A Healthy Visualization for a Healthy Mind!

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The following is an experimental visualization that I came up with a few minutes ago (yes, I know that reads funny) that I was testing on myself for somewhere around 15 to 20 minutes, which seems to have had a positive effect on my mood and cognitive faculties.

The aim is to imagine leveraging innate subconscious healing powers within your consciousness, which may otherwise be dormant self-healing mechanisms inherent to our consciousness. We will visualize a type of unobtrusive brain surgery in which we bypass the need of using physical surgical tools or exposing ourselves to mental harm, in which we will repair and restore every single cubic millimeter of every single synapse (fold in the brain) into it's healthiest possible state, both in terms of efficient neuron functioning AND our psychological and intellectual well-being and capacity, respectively.

The method of getting access to this type of surgery is "massage therapy", using our imagination to visualize areas of our brain as we aim to feel tingling and stimulation in that part, or fold, of the grey matter. The mental "tool" used to do the actual surgery, to repair the grey matter to its healthiest possible state, is through "implanting" the proper words (affirmations) to open up (free the psyche enough) to repair.

One could certainly experiment with what words work best for oneself. The words that I settled on were: "heal", "no fear", and "free".

Here's the reasoning:

  • The "heal" should be fairly obvious. Since the goal is to restore the "brain health" back, or as close as possible, to 100%, we must allow it to heal; hence, the verbal suggestion, or command, if you prefer to take that approach, to heal.

  • Saying "no fear" in this context is to give our mind permission to release any and all "stuck energies" (whether those be in the form(s) of emotions or something more along the lines of nervous ticks, hand tremors, a tendency to stutter when nervous, etc) that are held in place by differing forms of fear, irrational or otherwise. It's another way of saying to "release ALL stress and anxiety and, in this state free from fears or worries of any kind, with nothing left to hold me back from going as far as I need to go to be 100% healthy, make me as healthy and whole as possible."

  • Lastly, we use "free" here as in, "freedom from stimulus of both our 'mental' (thoughts, memories, emotions, beliefs, doubts, fears, etc.) and 'external' (what we see in the 'outside' world: people, culture, media, society, etc.) environments". In other words, we aim to free our mind from fears of letting down ourselves or other people, not living up to our or others' expectations, freeing ourselves from all attachments to ideas of needing to be one way or another in order to ________ (whatever we tell ourselves that we "should" be or feel, etc), so that we can truly be open to what's inside of us, available to us for our own growth towards reaching our best health and highest potential.

It's worth noting that the last two points ("no fear" and "free") are about stepping out of our own way to healing fully. That is, to remove mental blocks to going all the way to the root of what's causing us anything less than full health, in a psychological, emotional and intellectual sense.

The Visualization

What this looks like in practice is something like this:

1.) In order to get into a "receptive" (suggestible) state of mind, first lay down in a comfortable position, take a few deep breaths, then visualize and imagine the feeling of your body being massaged up and down all of its muscles. You can go into each individual muscle or muscle group if you prefer, or focus on a specific muscle or set of muscles, or you can imagine a total body massage, whichever seems to make it more believable/ convincing and/or relaxes you the most.

2.) Go with #1 for as long as it feels right (intuitively). The key is to not make it feel like "work"; rather, a relaxing, therapeutic activity that "brings you home" to yourself, drawing you away from the "commotion" of the world and all its stimuli, relaxing you into your body. If you should find that simply focusing on your breath works better or causes you less mental strain, then go with that instead. If some other technique works better than either of the methods that I suggested, take that route.

3.) Now, bring the focus into the "command center" (the brain). Stimulate the brain by visualizing the same type of massage as in step #1, only this time in the grey (fatty) tissue of your own brain. Actually visualize a type of subtle, invisible energy or air that gently, safely massages the area of your brain that you're holding your imagination. Try to actually feel the tingling sensations of it being massaged in this way.

4.) As with steps 1-2, you can focus on single areas at a time or whole "sections" or the whole brain, whichever seems to calm your mind down most effectively. You can also work in some breathing meditation here if it seems to help you focus or relax a bit more.

