Make Healthy Learners Through Gymnastics, Fun, and Happy Gym [SCOUT EDUCATION FOR STEEMIT EDUCATION PART # 3] (BILINGUAL)

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Scout education is one of the activities in the effort to develop scout movement education in Indonesia. Scout movement is a youth movement that is organized, guided, and organized according to education in scouting. Scout Movement in Indonesia aims to educate the generation of young people to grow and work for the nation by doing various activities, reforestation and exploration. Usually scout movements often do activities involving members in the open as well as the implementation of this scout education. Each learner who follows the scout education activities is always in active motion so that in this case scout education activities can also be said also as part of the sport. The activities and activities that we carry out in the scout of education are carried out without any pressure in any form so that the event we are doing is very appreciative of the participants involved.

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One of the sport activities that we carry out in scout education is scout gymnastics. Scout gymnastics is basically part of scout activities in addition to other activities such as explorations, games and obstacles. Scout gymnastics is also a form of activity in developing fitness and health movement in scout education event through gymnastic movement which is implemented in accordance with the vision and mission of scout activities in general. Boy Scout Gymnastics is basically implemented without other accessories such as music, sticks, pats or yells. However, jiia uses music, sticks, and applause as we do on scout education event, gymnastics will become more fun, fun and fun to do.

Due to scout gymnastics is also part of scouting in scout education, then this gymnastics is not only as activity that function as health and physical fitness, but in its implementation in scout education also to train cohesiveness, power, spirit, leadership, creativity and learners knowledge. Implementation of gymnastics on scout education accompanied by music, because the music has a soul to boost human spirit so that the existence of music in gymnastics this time can help the students scout education to enjoy the movements in gymnastics in accordance with the existing rhythm. In addition, if the dalak implementation of gymnastics also uses a stick then this will foster creativity in the form of movement with a variety of combinations. Actually, this gymnastics is also not much different from the gymnastics performed in general. Each movement consists of various movements, ranging from the movement of the neck, hands, head, until the movement of the feet with the rhythms of the easy, fun, cool, and interesting to do. Use 1 to 8 counts in every rhythm and movement. In addition to that, gymnastics that we carry out every morning and afternoon in the scout education has elements of flexibility, balance, strength, and cohesiveness among learners in the event.

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The purpose of gymnastics implementation in the scout education event is to achieve some of the following important things:

Train Compactness Learners

In the exercise of gymnastics, we divide pesute learners into several teams / groups. Each team has an attachment between group members while doing gymnastics. This indirectly, will have an impact to train the liveliness, seriousness, harmony, responsibility and team cohesiveness.

Healthy Activities

Gymnastics is one activity that is quite fun because the combination in every movement is done with agile, rhythmic, and creative. So at the time of this gymnastics the students in the scout education does not feel lazy, bored, and saturated with scouting activity itself.

Maintain Health and Body fitness

Scouting gymnastics has a gymnastic movement formed with various combinations of fitness stretching, packing, execution, to packaging. Thus, gymnastics on scout education is a part of sporting activities. Examples are the motion of the road, the road in place, back and forth, and so forth.

As Activities To Train Motor Skills

Another goal of exercising at scout education is to train students' motor skills that include a variety of motion capturing, throwing, jumping, rolling, walking, and so on. Basically gymnastics on scout education is as a fun sport, cool, and fun, then the movement in gymnastics is arranged with the rhythm of music whose purpose is to be able to train the strength, speed, passion of motion, and the concentration of learners against every form of movement dilakuakan on the implementation of gymnastics in the event scout education.

Fitness and Body Health

Fitness physical fitness is one of the problems facing children and adolescents today. That's because their daily lives are spent mostly in school in the narrow classrooms, playing more games and watching television, also because of the limited field to play especially in the big cities. These things ultimately affect the quality of physical / body development of children and adolescents. Efforts to develop fitness, endurance and physical skills need to be done so that the scouts are always in the best physical / physical condition so that they can carry out their daily work well too. To form a fit, upright and healthy body, gymnastics or movements for head, chin, chest, back, waist and hip organ should be controlled and routinely performed. All forms of this exercise should be exercised in an upright position so that the muscles are trained to support the body. The upright, well-built body forms a broader chest space so that the essential organs in it can function properly. Well-functioning internal organs will support the implementation of activities, learning and daily work well as well.

