Sugar, Slavery and YOU.

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Sugar And Slavery

The previous part can be found here Effects of Sugar- Our Hunger & Energy Levels

Throughout history, Sugar has been considered as a luxury item after being found to be some kind of magical plant that produced honey without any bees, which of course gave it instant value and attention. I'm not going to babble on about historical dates about sugar, but instead I will look at if from less formal angle as to why there was so much trading and even human slavery involved to keep producing the supply of it for the ever growing demand.

It seems to me that the "wise ones" in power have always known of the manipulative power that sugar holds on humans. Just from a brief overlook and learning even back at school of the African Slaves made to produce cane sugar for The White Man, its quite shocking as to the lengths white people went through to keep the sugar trade going.

I have lived some time in The Gambia, which was one of the West African country's where sugar slave's were taken from to go and work on the sugar plantations. Sugar was so profitable that tobacco plantations were smaller than the sugar ones, which shows even back then there was a huge amount of sugar demand across the globe.. Even without the terrible foods we are eating today like the processed foods sold in the supermarkets or fizzy drinks and variety's of ice cream.

Its quite ironic to learn that the diet of the average slave was consisting of fish and sweet potatoes and sometimes corn, and that they were fed none of the sugar which leads me to believe that the slave masters knew that if they did eat the sugar that they would have the same empty hunger and lack of energy as we see today on humans from eating too much refined and processed sugars. Maybe they knew it would make the slaves docile and less productive plus they would be more hungry and would need to be fed much more, and they would also all become much more sick which would result in less workers.

Slaves were aloud to grow there own food around the housing they stayed in, but still many did die from starvation as the ground in the West African country's had no real fertile soils and harvest's were usually quite terrible. The Masters only let the slaves grow some food so they would start stealing food to stay alive - all of this just for a sweetener? There must be more to it than that!



Slavery of Today

Century's later and the slavery has been integrated into society and transformed into a different version of slavery where the slaves don't realize that they are now the sugar slaves. Machinery and technology make the sugar process these days much easier (of course people are still being exploited with bad wages to farm the sugar) and there's no need for the word slavery anymore, but still the "wise ones" in power can still see the use of sugar as a way of producing huge profits to support their greed in power and wealth and control of the populations.

Instead of a slavery know as labor, we see today a slavery of consuming- of course there is more than just the traditional thought that comes to mind of the word slavery, which also indicates to the brainwashing of words we have been drowned in throughout life. We read or hear the word slave, and we instantly imagine a black man chained to a boat, which is just one of many images planted in our belief systems to make us not realize any other form of slavery that's existing around us - even when we are submersed in it all around us.

Some people become a slave to sweet foods, and usually they are suffering from obesity. The environment we grow up in today is all made for our convenience, which in lay-mans terms means "lazy" which is meant to be to eliminating stresses from our lives, when actually becoming inactive creates stress just through being bored and having nothing to do. This combined with 95% of foods in our cupboards holding a lot of added sugars, is creating not only obesity but many other illness's also.
It sounds kind of ridiculous to say that sugar keeps you in a form of slavery but it definitely does if it makes you docile and takes your energy away, plus the very high chance to make you very sick robbing you of any good health.

All these things - Health, Energy and Motivation, are the basic things you need to be able to have the chance of living in freedom.

It's quite clear that we become slaves to our eating habits because this is just evident in everyday life, but the worst part is we don't even get the want for a food of its taste anymore, its all the want for the hidden sugars its containing. If our mind is also getting effects happening the same as it would have if we were taking cocaine, then it would most definitely become a slave to the sugar just like a cocaine addict which drags you along with it for the ruff ride!



If you haven't stepped back to see a broader picture of the modern world's workings, it can be simplified to the sentence..

"Wanting leads to consuming, consuming cost us money, money is obtained from trading our time (life)to working, and to consume is then the reward for our work, which itself causes the more wanting.."

We have become unknowingly to this modern day slavery of consumption and sugar in our foods is causing us to eat much more than is necessary and the sugars intentionally added to them are creating the cycle of hunger - eat something (that is full of hidden sugars) - full for 30 minutes - peckish again.

Its not seen openly, we just call it Life, the fact that its normal to get hungry often and become "peckish". This isn't normal though to go and buy a shopping cart full of food and consume so much as we do. There's an obvious link to how people dying today from heart problems and cancers among other illnesses that are mostly caused by eating to much sugar, and how people who die of old age these days is becoming unheard of. People who think they are making a better change in the world like yourself, are focusing on the outside when we should start to keep ourselves firstly from becoming sick by cutting out the foods with sugars in them.

We should be taking more control of the food we are eating if we truly want to see a change in the future for human kind.

On the next part I'll share knowledge on the bad sugars compared to the healthier options that exist and how sugar can be prosessed to make it very unhealthy.

Big Love and Abundance




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Sugar is my favorite topic because I was a slave of sugar. When I was younger and naive, I'd like to eat sweet food and desert. Almost every time before I eat, I usually added some more sugar to the food. After I learned from my own mother who was passed away from diabetes, I realized that sugar was bad. Several months ago, I had a blood sugar test, a test result showed that I was pre-diabetic. Now I don't like sugar and I don't add any more sugar to my food. And I have taken some nutraceutical supplement to improve my condition. You can learn how I transform my health by visiting my blod:

Sugar is literally toxic to the body.. Wheat is just as bad...
Good post..
Keep it up...

We are the Resistance..


You too! I resteemed your 5G post.. we saw 5G already in a bar one time in Oslo, Norway... 18months ago! We left quickly ofcourse.. its very nearly everywhere I guess, I am not sure as I'm lucky not to be in with the fashions :)


I saw the resteem on my Feed !! Thanks..
Would Love to visit the Norse lands... These days i'm not sure i want to fly on any plane though.... maybe by Sea..

Big Fan of the All Father.... YARRrrr

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You are so right... Lucky that we - concerning this issue - have the power to change something for ourselves. Think that'd be much more difficult concerning the 5G discussion (as read in the comment of @primal-buddhist .


Oh dear yes, i earn my money from standing to sell a street magazine,and when 5G is out then i'll be boycotting the city as much as possible. No way i will stand in the middle of all that for money!! Need to get as much crypto before that happens 😂


The worrying thing is, if theres only 5G then it will be deadly for people to go online,so hmm.. That will be interesting. Im wondering if its less harmful to be using "remote viewing" which could then use a computer far away from us so we arent near a reciever?!


I have to get deeper into that 5G issue, I can't really discuss about this now because I don't know enough about it.


Its very very scary! And they are developing 6G also 🤗

The mere fact that "consumerism" is a word that actually exists makes me cringe sometimes...

Thanks for telling it like it is brother. And without sugarcoating it ;-)