Cannabidiol (CBD) Trials Prove it Reduces Epileptic Seizures, Will Parents Be Allowed to Help Their Children?

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Cannabis has many compounds within it that are used for various health reasons. The most famous is tetrahydrocannabinol, commonly known as THC, that gets people high and has other benefits. The other compound that has health benefits without the high is called cannabidiol (CBD). Medical research into cannabis has increased over the years, especially with respect to CBD.

A new study with randomized and large-scale controlled trials is showing what many parents of severe epilepsy-suffering children has seen, that cannabis can reduce the number of dangerous seizures their children have. The trials proves that CBD is a compound for helping patients who suffer from a severe form of epilepsy called Lennox-Gastaut syndrome.


The trials were conducted by the NYU School of Medicine, with results published May 17th 2018. This involved giving two doses of CBD compared to a placebo. The CBD was in an oral form called Epidiolex, produced by GW Pharmaceuticals. 225 patients aged 2 to 55 with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome in 30 international sites were part of randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trials.

A 20mg/kg/d (daily dose) of CBD resulted in a 41.9% reduction in "drop seizures" that involve sever loss of muscle control and balance. A 10 mg/kg/d of CBD resulted in a 37.2% reduction. While the placebo group had a 17.2% reduction. All CBD or placebo were divided into two doses per day for 14 weeks.

Dr. Orrin Devinsky, MD, a co-author and main investigator of the study, as well as professor of neurology, neurosurgery and psychiatry at NYU said:

"This new study adds rigorous evidence of cannabidiol's effectiveness in reducing seizure burden in a severe form of epilepsy and, importantly, is the first study of its kind to offer more information on proper dosing. These are real medications with real side effects, and as providers we need to know all we can about a potential treatment in order to provide safe and effective care to our patients."

Other treatments for this sever form of epilepsy still result in disabling seizures for most patients. CBD has greater efficiency in reducing the amount of seizures, with some mild or moderate side effects depending on the dose. This included sleepiness, decreased appetite, diarrhea, upper respiratory infection, fever, vomiting, nasopharyngitis and status epilepticus.

Seven participants withdrew from the trials due to side effects. 94% of the 20mg group had side effects, 84% of the 10mg group, and 72% of the placebo group. Despite these side effects, CBD extract proves to be an effective and safe treatment for the difficult to control Lennox-Gastaut syndrome.

Dr. Devinsky did another trial for a rare form of epilepsy called Dravet syndrome, in May 2017. CBD was shown to reduce those seizures by 39%. Other studies have shown CBD to be effective in other treatment-resistant epilepsies. The Epidiolex CBD oral solution has been recommended for approval by the FDA advisory panel, and is awaiting full approval for late June.

More research will be conducted on CBD and other cannabis compounds to determine the effects on other forms of epilepsy, and what doses are most effective.

It's a shame that many parents have had to do what is morally right and lawful despite being "criminals" according to the centralized authorities making cannabis extracts illegal. Some parents have been charged with a crime, not for doing any harm to their child, but by helping them, all because something is illegal in the ignorant eyes of government.

Child Protective Services (CPS) has also been involved in threatening to take children away from their parents simply for helping them with their illness. Doctors even report parents to CPS who tell them how they helped treat their child with cannabis.

This is what happens when people don't care about what is morally right or wrong and obey so-called "laws" blindly as order-following robots who don't think for themselves or have a properly developed conscience.

We are living in a society with people who don't know what is objectively morally right from wrong. Parents are being sent to jail, children are being stolen from them, all in the name of control from a belief in authority of the state, government or governmental agencies. In a society with dominating controlling authorities and so-called "experts" who want to do parents harm, no wonder so many have to break the flawed, wrong and false "laws" that violate moral comprehension.

Even though this new big-pharma produced drug called Epidiolex might be approved, it will still be controlled, and home-made extracts will still be "illegal", making parents who treat their children themselves "criminals" under the fake-ass "laws" that centralized authority has created and imposed on the rest of us.


Thank you for your time and attention. Peace.

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Wonderful project, I totally approve. Congratulations to all the people involved in this project !!

This will probably help my mentally retarded sister who started getting seizures at 18. The problem is convincing my parents that is better since they’re so brainwashed by the media thinking drugs are the only solution, doctors are trustworthy, low-fat is the key to health...etc. Very unfortunate.


Blind trust in the system keeps people enslaved and prevents them from doing better things that go against he centralized control structure. Low fat is good, not no fat. Doctors can be trusted for certain things. If you need surgery to save your life, who else is going to do it ;)

How I wish this was around when I was younger, having to see one of my older brothers suffer from epileptic seizures. Seeing he walk around like a zombie, on max doses of whatever meds were on the market at that time. (90’s) He eventually went under the knife at age 14 and had brain surgery to stop the seizures. I couldn’t imagine being 14 years old and awake while someone took a chunk of my skull off and pulled a piece of my brain out.
After 20 years of being basically seizure free he has had a few episodes here and there. Hoping to get this info to him to help him and his family.
Thank you for sharing this great info!


Yeah, cannabis could have been used to change the world since the early 1900s, but lobbying and government control change our fates... :/


But...but.... they are suppose to be in support of our best interests 😉
It’s all about that$$. There isn’t much $$ in fixing the issue but there sure is a crap ton of $$ in placing band-aid over band-aid over band-aid
Like a crack dealer, gotta have those return customers.

