Educate The Character Of Learners Through A Fun Game, Educative, Innovative, And Creative[#SCOUT EDUCATION FOR STEEMIT EDUCATION PART 2]-(BILINGUAL)

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Hello Steemian ...

This article is a continuation of the post I've posted before This Is An Educational Container For The Character Of Youth.

As I mentioned earlier that there are several types of activities implemented in scout education. In the first post I explained one of the activities undertaken in scout education is Adventure In The Wild Free. Another activity which is also one of the activities implemented in scout education is Halang Rintang. This activity is the most exciting, and challenging for learners. In the implementation of obstacles is one of the activities that are very interested by the participants. They said "of all the activities that we have, we like most obstacles, exciting, adrenaline rush, challenging, also to form the cohesiveness of the team" as one of the learners said scout education. Yes, obstacle or known by crossing obstacle in general this is one type of physical exercise. However, in the scout education the obstacles are made with more interesting, innovative, creative and educative forms to shape the learner's character.

Obstacle is one of the scout education activities conducted in the open with the aim of providing interesting activities, challenging, knowing new things, and romantic experiences in adventure. In this activity more emphasis on the physical and mental aspects of the learners by crossing various obstacles and various games. In implementing it first apply the method of physical exercise education, where in the early stages will be warming, concentration and attention capability and cooling stage. These three stages are the first step that must be done from the lightest, the rising and back again on the light. Activities aimed at satisfying the achievement of a group work in an activity that trains, develops mentally, nurtures, knowledge, experiences, skills, challenges and depletes the physical trainees of scout education in the open air must be designed as well as possible to safeguard learners.

In the implementation of obstacles for each scout education participants we seek to achieve the following aspects:

  • Lifestyle of soul, team, setiakawan, and please help
  • The fame as a warrior, pahlawan, and the meritor
  • Respect others, be positive, and productive
  • Stabilization of logical, critical thinking and formation of community development cadres
  • Leadership, entrepreneurship and pioneering leadershi

  • Various types of obstacles that can be performed are created and created with material across the barriers presented in the form of: running, squatting, walking, closing the eyes, muddy and steep, skipping altitudes, rope bridges, walking in slippery areas, trudging around, crawling, climbing, crawling, jumping, climbing trees, climbing cliffs, up and down steep roads, poles, stairs, swinging, gliding, fences, nets, slumping, jumping, lifting, supporting, nailing , holding, supporting, holding, supporting, archery, whipping, lifting, grasping, diving, rowing, swinging, watching, hearing, and so on. In the implementation of obstacles this time, the participants will pass through the 2 strokes that have been made by the builder. The first obstacle is called the spider web trap, at this hurdle the participants have to pass through obstacles through the rope with the condition that the rope should not be broken. While the second barrier, the participants must diik creeping through a path that meandered with the state of the soil wet and slippery. Because the obstacle activity is a physical activity, we really take it into account by not imposing them on their duties.

    In the achievement, the obstacle will provide some benefits for scout education students, including:

    1. Deepening the Brotherhood Value

    As a human being we can not live without others, it requires someone else in his life. In the hurdles of scout education we create brotherly relationships with each other, with a less intimate start being more familiar and getting to know each other. While passing through every obstacle will be emphasized the nature of cohesiveness that will grow the soul of mutual help and instilling brotherly attitude.

    2. As a Brain Relaxation Park

    So many daily activities will certainly make our brain feel saturated and even stress that is suatau pressure. Many people who feel saturated especially for those who are day-to-day as students in terms of learning in school. So from that, obstacle activity in scout education has been able to make them calm, relax, and refresh their brains. The game of obstacles has also made them have fun without having to think about a heavy burden.

    3. Shaping Character


    One of the character formers and character is the existence of a value that can be obtained from various sources, such as religion, ideology and education. But in principle that value is also obtained through educational activities, and interesting as well as obstacles this. Because the game haoang this hilarity in addition to invite to have fun in obstacle can also train the level of accuracy, preparedness, discipline and sense of responsibility.

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    In addition the following are also some good effects for physical exercise through obstacle activities in scout education.

    The Benefits of Physical Exercise

    Physical fitness includes human physical abilities such as body composition and coordination, cardiovascular capacity, stamina, speed, flexibility and overall strength. Physical fitness prevents various diseases. It develops the capacity to fight infections and other specific diseases. Physical fitness helps prevent many cardiovascular diseases. Most importantly, our physical fitness is responsible for the delay of the aging process. A healthy body is home to a healthy mind. Physical fitness facilitates a healthy psychological state, thus preventing us from mental illness. A physically fit individual is happier than an unhealthy one. Physical fitness coupled with a healthy lifestyle is one of the important factors that contribute to the quality of life. As physical fitness is responsible for the overall well-being of the individual, the maintenance of physical fitness should be a person's top priority. Engaging in some physical activity daily is a necessity of living today. After all, health is the only wealth that will stay with us for a lifetime.