5.) After focusing on this massage for what intuitively feels like an ample amount of time (anything beyond 15 seconds should be fine, but going for 2+ minutes to beyond even a half an hour, if it feels like it's helping you to relax or experience a more positive state of well-being, is absolutely OK), start "implanting" the affirmations that you've chosen. Make sure to have in mind why you've chosen those words, what you mean to say when you use them.

As I mentioned above, the words I chose were: "heal", "no fear" and "free". If those words feel right to you, then, by all means, use them. The whole point is to speak to yourself (your subconscious) in a way that feels inviting (receptive) to you. If it feels right (intuitively) then you should go with it.

6.) By "implant the words" I mean that you visualize and try to feel through use of your imagination, the words being instilled, or "installed", into the sections (folds) of your grey matter that are being massaged. So, you continue to imagine massaging your brain, only now you add this idea that words are being "slipped in", under the folds of your brain (into the synapses and permeating into all surrounding brain tissues) as they're briefly exposed during this pleasant, relaxing brain massage.

7.) In order to be totally receptive (suggestible) we should carry no pre-concieved notions of what it would mean or "look like" if the words are successfully implanted (subconscious mind accepts the suggestions), or, said another way, what it would be like if our minds were restored to 100% (psychological/ emotional) health.

Desires should be set aside, as they are part of the attachments that keep us from being 100% open in terms of a free flow of our mental faculties. They can act as a mental block in that the focus on the desire itself can, and usually does, cause unnecessary stress, anxiety and fear. Thus, we should let go even of our wants and perceived needs.

Looking at it from a slightly different perspective: if your mind isn't 100% healthy, then you clearly can't have a proper perspective of what is best for you. So, instead of allowing your lack of clarity about what is best for you to rule over what you desire, give the question of what you really want/need to that part of your mind that isn't muddied by incorrect ideas/assumptions and try to reveal that (pure) part of your consciousness (through insight).

8.) Instead of trying to visualize or imagine how we want to be or what we would be like if we were 100% emotionally, psychologically and intellectually healthy, doesn't it seem less limiting to be open to what it might look or feel like? That's the approach that I suggest is most likely to get the most positive results. Instead of trying to tell ourselves how we should be, we should be open to insights about what being healthy really is.

So, instead of trying to visualize or imagine what a "successful, healthy brain surgery" looks or feels like, in the context of this visualization, we should be 100% open (receptive) to insights as to what that looks or feels like. That's to say, we should hold the question in our minds (as we continue to imagine the brain massage with "word instillation therapy"): what does it [successful brain healing, down to the deepest folds of the brain/ reaches of consciousness] look and/or feel like?

9.) Holding that question (What does 100% mental health look/feel like?) as we practice this brain massage visualization, installing our chosen affirmations, will likely bring about glimpses of insight (an experience wherein the answer to the question flashes itself as a visual glimpse and/or deep, intimate feeling, if only for the briefest of moments).

The more we continue to practice this 100% openness to brain healing, the more likely the insights are to come, the more frequently they will visit, the longer their duration each time that they enter our awareness. Eventually, they will stick around for good and that's the moment that you're fully healed!

10.) Steps 1-9 are really just a long-winded way of saying: "give your mind full permission to free itself from the weight of your fears and beliefs, in respect to yourself and everything else, and to do everything in its innate power to heal you of whatever damages those things have caused you over the course of your lifetime, and allow it to reveal what that (healing) looks and feels like."

11.) You may already intuitively know that the openness to healing that is described above is effectively an expansion of creativity and intellectual faculties, along with a more balanced, wholesome state of well-being, among other positive effects. And, while that's true, being intellectually cognizant of the answer (to the question "what does 100% mental health mean/ look like?") isn't the same as having the answer "realized" in one's own experience(s), as a deeply felt truth that one is in a constant state of testing with their own senses.

12.) It's the realization (born from insight) that we're after, here, NOT a conceptualization of what being or feeling 100% healthy and whole is like. We want not to merely believe that we can be 100% mentally healthy, but to BE IT, and that requires the openness/ receptiveness/ suggestibility that was previously described.

Now that the HEAD is Taken Care of, Next Comes the HEART...

Some will agree, others disagree, that the two components to the totality of a human (spirit) is his/her heart and mind. The mind (brain) is generally associated with one's logic/ reasoning abilities (intelligence), while the heart is symbolic with one's emotional strength/ courage.

