My Medicine Cabinet is Filling Up With Essential Oils. My Biggest doTERRA Order Yet. Health=Wealth

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I don't know about you, but I take my and my families health seriously and as for me it is really important to do it the natural way, as much as I possibly can.

I appreciate and am grateful for all the doctors and nurses the medicine and hospitals because they do safe people's lives, but that is why I am using natural medicine, so that we can stay away from the hospitals and doctors by letting our bodies heal itself with the help of natural medicine which our bodies recognize and absorb unlike the synthetic medicine where your body does not recognize it, so it tries to fight it and sends it to the liver where it eventually destroys the liver.

This order was one of my biggest orders, but I was running really low on most of our basic oils that we use daily, either by diffusing it, applying it or taking it internally.

These oils have helped us tremendously and I know that it can be expensive, but so is over the counter or any synthetic medicine, which our bodies don't recognize. Plus they expire and for every single problem you have, you need different medicine for it and you probably don't even have it at home so you have to go shopping for it.

The best thing about this is that I didn't have to go shopping for all kinds of synthetic medicine, and try to guess which one is the right one and the best one and if I will get side effects from it and spend tons of money on it; it comes right to your door.

Another awesome thing about this order is that I got Clementine oils for free as a Free Product of the Month. Plus, I get 30% of the total of this order back into my account to use on my next purchase. So if I spend $100 on my order, I will get around $30 back into my account to use on my next purchase.

With the essential oils, which I have at the end of my finger tips, when something comes out, I can use them in so many different ways like in my cooking, cleaning supplies, skin care, hair care, cleaning the air we breathe out of all the toxins, to promote good night sleep, to relax and help reduce stress and anxiety, promotes clear breathing, helps support your immune system, respiratory system, nervous system, cellular system, cardiovascular system, digestive system, I mean you can use these oils pretty much for anything and everything and your body recognizes it and that is how it gets stronger and it starts to heal itself along with other important factors that we must contribute in our daily life, like getting enough sleep, eating right, drinking water, exercising etc.

Essential oils, especially doTERRA essential oils can be quite pricey, but are actually cheap (I'll explain below) but that is because it takes tremendous work to properly source these plants in their indigenous land, where they come from, then properly at the right time and with the right conditions, and then properly harvested and distilled or cold pressed. And at the end of all that the oils have to go through vigorous testing, and the farmers get paid great wages, instead of cheating them out of their wages, like most companies do. So in order to get the purest, the most potent essential oils in the world in order to get the best health benefits possible, that is what it takes and of course never mind all the programs, and Healing Hand Foundation that doTERRA is helping building schools, clinics, building houses, wells for clean water and I can just go on.

The reason I say that the oils are cheap is because when you think of just using a drop at a time, and I believe there is around 250 drops in 15ml bottle, $14. It takes a while to use all the oil.
Lets use Lemon essential oils for example

  • I use 1 drop of lemon in my water or more to help support my immune system, and detoxify my liver.
  • I diffuse it to clean the air we breathe
  • I diffuse as a uplifting scent, instead of toxic candles, or plugins etc.
  • I diffuse it to help my husband deal with seasonal threats and/or apply lemon oil on bottom of my husbands feet
  • I use lemon oil in cooking
  • I use it in all my cleaning supplies, like stove cleaner, oven cleaner, bathroom cleaner, glass cleaner, disinfectant cleaner (counter top)
  • Use it in my laundry (whites)

Now, how much money would you have to spend in order to get all of these supplies, plus they are all probably toxic and synthetic.

Hope you enjoyed the video, even though I didn't really explain all the health benefits for all of these oils and how I use them, but there is just way too many of them, so just stay tuned for more videos where I explain how and why I use most of my essential oils.

If you would like to learn more about doTERRA and about how I use doTERRA oils and why, you can check my FB page Earths Gift or if you would like to check what doTERRA is all about and their products, you can check my Website.

Hope you enjoyed the video of me opening my biggest doTERRA order yet and which oils I use.
Love @joalvarez.

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mine is stocked up on vit c😭✌️

That's awesome. Love it.

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