Doctors Kill More Babies Than Guns.

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Doctors kill more people than guns in the U.S.A., not to mention the mass
murder committed daily by the F.D.A., and now the government wants to
force us all to go get shot, by the doctors, not the guns, not yet anyway.

It's an American Holocaust. Don't believe me, look at the numbers.

Check out the subject of 'iatrogenic death' or death by doctor.

Dr. John Bergman discusses the dangers of vaccines, the government's
attempt to outlaw free speech about this subject, and how the vaccines
actually cause the diseases they are supposed to prevent, among many
other things.

He addresses the irrational religion of pro-vaccination, the fraudulent
story that vaccines wiped out polio and smallpox. We have been lied to on
an incredible scale, but the lies are demonstrable and comprehensible by
most. Please think before accepting the pro-vaccine propaganda as truth,
it is not truth. The governments are now trying to mandate the provable
premeditated murder of a segment of the population under the guise of
their protection. This must be stopped.

Exposing the Truth about Vaccines


"Viennese journalist Jane Burgermeister filed documents with the Vienna
prosecutor’s office on April 8th, 2009 accusing vaccine producer Baxter AG,
its US parent, Baxter International, and Avir Green Hills Biotechnology of
intentionally contaminating a 72-kilogram shipment of conventional flu
vaccine with live H5N1 (bird flu) virus."

Her part of the interview, she delivers in English, starting at 2:48


If you have been a victim of the government and medical industry's
attempts to murder the People, there may be the possibility of mitigation
of harm. Detox can be dangerous, inform yourself before you start.

Dr Dan Pompa on 'Vaccines Revealed'


Dr. Thomas Cowan on vaccines, ultrasound, and more.
The interview starts at about 12:00


This is war.

This is public notice to those promoting mandatory vaccination.
If you come at me with your mandates and needles, you are taking your life
in your hands. I will defend myself by all means possible, regardless of the
outcome for you.

Come at me if you dare, you authoritarian pieces of garbage.

Keep your laws off my body, and I'll keep my self defense off of yours.

None of this is to be construed as medical advice.


I don't remember having seen any of these video on vaccines thus I can't tell if I agree with any of their conclusion.

I have seen at least one study on the fact that medical errors are the 3rd leading cause of death in the USA.

I've also read a lot about the obfuscation of some truths in regard to adverse effect to vaccines and vaccines in general.

Everyone should value not blindly trusting medical authorities which cannot be ever fully trusted because it is foolish to expect anyone to always make the best decision. We cannot even expect this from ourselves. There is a real need for people to realize those truth.

Agreed. Thank you for your comments and support.

I do my best to review all media that I link in my posts. If you find factual flaws, please do let me know. I don't like spreading misinformation.

When at all possible it is best for the individual to take their health into their own hands, and make decisions for themselves.

When at all possible it is best for the individual to take their health into their own hands, and make decisions for themselves.

I'd say, always, it is always better individual to take their health into their own hands, and make decisions for themselves. Sure, sometimes people can't operate on themselves for example but they should be in a position to recognize this simple truth and take the decision that is required thus ultimately our health is always in our own hands.

Just like everyone knows that it is foolish to blindly follow the orders of a superior of any organization, it is also foolish to blindly follow the recommendation of any Doctors without trying to understand ourselves what should and shouldn't be done.

Indeed. I couldn't have said it better.

I think it's ok to ask a second opinion from other Doctors...thanks for the info @lifeworship and @teamsteem. Followed you both.

Thank you.

I like being able to bounce ideas off other people. It's part of what I use Steemit to do. Ultimately, the choice is personal, and understanding is integral to the success of the individual.

You're right, blindly trusting medical authorities is one of society's biggest problems.

Interesting, thanks for sharing your thoughts

Thank you very much, and you are very welcome.

that is why Bill is saying we have to reduce population and viccines will help:

Didn't Bill Gates' father found Planned Parenthood? I believe he did and Billy is continuing the Gates' legacy of eugenics. He and his wife Melinda should be tried for crimes against humanity and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation should be forced to transform itself into a vaccine injury compensatory mechanism coming to the aid of the untold hundreds of thousands of children and families harmed by their "philanthropic," pernicious vaccine protocols in mainly developing countries.


Margaret Sanger founded Planned Parenthood. But Bill Gates Sr. did serve on the board, apparently. I agree with you re the harm done by Jr.'s foundation.

Agreed. The Gates are easily on par with any murderous eugenicist you'd care to name.

I do not understand, he actually says vaccines will help reducing the population so the multiplication of the production of CO2 nears zero.
How is that vaccines help reduce population exactly ?