It may not be a necessary practice, but it can't hurt to turn the visualization to the heart after one is satisfied with the brain massage technique described in sections 1-12 above, if only to be overly thorough in making sure that all angles on psychological symbolism (the "language of the subconscious mind") are leveraged for (positive) mental effectiveness.

The same steps will be used on the heart as with the brain. We can visualize the heart, alive and pumping away, a massage to itself. And since it massages itself, being in the constant motion that it's in, it's a bit redundant to imagine massaging it. Instead we can focus on the natural massaging that is already taking place, focusing our attention on the heartbeat.

From there, with every beat of the heart, we can install a new feeling. The heart works in emotion/ feelings, not thoughts or visualizations, so the practice now is to "instill", or, rather, search for the feeling/meaning in the words.

The words that I choose for my heart are: "strong", "relaxed", and "free" and I have a clear idea as to why I've chosen those three words in particular; namely, that I prefer my "emotional center" (heart) to act from a state of courage, calmness and non-attachment (to specific outcomes), so that I may be as strong of a person as possible, in all conceivable scenarios.

Instead of trying to visualize what it would look like if I'm a strong, courageous individual, I'm convinced it's more effective to focus on my core (deep within my consciousness), giving my consciousness permission to awaken all the innate strength/ courage that exists within me, and to then discover what that looks (in the "real-world") and feels like (inside myself) in practice.

Again, the goal is to realize the look and feel of those words being actualized (in reality), not to imagine it. So, the goal again is to "reach out" within the senses to discover the answer(s) through insight. The goal in both cases (brain and heart visualizations) is realization through experience.

And the idea behind all of this is that experience and insight trumps mere repetition of words/ ideas, or "self-affirmations", and that getting as "deep" as possible into one's own consciousness, opening a "dialogue" with one's own subconscious mind, is the most effective means of creating positive (mental) change. The brain and heart are two commonly shared symbols of psychology/ intellect and emotion/ empathy, which is why those two things are the focus of this visualization, not to mention that the brain literally is responsible for ALL of our mental and physical functions, if not directly then indirectly.

It seems natural to me that the brain, at the very least, and likely the heart too, would be the key(s) to curing mental complications, not only in a physical, real-world, sense (actual brain operations or physical brain stimulation of some type, etc.) but in a personal, inner-world, sense. I feel that if we're at least open to the idea that something like this visualization can help, that it indeed can and will help, at least in some small way(s). Of course, there's also the chance that it could effectively cure us of all our mental baggage, which is the hope :)

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When both brain and heart goes hand in hand life is good :)

Wow! Is this related to "mindfulness"? I keep seeing that word and references to it but I'm still not sure what it really means. Anyway, I'm sure your advice is very sound.

I particularly like the synthesis in point 10:

10.) Steps 1-9 are really just a long-winded way of saying: "give your mind full permission to free itself from the weight of your fears and beliefs, in respect to yourself and everything else, and to do everything in its innate power to heal you of whatever damages those things have caused you over the course of your lifetime, and allow it to reveal what that (healing) looks and feels like."


Yeah, it's related to mindfulness in that it helps to relieve mental stress/ anxiety, creating a more relaxed state of mind in which we're naturally more self-aware.

Mindfulness is different n that it's a conscious effort to be more self-aware, whereas what I'm trying to do with this technique is to "clear the way" to making that a less energetic task (clearing the mind of "clutter"). In other words, mindfulness naturally follows from this type of practice, as it's the next logical step in mental health.

Hello @jamesbrown what nice article

thanks man!!!!

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Excellent, making the unconscious conscious and connecting brain, heart, body, will and emotions is how we become whole and more of who we are in balance. :)
Thanks for sharing and for your witness vote. Followed!


You're welcome @ura-soul and thank you for being so kind :)

Agreed on the first point. I'm hopeful that the world is slowly, but surely, aligning with a broad scale awakening into that wholeness and harmony (of consciousness). At the same time, I fear that it may not happen fast enough (to save us from extinction), being that we've become so efficient at stripping the planet of vital resources and creating imbalance in the ecosystem and climate.

We've reached a point in which our collective selfishness and greed really can destroy any chance of a future for humanity, which is why it's more important now than ever before (in human history) for more and more people to become wholly conscious.