"Mens there in corpore sano" is actually an expression contained in the literary masterpiece of a Roman poet, Decimus Iunius Juvenalis, in Satire X, around the second century AD. Over the course of time, centuries later, "Mens there in corpore sano" was used as a sport and health jargon around the world, not least in Indonesia. The Latin phrase was translated as "In a strong body there is a healthy soul". To get a strong and healthy body we need to exercise. When our bodies are strong and healthy then our soul is healthy. If the soul is healthy, the mind is clear. But if our soul is sick, clear mind flies, logic disappears. In other words, a strong physical and mental, physical and spiritual body, will produce tough individuals, and its estuaries are a great and calculated nation (dr Khaidir, accessed June 29, 2013). Scouting education also emphasizes the importance of body fitness. Every camping activity or weekly practice lots of activities directed to improve body fitness. Below are gymnastic movements to build fitness and wellness designed by George J. Fisher, M. D. Secretary, Physical Department International Committee of Young Men's Christian Association. This material is contained in the 1911 Boy Scout Handbook, which the on-linen version can be downloaded at

Types of Movement

Figure 1: Movement 1 Position: perfect attitude, both arms straight down sticking body, palms open, leads into and stuck to calf. Movement: Movement of the arm up or vertically until each arm form a semicircle. Do it several times to be enough.

Exercise 2: Movement 2
Position: perfect attitude as in exercise 1
Movement: Arm swings forward then up vertically. Do beberapakali to be considered enough.

Exercise 3 (Figure 3) Position: perfect attitude is the same as in exercise 1
Movement: Raise your Arm forward straight with your palms facing each other then arm movement sideways until straight and the arms are stretched to the right and left, then back to the original movement (arms outstretched to the fore). Do beberapakali to be considered enough.

Exercise 4 (figure 4)
Position: The arms are stretched to the right and left straight aligned shoulders. Lean the body to the right and left in turn.
Movement: Turn your arms up to your fingertips by forming a circle toward the back or backwards. Do it several times to be enough.

Exercise 5 (figure 5)
Position: Standing erect, arms bent beside chest, fingers clenched.
Movement: push the arms straight forward then pull back again to the original position (arm beside the chest) do alternate right and left hand and do it several times until it is considered enough.

Latihan 6 (Gambar 6)
Position: View straight ahead, arms bent, fingers open and place on shoulder.
Movement: Right arm movements left and right until horizontal straight, then arm forward movement and back towards the shoulders (hand movements twisted round the circle). Do it several times to be enough.

Exercise 7 (Figure 7)
Position: The view is straight forward, the skinny arm beside the body, the fingers open.
Movement: Movement of the hand back and forth (swing backwards and forwards), do change to be considered enough.

Exercise 8 (Figure 8a & 8b)
Position: Arm lifted up vertically, thumb locked, head upright between two hands, eyes staring forward.
Movement: Bend forward, advance forward as far as possible then move downwards holding the knee with flexure to stop for a moment then move back to its original position. Do it several times until enough

Exercise 9 (Figure 9a & 9b)
Position: Arm lifted up vertically, thumb locked, head upright between two hands, eyes staring forward.
Movement: Lower your arms until crossed over your chest, then raise your arms up to cross over your head. Do it several times to be enough.

Exercise 10 (Figure 10a, 10b & 10c)
Position: standing straight, foresight, hands on hips
Movement: (a) bend your body at the waist with your head held up and your eyes keep looking forward and then lift your body up to all positions, do it several times until it is enough. (b) The movement is continued by tilting the body several times to the right, then erect the all position, tilt back several times toward the left and then straight again. Do it several times until it is considered sufficient. (c) The movement is continued by bending the body toward the back, head and eyes / straight up, do several times bend then back to the original position. Do beberapakali to be considered enough.

Exercise 11 (Figure 11a & 11b)
Position: standing straight, foresight, hands on hips
Movement: Rotate the body at the waist several times until it is enough.

Exercise 12 (Figure 12a & 12b)
Position: standing straight, foresight, hands on hips
Movement: Lift the heel, until the body rests on the position of the toes, shoulder movement toward the back strongly, then lower the heel of the leg and loosen the shoulder. Do it several times to be enough.