I think you do know we all know - why you think instead of helping people in Africa by getting them clean water they vaccinate them for rotaviruses - that is nuts

But if its so obvious how is that is not commented everywhere, as blatant as such information is. Sometimes reality really confuses me.

By killing people, I expect.

That is crazy, did he just F*** up and say the opposite of what he meant to say? but at the same time means what he said?

Quite possible, you maybe right. However why would be put it in vaccines reference? I thought they were suppose to increase life. For population control, he should have had advocated withdrawing vaccines instead. With a "senior moment" his verbiage would be significantly different.

I wish they focus more on nutrition, but i guess they have a deeper agenda, besides there no profit for healthy people after all, remember in pharmaceutical industry either your a client or a potential client, and they are just part of 1 big agenda, to reduce the population as mentioned by Bill gates in one of his Ted talks. They want to keep people week, unable to reproduce and mindfucked so we all obey to what they want. I myself as a nurse strongly oppose vaccines for myself or kids, but every year it gets harder and harder to refuse as im running out of options and choices to oppose

Agreed, agreed, agreed, with the rising rates of disease everyone should be taking an interest in their health and diet.

We are at war with those who would enslave or kill us for profit. Stand strong, and if they use force to vaccinate you, you may be able to file charges of war crime against them in the World court at the Hague, or possibly signatory countries.

We must speak this truth, mandatory vaccination is war crime. Speaking it may prevent us from having to use force in the use of self defense. Make no mistake, anyone forcing you to vaccinate is trying to kill you.

Good luck, speak the truth always. Thank you.

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Thank you, thank you, and thank you.

Followed as well.

Thank you...Adore your username, too...Cheers!!!

Thank you...Adore your username, too...Cheers!!!

Importent information.. Thanks for share. @lifeworship

I propse a huge human trial:
Group 1: The vaccers: these are families that will be 100% vaccinated with every known and accepted vaccine. I propose at lease 100 families.
Group 2: The non-vaccers: these are families that will be 100% with out vaccines, and again I propose at least 100 families.

House them, in geographically isolated areas, say east coast and west cost. Allow normal travel, and movement of the 200 families. After two generations, see which of the families have been infected with illnesses. Sure this will take some time, but at the end of it, when 20% of the non-vaccers can't walk due to polio, and another 10% are killed off from measles, we will see just who's ideas were better. Are you willing to take me up on my study?

We already have these groups:
Group 1; swedish population. The typical swede wants to get all possible vaccinations and can wait hours to get flu vaccin every year
Group 2: Anthroposophics mainly in Germany and England. Can lead to virus outbreak because of the vaccine coverage is limited.

There are more "groups" around too. I think we already really knew what the outcomes would be, but sometimes pointing out the obvious helps people see it clearly.

"Polio" persists to this day under new names: Acute flaccid paralysis, aseptic meningitis, Guillaume Barre Syndrome, etc. etc. Viruses such as EV D-68 are paralysing people, dooming them to modernised iron lungs, called "respirators." Why don't we hear much about these? There isn't a vaccine marketing machine instilling panic over them, herding people towards the syringe... yet.

Absolutely if, you have the funding, I can use the knowledge, techniques, and technologies available to me at present, and if I don't have to cripple 20% and kill 10% of the people just because that's how you think the world should work.

I would predict that at least 30% of your 'vaccers' have long term debilitation from autoimmune disorders initiated by the vaccines.

No because there is no control set...Also because I would never want to condone harming or killing the 100 families that were vaccinated.

is this really true, i know vaccines saves life but with this post i might take a look at it and do my research

Vaccines also take lives, which is why it must always remain a free, uncoerced choice.

That would require true informed consent. If everyone was informed truthfully about what vaccines really are and how they are a part of the toxic soup that has brought about massive disease, failed health, especially cancer and autoimmune diseases and is not only dumbing down our population but devolving our DNA they wouldn't even be considered as an option that anyone sane or seeking to maintain good health would ever consider.

I would recommend looking into anything the 'experts' tell you.