    The Benefits of Physical Activity

    Physical activity helps in the reduction of excess body fat, it decreases blood triglyceride and increases body energy level. It improves blood circulation and helps in keeping all the organs healthy and functioning. Exercise benefits the body by increasing its capacity to take in oxygen. This increases the blood's ability to carry oxygen. Physical activity is responsible for expediting the digestive process, thereby avoiding constipation and digestive-related disorders. The loss of extra body fat helps prevent diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and other obesity disorders. This improves the health of our heart by increasing the maximum cardiac output and stroke volume, and helps in the prevention of diabetes by increasing glucose resistance. Research has shown that regular physical activity reduces the chances of getting certain types of cancer. Research has shown that breast cancer is less commonly found in sportswomen and that bowel cancer is more occurrent in people who are not physically active. Physical activity results in strengthening our bones and muscles. Can substantially reduce the risk or arthritis and other bone diseases. Daily exercise helps us prevent fractures and bone injuries that occur due to weak bones. Exercise helps us reduce stress. It makes us feel energetic and happy. Daily physical activity helps us stay active and refreshed throughout the day. Physical activity helps us cope with stress and fight depression. It is beneficial for our mental well-being as it is responsible for the release of certain hormones responsible for our psychological well-being.

    Scout education as a forum for scouting education education in Indonesia which is part of national education, certainly has a purpose to foster young people in improving the potentials that exist in every "Scouting" . Among these potentials is the intellectual potential, physical and most important is to instill spiritual potensis as a nation that bertegegama and uphold the values ​​of the divine. Scout education activities carried out in an effort to achieve some of the main goals that have been declared. Learn more here





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    So my post this time about education, may be useful.
    Look forward to the next post in upcoming post steemit education.
    Regards Steemians
    Scout salute
    Tem Work Scout Education From Indonesia
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    Thanks For @steemiteducation


    Hello Steemian...

    Tulisan ini merupakan lanjutan dari pada tulisan yang sudah saya post sebelumnya This Is An Educational Container For The Character Of Youth [#SCOUT EDUTION FOR STEEMIT EDUCATION PART 1]-(BILINGUAL).

    Seperti yang sudah saya jelaskan sebelumnya bahwa ada beberapa jenis kegiatan yang dilaksanakan dalam scout education. Pada post pertama saya menjelaskan salah satu kegiatan yang dilakukan dalam scout education adalah **Berpetualang Di Alam Bebas**. Kegaiatan lain yang juga merupakan salah satu kegiatan yang dilaksanakan dalam scout education adalah Halang Rintang. Kegiatan ini meruapakan kegaiatan yang paling seru, dan manantang bagi peserta didik. Pada pelaksanaannya halang rintang adalah salah satu kegiatan yang sangat diminati oleh peserta. Mereka mengatakan ***"dari semua kegiatan yang ada, kami paling suka halang rintang, seru, memacu adrenalin, menantang, juga ikut membentuk kekompakan tim"*** begitulah kata salah seorang peserta didik scout education. Ya, Halang rintang atau yang dikenal dengan melintasi halang rintang pada umumnya ini merupakan salah satu jenis olahraga fisik. Namun, dalam scout education halang rintang dibuat dengan bentuk yang lebih menarik, inovatif, kreatif dan edukatif guna membentuk karakter peserta didik.

    Halang rintang merupakan salah satu kegiatan scout education yang dilaksanakan di Alam terbuka dengan tujuan memberikan kegiatan yang menarik, menantang, mengetahui hal-hal yang baru, serta romantika pengalaman dalam berpetualang. Dalam kegiatan ini lebih menekankan pada aspek fisik dan mental para peserta didik dengan melintasi berbagai rintangan dan aneka permainan. Dalam melaksankannya terlebih dahulu menerapkan metode pendidikan olahraga jasmani, dimana pada tahap awal akan dilakukan pemanasan, pemusatan kemampuan dan perhatian serta tahap pendinginan. Ketiga tahap ini adalah langkah awal yang harus dilaksnakan dari yang paling ringan, meningkat dan kembali lagi pada yang ringan. Kegiatan yang bertujuan untuk memberikan kepuasan atas pencapaian sebuah hasil kerja kelompok dalam sebuah kegiatan yang melatih, mengembangkan mental, membina, pengetahuan, pengalaman, ketrampilan, penuh tantangan dan menguras tenaga fisik para peserta scout education di alam terbuka memang harus dirancang sebaik mungkin untuk menjaga keselamatan peserta didik.

