in Finland? Dressing up or anything? If you do you should enter my costume contest. It closes at midnight(ish) California time, but I’m pretty relaxed with the rules 😉.

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