In my humble opinion, and I went to school for Genetic Engineering, vaccines are nothing more than man-made Biological Weapons of Genocide & Population Control. Diseases never used to jump species before them, either. Pharmaceutical companies were well aware that vaccines cause cancer and destroy the immune system way back when they were working with the polio vaccine and it was hushed. A great way to set up a steady supply of consumers/victims to profit from. There is no debate around vaccines when you understand biochemistry and how they have manufactured other biological weapons like AIDS, Swine Flu, Zika, etc and spread them through the mass vaccination campaign...and even as I said, as a weapon of genocide by spreading AIDS all over Africa and other parts of the world in the name of "aid" to foreign countries at our taxpayer expense. HIV is just a virus and does not "cause" AIDS. The extremely expensive designer AIDS drugs will kill you a lot faster than the weaponized virus alone will, too. Marketing genius from a corporate collective of sociopaths. AMA should stand for Approved Murderers Association. The only thing about our "conventional" allopathic pharmaceutical-based "medicine" that has value is for trauma. Every other application is oxymoronic because toxic poisons will NEVER bring about health or homeostasis.

They know Social Security is going broke, so they have to find some way to thin the human herd!!! Moooooooooo!!!!

Just my 2 cents


As always I upvote/follow/resteem those that do the same for me. Just don't spam my feed or will unfollow/mute.

Thank you for your comments and support.

The payments promised are coming due on many fronts. Social security is but one. I think they may have squeezed just a bit too hard with their recent moves to defund civilization to fill their own pockets. They have certainly made an eternal enemy of me.

Pensions will fall along with social security, and both of these are promises that were traded for actual work. The retired are going to be angry. This is not even mentioning the entitlement class, the welfare takers who did nothing to pay into SS or a pension. For some reason the entitlement class, including immigration criminals, are more adamant that they 'get theirs' than are those who actually contribute.

The welfare state cannot be sustained. Too much has been promised to too many. When the welfare state goes under, so will foreign aid.

Manipulations of environmentalism figure into it as well. This 'human caused climate change' for instance, is actually austerity in disguise. It is an excuse for those in power to line their pockets, all the while telling us to make ourselves smaller, and have less children. Now our population is in decline, so their fix is to import the entire third world. This is an obvious ruse at the People's expense.

There are many more aspects of this. It is an attack on all fronts, meant to bewilder.

We built this world, not the media promoted figureheads, who are trying to steal everything and blame the rest of us for the results.

Well stated and very calmly. People have no other option now but to wakeup and face the dark truths of our world (that most of what is "collectively" taught to be the status quo by the LameStream Media and Corporate funded Universities isn't anything like we have been told) and grow or go by choice or lack thereof.

Social Security isn't going broke, it has been stolen by those in government for themselves and others. You are aware that your birth certificate is a stock on the stock market and that that money which earns a varied amount but is held as a TDA Treasury Deposit Acct. which is supposed to pay for all your living expenses survival needs yet is kept from you? You only get a tiny little bit when you retire or become disabled. The politicians are forging economic slavery and war on the American people. For fractional reserve banking when you take out a mortgage...that mortagage is actually paid for by your birth certifcate stock but the bank still collects from you (which is criminal fraud) and even charges you interest for giving them the right to create money out of thin air...and lend out 9 times what you "borrowed" to others.

None of it is going broke, not even the People. It's just that the People are not being informed that they are wealthy beyond their imaginings, so that the wealth can be stolen, and the People kept under control.

Do you know about the CAFR? This is the comprehensive annual financial report. It details the financial state of the U.S. government, and shows that We the People actually own the controlling interest in many of the world's global corporations. If the People realized this we could use our vote as shareholders to stop much of the control system that is killing us.

Yes I am. One of my closest and dearest friends in 3d is Caleb Skinner, one of the OPPT trustees who hand-served the Rothchilds a Claim of Slavery demanding they cease and desist at both the City of London and to their House Council in Zurich. I also was one of the people bringing out how some finally gained access to their TDAs/birth certificate trust accounts before the Banksters wielded chaos to scramble everything...It is the people sti consenting to the system that is killing us all for sure!!!

Sorry, I didn't know you are in the U.K.

Does the U.K. government have an equivalent to the CAFR?

I have seen the securities number on my own birth (berth) certificate. It's a good thing that I am not a piece of paper, but I'd rather not have a securities number associated with my person.

You are wise and led by your intuition without the "knowledge". I was born on Martha's Vineyard in the fraudulent Commonwealth of MA but left over 3 years ago because my particular community who adulates, adores, and worships not only materialism but the values of the W.A.S.P.s, never mind dreams to have them as a client or rub elbows with them. They have no interest in waking up to the truth because like humanity as a collective still perceive these people to be capable of giving us power or freedom which could not be further from the truth. Even Hitlery & OBummer have hell lives because they have been born into Satanic Ritual Abuse, torture, pedophilia, and abuse but chose to be abusers over taking a stand against the execrable behaviour of their parents!

I wish more people knew that power, and freedom cannot be given to us as we already have them. All that remains is for us to realize it and exercise our power and our freedom.