    Dalam penerapan kegiatan halang rintang bagi setiap peserta scout education kami mengusahakan untuk mencapai aspek-aspek seperti dibawah ini :

  • Penghayatan jiwa kekompakan, beregu, setiakawan, dan tolong menolong
  • Kiasan sebagai seorang pendekar, pahalawan, dan orang yang berjasa
  • Menghargai orang lain, bersifat positif, dan produktif
  • Pemantapan cara berpikir yang logis, kritis, dan pembentukan kader-kader pembangunan masyarakat
  • Pembinaan jiwa kepemimpinan, kewirausahaan dan kepeloporan

  • Beberapa jenis kegiatan halang rintang yang dapat dilaksanakan diciptakan dan dikreasikan dengan materi melintasi rintang yang disajikan dalam bentuk : lari, jongkok, berjalan, menutup mata, berlumpur dan terjal, meloncati ketinggian, jembatan tali, berjalan di area yang licin, meniti titian, merayap, merambat, merangkak, meloncat, memanjat pohon, mendaki tebing, naik turun jalan yang terjal, tiang, tangga, berayun, meluncur, pagar, jala, merosot, terjun, mengangkat, mendukung, memiku, mengendong, menopang, menahan, menyangga, memanah, mengambit, mencabut, merenggut, menyelam, berdayung, berayun, mengamati, mendengar, dan sebagainya. Pada pelaksanaan halang rintang kali ini, para peserta akan melewati 2 rintang yang telah dibuat oleh pembina. Rintangan pertama bernama jebakan jaring laba-laba, pada rintangan ini para peserta harus melewati rintangan melalui lobang tali dengan syarat tali tidak boleh putus. Sedangkan rintangan kedua, peserta dieik harus merayap melewati jalur yang berliku-liku dengan keadaan tanah yang basah dan licin. Dikarenakan kegiatanan halang rintang merupakan kegiatan yang bersifat fisik maka kami sangat memperhitungkan hal itu dengan tidak memaksakan mereka dalam menjalani tugasnya.

    Dalam pencapaiannya, halang rintang tersebut akan memberikan beberapa manfaat bagi peserta didik scout education, diantaranya :

    1. Mempererat Nilai Persaudaraan

    Sebagai manusia tentunya kita tidak bisa hidup tanpa orang lain, hal ini memerlukan orang lain dalam hidupnya. Didalam halang rintang scout education kami menciptakan hubungan persaudaraan antar sesama mereka, dengan awal yang kurang akrab akan lebih akrab dan saling mengenal satu sama lainnya. Disaat melewati setiap halang rintang maka akan ditekankan sifat kekompakan yang akan menumbuhian jiwa saling membantu dan menanamkan sikap persaudaraan.

    2. Sebagai Wahana Relaksasi Otak

    Aktivitas sehari-hari yang begitu banyak tentu akan membuat otak kita terasa jenuh dan bahkan stres yang merupakan suatau tekanan. Banyak orang yang merasa jenuh terutama bagi mereka yang sehari-harinya sebagai siswa dalam hal belajar disekolah. Maka dari hal itu, kegiatan halang rintang dalam scout education telah mampu membuat mereka tenang, relax, serta menyegarkan otak mereka. Permainan halang rintang juga telah membuat mereka bersenang-senang tanpa harus memikirkan beban yang berat.

    3. Membentuk Karakter


    Salah satu pembentuk watak dan karakter adalah adanya sebuah nilai yang mampu didapatkan dari berbagai sumber, seperti agama, ideologi dan pendidikan. Namun pada prinsipnya nilai itu juga kan didapatkan melalui kegiatan yang edukatif, dan menarik seperti halnya halang rintang ini. Dikarenakan pada permainan haoang rintang ini selain di ajak untuk bersenang-senang dalam halang rintang juga dapat melatih tingkat ketelitian, kesiapan, kedisiplinan dan rasa tanggung jawab.

    DSC_0215 cLopy.jpg

    DSSC_S0232 copy.jpg


    Scout education sebagai wadah penyelanggaraan pendidikan kepanduan di Indonesia yang merupakan bahagian dari pendidikan nasional, tentu memiliki sebuah tujuan untuk membina kaula muda dalam meningkatkan pontensi-potensi yang ada pada setiap "Pramuka". Diantaranya potensi tersebut adalah potensi intelektual, fisik serta yang paling penting adalah menanamkan potensis spiritual sebagai sebuah bangsa yang bernegarama dan menjunjung tinggi nilai-nilai ketuhanan. Kegiatan scout education dilaksanakan dalam upaya mencapai beberapa tujuan pokok yang telah dicanangkan. Pelajari lebih lanjut disini




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