My Super Human Strength Workout Routine

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Full Body Workout

As I mentioned before, I’ll be switching to a Full Body Workout Routine 3x per week with two days of running for cardio.

More information about Full body workouts below

I’ve named my routine nicely:

Super Human Strength

I laid it out as best I could, so that you’d hit different muscles each exercise.

This is not a routine for beginners

(Hence the name)

Start With Your Warmup

The first 11 exercises are your warmup and around 50% max reps.

So if you can do 20 push-ups max, you’ll do only 10.

You’ll follow up with 45 seconds of rest in between.

Once you get to the Squats, you can either stop to stretch or continue with your 80% max reps now.

A good way to know your 80%, it is the last rep you can do with proper form.

These exercises have 1:30 in between for rest.

Biceps/ Back

Super Human Strength

Downunder Pull-up
Mountain Climbers
Downunder Chin-up
Diamond Push-up
Pushup Incline
Flat Straight Leg Raise
Behind Head Pull-up
Bridge Curls
Hanging Leg Raise
Bar Push-up
One Legged Squat
Side Plank
Close Grip Chin-up
Dive Bomber Push-up
Standing Calf Raise
Knee To Elbows
Commando Pull-up
Push-up Explode
Explosive Pull-up
Inchworm Pushup
Neutral Grip Pull-up
Typewriter Pull-up
Wide Pull-up

Full Body Workouts

Here’s a couple of videos in regarding full body workouts:


Awesome! I love how these exercises don't use much equipment at all. Amazing how body weight exercises can build superhuman strength! Way to go!!

Yeah that’s the beauty of body weight exercises. You can progress so far.

People can go from pushups on their knees to one armed pushups and from assisted pull-ups to one arm pull-ups.

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I used the bot. If you go to steembottracker dot com and use this bot.

I’ve used it twice now and it’s amazing results.

I’m going to do a third time and then after that make a post about the three bots that I use.

Thank you so much.

@nisaac86 Excellent routine and very good discipline, you are constant so you are getting good results and notice the physical change, all the exercises are very good.

Thank you very much. I’ll be more disciplined with my diet this month for better results.

@nisaac86 Excellent so you will see results much faster, complying with everything planned to the letter...

Yes. It’s tough because if there’s one thing I love, it is food. 😋

Do you train legs without weights? How do you get enough pump for them?

Yeah it’s never an easy gig with the legs to get a solid pump, but I manage. Usually with pistol squats or one legged squats.

I’m not looking to get huge but it gives a good burn

I get it. Pistols are super though with good form. Have you ever thought about mixing some weight squats/deadlifts in the programm but maintaining the remaining bodyweight exercises?

Yeah I would recommend that for people, for me I am only wanting to work with body weight and the equipment that I have.

At this point, The only way I could think of becoming a superhuman is somehow building myself an IronMan suit. Nice post man.❤️

When you build it, they will come. I’m not sure who ‘they’ are but ive always heard it.
Maybe in this case ‘they’ would be the secret service to take your suit....

Hahahaha, right👍.I hope so.

Keep working:) ! Focus on consistency and not intensity, your are making great progress.

Thank you! I see you’re new to Steemit. Welcome!

I’m just getting the hang of things around here. It’s a pretty awesome place.

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Wow! That's a super workout man! That's a very extensive list of exercises. I will definitely be adopting some of these for my work out.

Thanks! If you have any questions about any of them, please let me know.

I am so numb about sports :) I like being at home more: D

Yeah I do these workouts at an outdoor calisthenics gym. It’s my favourite.

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Beautiful, my friend
Health balance is a lifestyle, wonderful information from you
Thanks for sharing..

Thank you for stopping by and enjoying it.

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