I agree Whole-Heartedly BroStar @lifeworship...<3 <3 <3

Well it's mandatory in Italy now and the people are pissed off.

It looks like the authoritarians are having another go at the people.

I declare eternal, total war against all authoritarians who impose their will by violence and violation of the natural rights of individuals. No amount of force is too great when defending ourselves against these monsters.

Agreed...We're facing a legion of Krakens!!!

Happily, it's not compulsory in Ireland......yet!

Excellent, I do hope it stays that way.

Great post and most important message indeed. The crimes of the vaccine mafia and its gang of government and media big shots can hardly be overstated. I frequently blog about the lies of the lamestream and propaganda that brainwashes parents on vaccines and drugs.

Thank you for your comments. It is always good to meet another warrior for life, and truth.


What do you think about eradication and elimination of many diseases thanks to vaccines? See some statistics below for India for instance.

I found an interesting graph which says exactly the opposite, which is that health and proper food is way better than vaccines. It is just another piece of information that I havent produced myself, but then again, is equally valid for this discussion.

And the source comes from and incredibly revealing link:

Id like to hear about your thoughts after you have a look at the link´s contents. Thanks

Thank you for your support, and for being a thinking person.

Steem on.

I don't understand why we should expect effective vaccines to necessarily have a larger outcome on disease prevention than clean water or proper food. Our goal is to completely eradicate these diseases.

If vaccines play an important role for fighting against diseases and epidemics, they are worth it. It doesn't have to be they're the only drive.

For instance, if you got bitten by a rabid dog would you get a rabies shot or not?

Are you implying it is more important to eradicate illnesses than poisoning children?

Why is it poisoning?

I thought you knew... would you like a full list of ingredients of the typical vaccine? For example all vaccines carry Aluminum, which if you didnt know it acts as neuro-toxin.
Let me ask you , are you taking the seasonal flu shot every year ?

I think I got a flu shot once or twice.

If you use aluminum cookware, you consume a small amount of aluminum which doesn't pose a risk. So, the question is if the amount of aluminum in vaccines is dangerous.

Oh my. No wonder you defend vaccines. So you think there is no different between having Aluminum injected or ingested.

Well!, long story short there a huge difference, since the digesting system absorbs a very small amount of Aluminum, you know since it is toxic the body does not allow its absorption in big quantities.

Also, if you did not realize :) taking a shot means having a lot of Aluminum at once in the blood stream, not distributed in time as when using the Aluminum cookware.

Seasonal flu shots have Mercury as well, a bigger poison, good luck with that. Then again for some reason flu virus changes quicker than the production of vaccines, so you may be injecting ´stuff´ for nothing :D

Are you having the flu shot this year? Media suggests flu is going to be really bad next season ...

Eradicating illnesses means saving children.

I do not agree. There are life threatening illnesses which would be great to eradicate, and then never vaccinate on again (unlike now), but there are also mild illnesses that makes the body stronger, like measles, that if you get when you are older you may die, as you already knew.

This is a giant topic, which would require going vaccine by vaccine and looking at the historical factors and evidence. I encourage you to do that, and listen to opposing views on it. You'll find examples like with polio, where the vaccine release coincided with redefining its diagnostic criteria among other shady things. You've heard the expression, "lies, damned lies, and statistics?" It's rampant with vaccines. If you're interested, I can suggest several sources to start with.

Let's talk about smallpox then. What are the reasons that the smallpox is eradicated?

It was never eradicated. It was renamed. Monkey pox is still extant.

The decrease in infection rates came about by way of sanitation, hygiene, and improvements in knowledge of nutrition.

Seems like it's related but different than smallpox:

How do you know it's not the combination of all the factors that decrease the infection rates? Why do you single out the vaccination?

Look at the timeline.

Yes. It looks like it's a combination of multiple factors.

Infographics are not education. You might benefit from doing more reading and staying away from the infographics until you are done.

What's education for you? watching youtube videos?? lol

UPVOTED. very good. I would be happy if you like to follow me and give your opinion about my posts. Thanks :D

Statistically, Doctors kill more humans than guns. Not just babies...

Even just babies, but the 'babies' in the title was more provocative.

Yep, more provocative.

Great post Sir:) Keep exposing the fuckers! Staying away from all their fucking shit

If you come at me with your mandates and needles, you are taking your life
in your hands. I will defend myself by all means possible, regardless of the
outcome for you.