Exercise 13 (Figure 13a & 13b)
Position: standing straight, foresight, hands on hips
Movement: from upright position, moving jongkot, footprint lifted up to the body resting on the toes, then back up. Do it several times to be enough.Learn more here !


The benefits of gymnastics for the physical Gymnastics is very useful in developing the physical components and ability of motion (motor ability). The people involved in the gym will develop muscular endurance, strength, powernya, flexibility, coordination, agility, and balance. Especially when balanced with activities that require the heart and lung system work (cardio-vascular system). By doing gymnastics regularly will make health and physical development to be good and balanced.

Mental and social benefits

It is believed that there is a very large contribution of gymnastics in improving self-concept. This can happen because gymnastics provides so much experience that people are able to control their bodies with confidence and high success rates, enabling them to help shape a positive concept.

Benefits of Gymnastics for Health

Every sport is certainly good for health, as long as it is done in the right way and not excessively. This of course applies also to gymnastics. Here are some of the benefits of gymnastics that we should know.
Improve heart function. Continuous and repetitive exercise movements make the heart work faster. If done for 20 minutes, then you have started a healthy step to improve your heart health.

Lose weight

In addition to running a healthy diet program such as limiting the number of calories that enter the body, we can also lose weight by exercising. To be faster in burning fat, you should choose a type of exercise that moves many limbs as well as jogging and gymnastics.

Improve cognitive function

Believe it or not, gymnastics is included into one type of exercise that can increase the spread of oxygen throughout the body including our brain. When the oxygen that enters the brain is met well, then the function of our brain will increase and indirectly cognitive function will also experience improved. There have been many experts who argue that exercise can also improve memory and also the capacity of the brain.

Reduce stress and improve mood

The number of jobs that must be completed sometimes can make a person become stressed. When stress is over, then the mood and level of creativity a person will be reduced. This is because the hormone endorphins that work to make someone feel happier began to decrease. For that, it takes an activity that can increase the hormone. One of the activities that can increase the amount of endorphins hormone is gymnastics. When done regularly, then the stress conditions experienced will be reduced which in the end your mood will also increase again.

Not susceptible to disease

The benefits of the next gymnast is to increase endurance so that our body is not easy to get sickness. This can happen because the toxins that exist in the body will come out through the sweat. In addition, all the organs that exist in the body will work optimally.

Increased stamina

If during this time you often feel kelehan even though you just briefly do an activity, most likely your respiratory system experience disorders caused by fat and oxygen flow disorders in the blood. Doing gymnastics regularly will improve the respiratory system in order to run more optimally and in the end you will not easily feel tired.

Improves flexibility and fitness

Movements on the gym have repetitive properties that require coordination of the body. If we can do gymnastics well and right, this will make the body become more healthy and fit.(Source : dr. Erlinda Yani)

Image source : 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16




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Scout education adalah salah satu kegiatan dalam upaya mengembangkan pendidikan gerakan pramuka di Indonesia. Gerakan pramuka merupakan suatu gerakan pemuda yang terorganisasi, terpimpin, dan teratur sesuai dengan pendidikan dalam kepramukaan. Gerakan pramuka di Indonesia bertujuan untuk mendidik generasi para pemuda untuk bisa tumbuh kembang dan berkarya kepada bangsa dengan melakukan berbagai macam kegiatan, penghijauan dan penjelajahan. Biasanya gerakan pramuka sering melakukan kegiatan yang melibatkan anggotanya di alam terbuka seperti halnya pelaksanaan scout education ini. Setiap peserta didik yang mengikuti kegiatan scout education selalu dalam gerak aktif sehingga dalam hal ini kegiatan scout education juga dapat dikatakan pula sebagai bagian dari olahraga. Aktivitas dan kegiatan yang kami laksanakan dalam scouy education dilaksanakan tanpa adanya tekanan dalam bentuk apapun sehingga acara acara yang kami laksnanakan ini sangat menyayangka para peserta yang terlibat didalamnya.

