Ten Female Masturbation Methods You Might Not Know About (Written By A Woman)

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I am a female director of erotica, who has interviewed hundreds of women (I lost count after 500) in depth about their actual sexual habits, preferences, and fantasies. I have filmed thousands of videos on how women make themselves orgasm when no one is watching (largely for adult sites Yanks and YanksVR). They can get pretty creative.

Here are 10 methods of female masturbation you may not have heard of:

1. Rubbing on tight pants seam, squeezing legs together

This is a rather discreet way some women get off, totally in public. Places such as a long line, standing relatively still, with just tiny movements of their legs and hips with clitoral pressure against the seam of their pants.

2. Forearm/fist grinding

Generally this seems to involve sitting upright and pressing their body weight into their forearm, or laying down on their stomach, grinding into their fist. Fairly still outwardly, but quite a workout with lots of muscle tension.

3. Water pressure

This goes beyond the trusty ‘ol showerhead (which is very popular in itself). Bathtub faucets and jacuzzi jets are also favorite ways to get off for some women. Whether it be discreetly in a hotub surrounded by people or in the privacy of their own bathroom, water pressure is a very prevalent way that women relieve their own built up “pressure”.

4. Power of the mind

Some women actually get off by the power of their own minds. They can actually orgasm by focusing on feelings of arousal and breathing deeply- and not actually touching themselves at all.

5. Crossed leg seating position, grinding on heels

A way that many women have discovered sexual pleasure seems to be inadvertently grinding on things- like when sitting cross legged and rocking back and forth on the heel of their foot.

6. Household objects for insertion

There are a lot of objects found around a home that can work as a dildo or penetrative device. Personally, I have shot a wide variety of things that models enjoy and have brought to shoots. Some of these are: wooden spoon, whisk, can opener (2 handles, DP style), markers, vegetables and fruits, bottles, lipstick, mascara, a (dulled) knife (I don’t encourage anyone to try that one)…

7. Electric toothbrush

I have shot multiple models with electric toothbrushes. One even had burned the bristles off of hers so they’d be out of the way! Generally it seems that when women use their toothbrushes to masturbate, they don’t continue to use them for their mouths. It becomes a cheap sex toy that they keep re-buying when it dies. Alternatively, I’ve also heard a model tell a story about using her family’s spendier electric toothbrush and just switching out the heads.

8. Kegels

Sometimes with Ben Wa balls inside, sometimes just contracting pelvic muscles til orgasm. When models have brought the balls they are generally pretty excited about them, and spreading the good word on how amazing they are.

9. Humping soft things

Couches, beds, blankets, plush stuffed animals, pillows… soft object humping seems to be about the friction, positioning, comfort and convenience.

10. Humping hard furniture

Sinks, counters, tables, barstools… are a few scenes that I’ve shot with humping. When it comes to humping hard furniture, it seems to be about the right shape, positioning, and using their whole body- things can get pretty sweaty. When it comes to picking spots, I’ve seen models scan rooms and feel up different corners and edges to find something just right.

These less-heard-of methods came about organically, in an accidental (or otherwise) “Aha!” moment. Experimentation is great, as is losing shame about experiencing pleasure from methods that might seem unconventional. I assure you- whatever gets you off, is likely more common than you think.


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would it be presumptuous of one so newly settled in your realm to
suggest an eleventh method? as I moved through your post I kept
feeling a delicious dread that number four or number seven on your list would be the method I mean and that perhaps you might have visited me in the tide pool and that I'd forgotten you. for "human being" was not my first choice to manifest when I landed here. the animal that seemed to have the most fun--and that's what I came to earth for--is the nudibranch. for many seasons I lived as one. in a tide pool frequented by snorkelers. what they soon discovered and I delighted in is that there's nothing more delicious to the human touch than something tongue-like--particularly something so willing to explore and palpate as a nudibranch. or at least me as a nudibranch. for that's what I was to them: a resilient palpating sentient living tongue as dependable as the morning tide. s'pose sex with a naughty nudibranch wouldn't really be masturbation so much as bestiality--but hey, in for a penny . . .

Ah ha Mondo you old sea slug! I expect nothing less from you. Luckily you have landed in a pond with some of the more open and curious individuals this marble has to muster :)

nudibranch doesn't exactly strike a chord--'less you've been one--but
seaslug is definitely revolting. who gets to name things? sea-tongue
comes closer to the mark. and say, if you've time check out video of
the nudibranchs who change colors. coming in colors if you will.

Haha, I googled nudibranch! I think it might take some people a lot of convincing to get down with a sea slug... but it's pretty!

I love this empowering post! Have you checked out #teamgirlpowa yet? They might be a good place to drop some of your stuff!

Hello “Other Lily", I just saw you in there- thank you! :)

Haha, I was also thinking “other Lily” but about you. :) See you around!


I was just talking to a friend today that is in the erotica industry. We have different POV about issues but if somehow that into the whole demure woman problem. Too many ladies don’t know how their junk works and so they lack confidence, which alternately really only leaves their partners then to seek certain satisfaction elsewhere. I’m not saying this lady‘s fault that you look at porn or that they cheat, I’m just saying that they would have a leg to stand on in “Fighting back” against insecurities on a number of levels. Informative post and more needed than many of us realize.

Education and empowerment are totally key.

The bots where I come from use the oil can. I appreciated this window into human sexuality, it all makes a lot more sense now to me. Much love

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<3 no prob @humanbot. We’re not so different- oil can be pretty great- I like coconut oil ;)

I think the toothbrush thing is pretty genius! I wonder if anyone has made it into a vribrating dildo, I am sure you could fit something dick shaped over top haha.

Hahah yes the name of the game with improvised sex toys is ingenuity.

Miss @lillycampbell hello, my name is ... what’s my name what is it... oh f*ck it . Who cares.
I like your vibe, kinda crazy , definitely daring. I enjoy everything you have shared.
There, I said it. 🚬✨🦋✨

:) thanks @lorilikes!

Thanks for sharing. I am not a woman but it is good to know.

You're welcome @technological. Thanks for reading!

@lilycampbell realy loved reading this blog, i lurnt a lot as man, greetings

Hi @jackjohanneshemp, glad to help :)

Good subject, sometimes we have erogenous zones that we need to wake up, for lack of curiosity or simply that we are already busy in routine pleasures, thanks for sharing this post.

Yes, mixing it up is a great!

Love seeing this @lilycampbell !! Thanks for promoting female masturbation with these creative techniques. My current favourite is number 4. Thinking off is possible for anyone that can focus on breath and intention. Curious how? Check out this video from the founder of #urbantantra Barbara Carrellas.

How to have a breath and energy orgasm - YouTube