Amen buddy :-) Bring them on! In the 2-3 years I've become aware and done so much research that it is crazy I'm glad you get the upvotes! I'm sick and tired defending myself but a post from @krnel opened my eyes. No use in convincing those who want to hold on to their belief. Very true.

So glad I came accross you great people! Time to get more in. Just wrote to Visual Capitalist if they'd be interested in opening an account.

More value there where it is welcomed no? :-)

Thank you for your comments and support.

I started out on the back foot, defending myself, until I noticed that the people attacking me have absolutely no valid arguments. They just keep parroting the same stories they were told. Unluckily for them, I was told the same stories, and was able to find my way past them. The same refutations of the transparent lies that got me past the indoctrination are the same that are easily used to show the believers for what they are.

I've moved from defending myself to using it as opportunity to demonstrate to other potential thinkers the fallacies of the dogma. I haven't run across any attacker that has any reasoned or well defended argument.

Since I've come here to Steemit, I am amazed at the number of thinkers I find here. I thought, for years, that I was the voice in the wilderness. I felt like a Cassandra. No one I know in my 'meat space' life uses reason at any but the most basic level.

It is refreshing to find so many people who are thinking and learning without falling into dogma.

Terrible truth :( Medicine should help people but in many situations, it's the opposite. Where is the conscience of doctors? I hope it will be changed. Thanks for your post @lifeworship. Our society wants to be more conscious.

Thank you.

I agree.

There are several posts against vaccinating children on this site. It is unfortunate that there isn't a way for you all to be able to chat with one another. Or perhaps there is and I am unaware. Thanks for the post. 🐓🐓

I usually chat in the comments section of posts to exchange knowledge. This allows me to be anonymous in case psychopaths like @serggioc become dangerous.

Really informative.... Do share like this

Thank you, I'll keep doing my best to find the best information that I can.

I still don't know what to believe on this subject but your post certainly raises questions and makes one question society and modern medicine @lifeworship. Thanks for the eye opening post. Upvoted and resteemed.

Thank you for the comment and support.

Let me know if there are any unanswered questions, or points I might have missed. There are so many aspects to this subject.

I am impressed by the videos ! So many knowledgeable people talking about the evil of vaccines, it might actually be true.
Is this related to the fact that the life expectancy in the states has actually decreased for the first time in History?

Thank you, I hope it helps inform.

There are many reasons for the decrease in life expectancy. This is definitely a part of it. Between the vaccination and the industrially produced food-like substances we're being fed, we don't need enemies. The list of modern health threats grows quite extensive of late.

One of the most lucrative and multi-billion dollar company is: the health system. If you are healthy, millions of dollar will lose.

I got vaccinated as many others when I was a child. Nothing happend. Atleast not something we can see from the outside. This is the thing that people might not realize. You do not see what it damages. In the worst case you get a handicap or die. That is always why you must check what the ingredients are of the shot and see what the ingredients might do to you. Thanks for the post and making people aware.

Thank you for your comments.

Some of the effects are cumulative, some depend on the vaccine, the batch, and the person. I received several vaccines before there was observable injury. Still, it happened.

The ingredients that I've seen are questionable, at least, and some are known dangers, like aluminum.

Yes I am aware that they might use also toxic ingredients. Sorry to hear it had visible effects on you.

It took me more than thirty years, but I'm back to mostly full function. The years that vaccination took from me will never be gotten back, but in the process of restoring my health I learned many things that I might not have otherwise. Not everyone is so fortunate to survive the learning process.

As a result of the learning process, I don't get sick anymore. It has been six years since I've had a cold or flu. I've even cleared up a few chronic conditions that I originally accepted as a normal part of life, they weren't.

Thank you, I appreciate your concern.

So happy to hear you overcome the chronic conditions. No one should go through such process. What did you learn in this process to not to get sick anymore. What I know is that when a person does not eat processed foodand eats natural, one does not have to get sick. Do you have any recommendations on top of it?

I've had to discover quite a bit about my biology by elimination and addition diets. Nightshades, grains, nuts, pasteurized milk, are a few of the things to which I eventually developed a reaction. Since I fixed my health I'm not as sensitive to them anymore. After dozens of alterations I settled on a combination of an alkaline diet and a Bulletproof diet. I'm not exactly strict about it, but it has allowed me to recognize which foods and timing of foods build me up and which ones tear me down.

If you have mold anywhere near your living space get rid of it.

Above all, the thing that helped me the most, is this, specifically the blood electrification part.

These are all my opinions, and things that worked for me may not work for everyone.