Michigan just released a statement that they will no longer let people buy CBD oil without a medical marijuana license, I think a large part of that has to do with this move by the pharmaceutical company making Epidiolex. They want their cut and you can bet it will come with a price tag never seen before concerning a marijuana derivative. Another interesting interview in the article was a man who was giving the oil to his dog for cancer, the dog had about a month to live according to his vet, the owner found a CBD oil made for dogs and his dog is going on six months past his predicted timeline by the vet. He also has another dog that has seizures whose seizures has been controlled by the oil. So it's really sad to see them demanding medical marijuana licenses to buy CBD. Legalization will go on the ballot here in November and if it passes the voters will have for once taken control away from the state boards.


Yup, restrict people from getting any CBD by making them get the "medically"approved on with "licenses" for who can and can't... fuckers want to control every damn thing in life, fucking government. We need decriminalization, not just legalization ;) Legal is for control, decriminalize is for real freedom ;)

Awesome news, I always see positive information regarding CBD medical use

Now a days Cannabis is proving it's medical use in different places.I had no idea that Cannabis can be used in this epilepsy-suffering children.The time has arrived that government have to think about Cannabis positively.It should be legalized for medical purpose.


You watch though...big pharma will demand exorbitant prices if they are allowed to take control of distribution of CBD oils.


Yes they will :/


it should be decriminalized across the board, not just for medicinal use.

Whatever if it is good for human then it should be count as legal.Cannabis is illegal all over the world for taking it as drugs.But recently scientist has found some good use of Cannabis.If it can be used as a life saving drug then all the government should rethink about the law about the use of Cannabis.But it doesn't mean that every one can have it as much as he wants.It's still harmful for human.Over use of Cannabis will do some damage to the people.


Why can't people just use it if they want? Why does government need to control people's lives? Overuse hardly does damage, not compared to most all other drugs and alcohol.

It's been known for a long time that CBD reduces or suppresses seizures.


Yup, more and more scientific establishment validated studies are confirming what many have known.

Cannabidiol (CBD) Trials Prove it Reduces Epileptic Seizures, Will Parents Be Allowed to Help Their Children?

yes, in America anyhow, it's legal in all 50 states in America, my dog food store sells it for dogs. They sell it at Walmart.


Sweet, that's good. Some cops are still raiding places with CBD though, they are power hungry insane fuckers :P


I drive by a headshop that has a big "we have CBD" banner in front. I am not too shocked that Indiana is behind the curve on this. Red states are behind on pot like blue states are behind on guns but the red states at least are not making new anti pot laws while the blue states implement ever more gun restrictions.
Cops themselves are stupid and it is sort of complicated, very smart people are not allowed to be cops so I can see where it would confuse them.

HAVE SOME FUCKING GODAMM BALLS THERE UR KIDS 4 FUCKS SAKE! i grow pot and bought it using cryptocurrency so there LMAO ur the god uve been waiting 4 guys!


Yeah don't let government be the god in your life ;)

If cannabis provides help and benefits to treat that disease, I think it should be used, epilepsy is very atrocious for those who suffer it. I loved your post. I congratulate you.

I invite you to visit my profile, I would love to have your support .. Thank you.

everybody should maintain their health

it is true sir @krnel. I also have a lot of Cannabis Plant.

Cannabis-based treatment experiments have been successfully used in the care of children with severe and rare epilepsy. The clinical trial was the first of four levels of a marijuana treatment test that began last year.

GW Pharmaceutical drug producers hope to prove the benefits of cannabinoids, the active ingredients that are in cannabis. In his statement, the pharmaceutical company claims that there are 120 epilepsy patients tested taking Epidiolex drugs.

From the trial it was found that patients experienced an average decrease in seizure intensity by 39 percent in one month. It is far greater than the use of placebo drugs.

This trial is intended to treat people with Dravet syndrome, a condition that is more difficult to handle than patients with epilepsy. Dravet itself is usually shown with behavioral problems, cognitive impairment, ataxia (state of unrest) as well as prolonged seizures.

"This demonstrates that cannabinoids can produce and clinically provide information while offering promising new classes of treatment," said Julian Gover, Chief Executive of GW Pharmaceutical, as quoted by the Independent.

Gover said it is currently awaiting a meeting with the US Food and Drug Administration, to get approval for the treatment of epilepsy patients with this drug-based drug.

Executive Director of the Dravet Syndrome Foundation, Marry Anne Meskis, said that Dravet's syndrome is one of the disasters that can be triggered by epilepsy in children. To handle this, safe and effective care is required.

"We are very pleased to take many lessons from these results and bring hope to children and families alike, who have been living with seizure problems," he said.

GW Pharmaceutical was established in 1998 and concentrates on the development of therapeutic drugs using cannabis. The London-based pharmaceutical company has an official license to grow marijuana for use as a drug in the south of England.

Super informative read! Upvoted and resteemed!

your post is rich , that's the content that we want to see in the platform

It's true krnel..
Everybody should maintain there health.It should be legalized for madicale purposes..

Have no fear the black market is near..

Thanks for informing people about this. There is so much fear out there from decades of propaganda.

Hola @krnel me gusta leer información sobre salud y mas cuando me mantiene al día y con informaciones relevantes como esta ,muchas gracias por tu post,saludos

Big pharma is essentially a criminal mafia operating under color of law after having bought politicians off to make laws that only their synthetic garbage is legal medicine. This is an ongoing and escalating problem. CBD to treat epilepsy is only the tip of the iceberg. THC in certain strains of cannabis also effectively fights tumors, which means some people could cure their cancer by growing a plant in their backyard and not have to be subjected to chemo and radiation that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. Can't have that! I love seeing this message starting to propagate everywhere now that some states have legalized marijuana and the enforced ignorance is being revealed for what it is: intentionally letting people suffer and die for the profit of a bunch of psychopaths in a big pharma boardroom and their political puppets.