How I Made $180.57 From 2 Posts on Steemit

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Finally the time has come!

I actually finished writing this 4 days ago and have been eagerly waiting to post it.

I’ve been on Steemit for about 6+ months now, and I’ve been testing a few things here and there, plus learning about social media marketing in general.

I recently came across a really great article talking about
Steemit Bots

I heard about them before but never knew much about them.

The article link below is the one I came across from @eco-alex

Right click the link below and open in a new tab

How To Use Up Vote Bots and Not Lose Money

@eco-alex began to explain Steemit bots and how to find a good one.

I followed his advice step by step and made a list of what bots to use and what ones not to use.

My list and my budget landed me on these 4 bots.

In no particular order



It Takes Money To Make Money

These are not the cheapest bots to use except for @ecotrain, but they’ve broke even or profited for me.

Results May Vary
Use At Your Own Risk

I’ll also add that I posted these about 15:00 here in Bali, Indonesia.
Which is about 00:00PST and 03:00EST

My first post was for a health challenge and you can see it below:

Right click the link below and open in a new tab

How You Can Easily Keep Fit & Active

What I Spent For This Post

SBD PriceUSD$1.30
Total CostUSD$58.00
Post RewardsUSD$72.99

Keep in mind, @promobot was undergoing maintenance so they had returned my 9.950 SBD

I think i am running these numbers correctly, please let me know if you know something different.

Now The Second Post

Right click the link and open in a new tab

My Super Human Strength Workout Routine

What I Spent For This Post

SBD PriceUSD$1.20
Total CostUSD$62.38
Post RewardsUSD$107.58

So as you can see from the two posts, it was a total of $180.57 by using the bots with a total profit of $45.20.

Ask any business owner, when you make profits, you take that and put it right back into the business.

Which is exactly what I’ll be doing and which brings me now to...

The Third Post

Yes, third post!

I took my earnings and dropped them right back into this post you are reading right now.

I’ll put the numbers of how much I’ll use towards each bot, the same as before.

However, you’ll have to look and see the results of this post yourself.

So you are virtually seeing it live in action.

Choosing The Right Tags

Tags are very important when posting to Steemit.

Everyone wants their post to be seen, but you don’t want to be spamming people either.

Think of tags like channels on TV.

Let’s say you were a sports fan, and would always tune into the sports channel, but one day you tuned in and you saw kids cartoons or soap operas...

How would you feel?

That’s why using proper tags is very important so you don’t get downflagged.

You’ll see that I chose none of the big ones like Life, Blog, and so on....

That’s because those have so much competition, your post will get lost in the mess of all the competition.

So I chose to the best of my ability high volume and relevant tags.

These are....

The Tags I Chose To Use


What I Spent For This Post

Steem PriceUSD$1.56
SBD PriceUSD$1.28
Total CostUSD$44.32

Quality Over Quantity

This is huge in the community of Steemit.

No one cares about your 56th selfie of the day.

If you want to be rewarded, then put in the time to put out some good content.

This post took me days to write.

Each day I would think of something new and want to add it.

I learned how to do the markdown so that it’s easy to read and enjoyable for you.

If you spent twice the time to put together a post but got 10x the results, would you put in the extra time?

I know I would.

Don’t throw something together and think people will love it.

Take your time. Go over it again and again.

That’s exactly what I’ve done for you and this post, and we shall see how it goes.🤞

Final Thoughts

I don’t know how well this post is going to do.

I hope that it goes well, and you learn something from it, so that your posts can be seen by more people.

Thank you for reading it, sharing it, and your comments.

Please let me know what you think from it, I hope to make more posts like this in the future for you.

It took a long time but I kept refining it and tried to add as much value for you to hopefully get some success for yourself.

Please let me know how it goes for you or if you have any further questions.

Thank you once again!


thanks for information, i hope can try and sukses

You're very welcome. I hope you have success!

hopefully I can read your post continues

Yes that would be great.

hopefully I can succeed like brother, please guidance

Yes. You have the guidance from this post. That’s why I wrote everything out for you.

Thanks for information. I´m trying to undertand about bot, but it has been hard for me

You’re welcome. I’m still learning and it’s been great so far.

Really Nice Content Buddy!! I Will Also Try The Bots.

Thanks man! I’m excited to how well it does. I put a lot of time into it.

really good information. thanks

Thank you very much. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

Its hard to find such good posts like yours nowadays, thanks to bots. Though usage of bots is not wrong, we should use them wisely.
Thanks, keep posting such quality content !

Thank you so much! Yeah I’m still learning and I love the Steemit platform. It’s so great.

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Thank you so much. I love this bot!

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Thank you so much!

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