If you are interested in any of the things listed, let me know I'll tell you anything that I know about it. It has been a long road, and there is much more detail than just this, but these are the basics.

bingo. Like some people are thin outside and could be quite unhealthy inside with fatty organs.

vaccinations can indeed harm people according to some videos that I watched, and I have to question that why people in the past live healthier and longer without such vacations and pharmaceutical companies. They tend to use natural remedies which is effective.

Thanks for such useful info and for reminding people @lifeworship ;)

Thank you for your comments.

I agree with what you've said, though I have found a few things that are definitely not natural to help me maintain my health.

Mostly, healthy diet, not the food pyramid, and proper exercise are the sources of good health, but I'll use anything that benefits.

I agree with you , we basically need a healthy active lifestyle to maintain our well-being ;))
may you be gifted with happy life and goodhealth @lifeworship #beblessed <3

For sure they do. Legalized pre-murder

I was always questioning why they'd refer to it as a 'practice'.

practicing, always practicing not to kill people I guess?

I guess. If they keep practicing do you think they'll get any better?

They should also be learning from other doctors and not institutions that are based on profit; i think thats the root of the problem.

But as well, without proper analysis and statistics of their cases maybe they won't even learn from their OWN work on patients. Especially if they believe in the mainstream allopathic medicine as their dogma.

I think many doctors believe their learning process stopped the day they acquired their indoctrination degree, and their license to 'practice'. Many doctors would call themselves scientists, but almost none of them employ the scientific method in their process. The dogma usually prevents this.

Modern allopathic medicine operates more like a religion than a science. It is rife with the appeals from authority that set the doctor up as the arbiter of immutable knowledge. The thinking, curious people are too often pushed aside with a wave of the hand and uttering an ad hominem of some sort, rather than addressing the information or argument.

yeah; a lack of recognition that 'knowledge' can be led down the wrong rabbit whole and thus become irrelevant. Need a holistic balance to today's medical schooling.

Need a holistic balance, or at least more than only one semester of nutrition for a medical degree/license.

Thanks for sharing such a valuable truth. In our country too, lots of people are victimised with doctors mistreatment and out dated drugs. Now little bit conciousness raises among people of our country too.

We are being attacked on all fronts. Mercury fillings in teeth are a giant issue. I myself have suffered for years silently until i had a realization maybe last week of all my health issues and the s/s of mercury poisoning.

Agreed. Dr. Dan Pompa is an excellent source for understanding safe detoxification. He has many videos available on youtube. Let me know if you are interested in other resources. Mercury, fluoride, and aluminum are three of the worst.

Look into the "quicksilver protocol" for mercury toxicity. All the best.

Having an advance vaccine directive card may be a valuable tool using the right to informed consent, and it is worldwide. this overrides any new mandatory laws with earlier law that is protective.

From the site: “The Advance Vaccine Directive is a valid Advance Health Directive or Living Will binding on the medical community under the law of Informed Consent. The Wallet Card our legal team developed is based on the latest US Supreme Court “I Do Not Consent” case, Missouri vs McNeely (2013). It covers circumstances in which you may find yourself facing not-consented vaccination, such as being brought into an ER and being subjected to immediate vaccination.” Ralph Fucetola JD

Agreed. Dr. Laibow is a great proponent of medical and nutritional liberty.

Thank you for the comments and link.

The war of 'people convinced they are right' continues. There have even been cases of vaccines forced onto children at gunpoint in Africa, which turned out to be the live form of the vaccine - which was never intended for use in America, but was shipped to Africa!
Get a shot or get shot - either way you die!
Upvoted and Resteemed!

Forced vaccination is a crime against humanity. But to clarify your comment, the live polio vaccine was used in the USA from about 1961 up until about 1987. However, you're correct that the US first tests vaccines out on the rest of the world, and ships defective ones overseas for "charitable" use.

Thank you for your comments and the link.

Mr. Nkuba is an excellent speaker for his cause.

I got a bellyRub and this post has received a 2.06 % upvote from @bellyrub thanks to: @dwhntx.

Thank you very much.

Live, liberty, and property for all.

You are the picture of a perfect american idiot! Always full of shit and themselves! I really hope you lock up all the borders and don't let anyone in or out because you are a real threat to the world!!

Why do you dipshits think that always has to be a conspiracy theory on everything?? Are you sick or something?? You have really big issues on those "intelligent" brains.

What next?? The earth is a cube???

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Get your vaccines...idiots...

If you have proof of safety and effectiveness, I'd sure like to hear it.

All the information demonstrating they're not is readily available to any who can read.

Ad hominems do not change facts.

Surely you jest....vaccines confer zero immunity; only cause harm; and should be abstained from at ALL costs.

