Do you know Japanese Natto?

in #health4 years ago

Let's eat soy products such as tofu and sugarcane

For a diet

Try not to eat meat

Sometimes there are people saying

It seems to be wrong

It is contained a lot in meat

Protein shortage

Muscle mass basal metabolism

Both fall

On the other hand because it is hard to lose weight

In addition to becoming it

Protein is

It is also related to collagen

For being

When it runs short, it is also beauty

It will have adverse effects

But even so

I do not want to eat much meat

Who said that

From soy products

Let's take protein

Soybean called "field meat"


Good quality protein

It contains a lot

Recommended for high digestibility

Natto and tofu

Come to the menu every day

Let's adopt it

🐣 Soybean effect

  1. Decrease cholesterol level

  2. Improve symptoms of climacteric disorder

  3. Increase concentration

  4. Prevent osteoporosis



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