Salah satu kegiatan olahraga yang kami laksanakan dalam scout education adalah senam pramuka. Senam pramuka pada dasarnya adalah bahagian dari kegiatan pramuka selain kegiatan lainnya seprti penjelajahan, game dan halang rintang. Senam pramuka juga merupakan satu bentuk kegiatan dalam mengembangkan gerakan kebugaran dan kesehatan dalam acara scout education melalui gerakan senam yang dilaksnakan sesuai dengan visi dan misi dari kegiatan pramuka pada umumnya. Senam pramuka pramuka pada dasarnya dilaksanakan tanpa aksesoris lain seperti musik, tongkat, tepukan ataupun yel-yel. Akan tetapi, jiia menggunakan musik, tongkat, maupun tepukan seperti halnya yang kami lakukan pada acara scout education maka kegiatan senam akan menjadi lebih enak, seru dan asik untuk dilakukan.

DSC_02145 copy.jpg

Dikarenakan senam pramuka juga merupakan bagian dari kepramukaan dalam scout education, maka senam ini tidak hanya sebagai kegiatan yang berfungsi sebagai kesehatan dan kebugaran jasmani, namun dalam pelaksanaannya dalam scout education juga untuk melatih kekompakan, daya, semangat, kepemimpinan, kreativitas serta pengetahuan peserta didik. Pelaksanaan senam pada scout education diiringi dengan musik, dikarenakan musik mempunyai jiwa untuk membangkit semangat manusia sehingga keberadaan musik didalam senam kali ini dapat membantu para peserta didik scout education untuk menikmati gerakan-gerakan dalam senam sesuai dengan irama yang ada. Selain itu, apabila dalak pelaksanaan senam juga menggunakan tongkat maka ini akan menumbuhkan kreativitas dalam membentuk gerakan dengan berbagai macam kombinasi. Sebenarnya, senam ini juga tidak jauh berbeda dengan senamnyang dilaksanakan pada umumnya. Setiap gerakan terdiri dari berbagai macam gerakan, muali dari gerakan leher, tangan, kepala, hingga gerakan kaki dengan irama-irama yang mudah, seru, asik, dan menarik untuk dilakukan. Memakai hitungan 1 sampai 8 dalam setiap irama dan gerakan yang ada. Selain hal itu, senam yang kami laksanakan setiap pagi dan sore dalam acara scout education mempunyai unsur kelenturan, keseimbangan, kekuatan, serta kekompakan antar peserta didik dalam acara tersebut.

Tujuan pelaksanaan senam dalam acara scout education adalah untuk mencapai beberapa hal penting berikut ini :

Melatih Kekompakan Peserta Didik

Dalam pelaksanaan senam, kami membagi peseta didik menjadi beberapa tim/kelompok. Setiap tim memiliki keterikatan antara anggota grup saat melakukan senam. Hal ini secara tidak langsung, akan memberikan dampak untuk melatih keaktifan, keseriusan, keserasian, tanggung jawab dan kekompakan tim.

Kegiatan Yang Menyehatkan

Senam adalah salah satu kegiatan yang cukup menyenangkan karena kombinasi dalam setiap gerakan dilakukan dengan tangkas, berirama, serta kreatif. Sehingga pada saat pelaksanaan senam ini para peserta didik dalam scout education tidak merasa malas, bosan, dan jenuh terhadap aktivitas kepramukaan itu sendiri.

Menjaga Kesehatan dan kebugaran Tubuh

Senam pramuka memiliki gerakan senam yang dibentuk dengan berbagai macam kombinasi antara peregangan kebugaran, pemasan, pelaksanaan, hingga pelemasan. Jadi, dengan demikian senam pada scout education merupakan bagian dari kegiatan olahraga. Contohnya adalah gerak jalan, jalan ditempat, maju-mundur, dan lain sebagainya.

Sebagai Kegiatan Untuk Melatih Kemampuan Motorik

Tujuan lain dari pelaksanaan senam pada scout education adalah untuk melatih kemampuan motorik peserta didik yang meliputi berbagai macam gerakan menangkap, melempar, melompat, berguling, berjalan, dan lain sebagainya. Pada dasarnya senam pada scout education bersifat sebagai suatu olahraga yang seru, asik, dan menyenangkan, maka gerakan dalam senam diatur dengan irama musik yang tujuannya adalah untuk bisa melatih kekuatan, kecepatan, ketangkasana gerak, dan konsentrasi peserta didik terhadap setiap bentuk gerakan yang dilakuakan pada pelaksanaan senam dalam acara scout education.




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