There are some pretty nasty"bugs" out there, you guys should check it out as I see you like to "research"
so much (reliable sources this time please).
They gave me immunity...And they'll give you immunity too and avoid others to get infected.

They'll give damage, injury, and death too. They certainly injured me almost to death.

Apparently this was too much to read, 'There are technologies that are safer, cheaper, and more effective than vaccines. Vaccines are archaic, and the ones being produced now are full of toxins.' from a previous comment.

You were told that your lack of disease came from vaccines, and you believed it without ever looking further, apparently. Hygiene, sanitation, and nutrition, it turns out, are responsible for all of the claims made for vaccines.

From your "research" I can see you are not open to learning new things, rather than just parroting that which you heard one time.

Nasty bugs abound, and I don't know if you've noticed, but your precious medical establishment, from whom you seem to believe all good things flow, is making the bugs worse by their irresponsible, ill thought out actions.

There's risks everywhere you look at and you know that. Every medical procedure can carry risks but the benefits far far far exceed the risks!! That's why with all the medical tools, procedures, research and knowledge are allowing people to live longer. (Go check the average life expectancy over time) hygiene and nutrition also contributes yes.

I'll leave Research (Real scientific Research!) to professionals who know better than me and you and all that are parroting here.

If your alternatives are homeopathy don't even start...

I'm well aware of bacteria resistance, another reason to take vaccines. ;)

Professionals have an economic interest in people believing that they can't do it themselves. I'll depend on myself.

Your comments show a profound lack of knowledge that is the reason many people today are ill. Dependence is a good way to get killed by a system that treats, for profit, without doing proper testing.

If you leave it to people who you think know better than you, you may be right, but not everyone is as limited as that. With the proper thought tools most people can learn to take care of themselves.

If there is no economic or any other interest they wouldn't do it most probably!
Imagine we still living in the stone age dying with a simple flu complication and having life expectancy of 20 years.

"most people can learn to take care of themselves??" lol yeah right...
Ok, enlighten people with your bullshit, go ahead.

I try to benefit those who know more than ad hominem attack and appeal from authority as methods of discourse.

Move along now and go do what you are told, if that is your chosen path.

Obviously you have not researched life expectancy. Or you would have found Weston A. Price and his research. around 1900 when he did his studies, he was a dentist and he studied at least 4 or 5 populations around the world like the Hunzas and the people of Vilcabamba that lived in isolated areas where they didn't have white flour or white sugar. These people ate 70 % of their food raw, small amounts of animal products, and they not only lived regularly to about 150 years of age, but they actually bore children until they were 100! They had no word for the "common cold" and died peacefully in their sleep fr the most part. We do NOT have a higher life expectancy now. There are even way older accounts of people living for hundreds and even thousands of years much further back in history. Actually, one of our 64 DNA codons that isn't activated in our genome is a gene for immortality...but it is turned off because most people do not believe that that is possible according to epigenetics. Lastly, your last statement, "I'm well aware of bacteria resistance, another reason to take vaccines." could not be more incorrect. We do not build up any "resistance" to the most potent natural antibiotics like oregano oil, colloidal silver, or an Ayurvedic blend of turmeric, cinnamon, raw honey, and black pepper. Flooding a population with toxic pharmaceutical vaccines causes resistance and the vast majority of the population to die off but 3% will mutate to be resistant. This is where staph and MRSA come from.

Lol 150...that is some fine birth certificates they had in the seventy century. Omg so you really believe that?

I have done all the filing and one of my dear close personal friends that I spent the winter snowbaording with in Bulgaria is Caleb Skinner, one of the Trustees for the OPPT, One People's Public Trust, filings in 2012 that filed to undue all the UCC-1 corporate charters for all the fraudulent banks and governments of the world that were all listed as private corporations in the sovereign state of Washington D.C. that were previously "legally" (Maritime Admiralty Law which is applicable only to dead "legal" entities yet not living men or women, even though they were fraudulently given the rights of a living woman /man and called a"person" without any of the liabilities of one. I no longer live as a slave in the modern babylon/Rome/Crusades, etc...I am a free sovereign soul beholden to n man or fraudulent alleged external authority/mobster/government/or entity. I can help you break out if you wish! But most people have a love affair with their emotional attachment to being a slave because it is easier than doing the emotional healing and thus the work and acceptance of how you were defrauded, lied to, taken advantgae of, and built your life thus on a fraudulent cracked and broken foundation. I do not apologize for speaking my truth but I do innerstand and have compassion for you as I did the same once a very long time ago and desire to help if you choose growing over going or enslavement of body, spirit, mind, and soul. Sovereignty, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual is you Natural Law birthright as a human and you unknowingly have given your consent to be human trafficked for your life force without knowing it by those you loved and/or trusted. The good news is that even though this is true, the place you will be after you integrate it all feeling like you are dying is a much better reality and most likely from your language completely impossible from your current perspective that I can guarantee is at least 10 octaves higher than your self-limiting beliefs llow you to perceive...Amama, Aho..and hopefully Espavo...Cheers...<3 <3 <3

obviously 99% of your knowledge and "research" was created from unreliable sources over the internet. That was a total waste of time. You have no idea what you're saying. Lol

