Happiness Chemicals Life hacks - Part 1

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Our body is the most smartest and advanced machine we can say, it works like a production unit, what we feed into it, exactly it gives out the corresponding results to that. We know it, so then how is it that we still feed in wrong things, just not in terms of food but also the emotions. Our Physical body is just not about the physical health but also the emotional and mental health. The physical body is something we can see clearly, but the other two are also reflecting clearly in the form of our own behavior, lifestyles, actions and our overall personality.

So very clearly it is just not about the diet that goes into our body that impacts our holistic health but the emotions and our thoughts that we feed in are also equally important for our overall health at all levels.

Like a production factory after the input has gone in whatever form food, emotions or thoughts, the internal churning process starts, where in the chemicals are released, the hormones get created. Every emotion, thoughts, action creates a certain type of Chemical and it gives the necessary boost to the overall physical body and at the same time when the body lacks these chemicals it also leaves one drained out in that particular area.

To look at it for a holistic health at all levels all of them are equally important. We humans are designed in such a way that we need these chemicals in our body to make it function optimally.


So today I will pick up 2 of these Happiness Chemicals and lets see how we can hack them.

  • Dopamine - This one is the Reward Chemical. Who does not like appreciation, who does not want to be recognized for their work. It is Human nature to feel good with a little boosting. Imagine an employee in a organization who is never rewarded, never appreciated, never recognized or not even acknowledged for the work. What will be the motivation level of this person. May be a chunky salary will keep him going, but if you compare this person to someone who is appreciated and rewarded, you will see clear difference in the outlook they have towards their job. The former will work more like a machine, where as the one who has been rewarded will work more humanly. Now this depends also on other areas of life, in relationships, friend circle, social groups and in personal life also.
    A person who celebrates small or big wins, occasions, events in whatever way can will have a total different approach towards life then the one who never does. The former will be more joyful then the later one.
    Say you have a task at hand and you have managed to complete it, you know the joy you would feel on completion and when it does not get completed we know it feels frustrating and this frustration can extend to other areas of life. All these are the hormones released which gives different types of reactions.

So let's see what are the hacks for keeping this chemical boosted

  • Self Care - I believe this is most important, we know when we feel good by our self we can make a lot of difference overall in our external life also. This also includes a good diet. When we have had a healthy meal, our body has a very good feeling, it feels light, the mood is good, whereas when you have sloppy heavy meals the body behaves sluggish, lazy, feels bloated, and does not want to do any work.
    Imagine the feeling after taking a massage or going to a spa, it is so uplifting, your body feels loved, cared. Hence Self care is very important.

  • Completing a task - When we take up something in hand, if we put in good amount of energy and complete it, the feeling is awesome, we feel a sense of achievement. Completing a taken up task at hand makes one feel accomplished. There are times when we start with full zeal but somewhere mid way lose it out. It happens with me at times and then it stays somewhere on the shelves, but again when I take it up and complete, I feel the joy and also feel that it should had been completed in the first time itself. Unless we realize that it's not the right thing and completely want to drop it off.

  • Celebrating little and big wins - Life needs to be lived joyfully and when we celebrate the joy adds up. This is one thing I love the most and never fail on it. The smallest of thing needs celebration and that's how life becomes more joyful and we will know that on a daily basis we have these opportunities to celebrate, there are so many things happening, so why not be grateful for it and enjoy.


  • Appreciate - Whether it is a person or some task or the nature around, living in the frequency of appreciation will not only help boost our own chemicals but also for the opposite person. Who has ever got angry or fearful with appreciation, so why not then go ahead and inculcate this in our behavior on a ongoing basis. Mother nature has given us so mach to admire and appreciate, our own body gives us so much on daily basis to appreciate, again that is if we self-care or we would have completely opposite feelings. When one deserves appreciation and does not get it leaves the person feeling dejected. When I do not get appreciated when I deserve I prefer to walk out, whether it's a job situation or with a person, because for me my self-care is the most important part of me.

It is so much important to keep this chemical boosted within us and this is more to do with our own actions, hence it is not dependent on anyone but just us.
We will continue with the other chemicals in the next part of this series, till then let's hack on this one. We create our own reality with our own actions, so let's create one where we feel most comfortable and want to stay there forever.

Thank you for visiting my blog. 👼🏻👼🏻💖💖🌹🌺🌸

"Unlimited Abundance, Blissful Happiness and Unconditional Love"


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hi nainaztengra,

My son has autism, he's improving even though steady slow but he is a super hyperactive and never run out of energy.
do u know what natural stuff to help calm him down and increase cognitive skills?
Thank you.

Dear @lugina, you have a blessed child, there are few tips that you really need to follow hard.
Diet is the most important one, I am sure you must be taking care of it, but sometimes as mother's we give little lose ends for our children.

  • Absolutely no refined sugar and processed food. Avoid Gluten also as much as possible. All ailments start from the Gut including Autism, though there are other reasons also, but if you improve the GUT you will be able to get good control on his condition and it will also help him calm down. More natural foods help heal the gut fast and also plays out pyschologically.
    Chamomile and Lemongrass are herbs which also helps in calming down, they can be given in form of herbal tea.
    Have you tried getting him into a Yoga class, Yoga will be very good as it will channel a lot of his energy into physical workout and that will ease him, also a traditional yoga class is always combined with meditation so if you get to enroll him in one, or get a teacher at home it will immensely help him. Also improving his Cognitive skills.
    When he is sleeping, you can tap on his forehead, the third eye area and make this affirmation
    "Raise (Son's name) consciousness to the highest possible level with complete awareness"
    You can also add your own other commands, what you want to make it work for him.
    Tapping heals the energy.
    Also if you would like to try out on some crystals then "Selenite" is a good help. You need to keep a crystal somewhere in his study area, where in a day at least for 15 to 20 mins he comes in contact with, but do not make him wear it.
    I suggest you can read this book, which is a guide book for Autism children.
    GAPS - Gut and Psychology Syndrome- Dr Natasha Campbell
    For more on Tapping exercise, you may also check out on Donna Eden "Energy Medicine" material. Very powerful and helpful

Hi nainaztengra,
Tank you for replying. I heard about tapping healing while ago, I'll look into it.
I will try camomile and lemongrass for starting.
BTW my son is in very strict diet since he's allergic to 28 foods including all carbs. I've heard also that red meat causes hyperactive in some kids, especially kid with autism but he has nothing to eat since he also allergic to soy bean n eggs.

I like the Reward Chemical! It is important to boost those chemicals so that we can do the best we can in all that we do. Great post!

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