You are absolutely incorrect and either innocent in cognitive dissonance or a paid troll for the Elite Sociopathological Satanic Bankster War Moner Pedophiles of Power who have enslaved this planet through fraudulent monarchies, then religion, especially the Vatican, then governement, and now science as well professing that they are the ultimate authority and Gods to obey and give your life force to. I went to school on scholarship for Genetic Engineering, was in Who's Who Among American Hgh School Students, A Presidential Scholar (in the top 100 students in the country but I didn't get to meet Reagan because he was shot that year), I was invited into Mensa at age 11, and had my IQ measured after many years of trauma and Kundalini Awakening still at 168, though it is probably much higher now. You are the total waste of time who obviously has not done their due dilligence and research. GodDess bless you on your awakening to the truth, though you do have the free will choice to just go if you do not have the heart, courage, strength, and thus open mind to grow and realise that it is time to revisit you self-limiting beliefs that are Flintstone age and have kept you enslaved in the prison of your own ego. Then apply the new download/perspective you get and upgrade your hardware. Infinite Blissings...I wish you no harm whether you are simply innocent or ignorant...Steem On!!!...Cheers...<3 <3 <3

Agreed fellow truthwarrior...Cheers...<3

Actually that is quite ironic because from my perspective after much research and empirical experience reversing autism in is the vaccinated population that is getting dumber and are mentally, emotionally, and spiritually devolved.

Interesting, let's hope people will start searching for studies themselves, on official sources of course global sources since some might hide the others.
May it also be noted, I Don't support anyone taking this article specifically and believing it straight, but I do wish you'd all spend some time to actually get informed about your health. And ultimately your rights.

Everyone who can, should become their own advocate in the integrity their mind, health and natural law.

Doctors save far more lifes.

You may want to look into that statement a bit more. The medical industry should be limited to setting broken bones, sewing up holes, and the like.

There are technologies that are safer, cheaper, and more effective than vaccines. Vaccines are archaic, and the ones being produced now are full of toxins. If we could fire the FDA, we could all be much healthier and more free this time tomorrow.

You are partly right, but your general statement is wrong. I"m not a fan of vaccination, but some vaccines are quite useful especially if you are at high risk for exposure.
A proper advantage-disadvantage calculation is necessary to avoid useless and maybe harmful side effects (ex: Pandemix -narcolepsy), but on the other hand take necessary vaccinations.
I know people suffering their whole life from a polio infection and that"s why my children are vaccinated.

I was injured by vaccines. I would avoid all vaccines at all costs, and find the better alternatives.

I avoid vaccins too especially flu vaccines, but everything is relative. Imagine you"ve got infected with rabies.

you're pathetic.

Who is more pathetic, the thinking person who is unafraid to make the effort and take the risk, or the slave who does what he is told and leaves the thinking to those who assume authority over him?

I solved double cancer in six weeks for under two thousand dollars. My brother, a few years older, with the same diagnosis, followed the advice of the 'professionals', and after three rounds of chemotherapy and several surgeries, which broke the family bank, has been dead for over two years. I'll take my chances with my intellect and knowledge.

If you are not interested in learning, then what are you still doing here, on my post, calling people names, and giving absolutely no argument except endless fallacy? You've presented no useful information, and I am beginning to suspect that you have none. So go away, and take your appeals from authority, appeals to popularity, genetic fallacies, and ad hominems and indict yourself, in public, with your inability, or unwillingness, to think for yourself somewhere else. Your lack of intellect is boring me, and wasting my time.

If you ever want to actually free yourself from the thought slavery, under which you are obviously laboring, Try the Trivium and Quadrivium and begin to sort things out for yourself.

I'm here because you say pathetic things :)

You bore me. Muted.

comon your idiocy is so funny!

I took the yellow fever vaccine. Do you think I am nuts?

Not if you did it with informed consent.

The working alternatives are not widely promoted for obvious reasons.

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