Smoking is Good For You ! - New. Government Health Warning !

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New. Government Health Warning - Smoking is Good For You !

That is a notice that you could increasingly see in the future, especially after June 7th this year.

This could be bigger than investing in - Anheuser-Bush in 1932 or bitcoin in 2011

Because the controversial herb Cannabis is being looked at by the Big Tobacco Companies anticipating a favorable vote on that date by the Canadian Government for its limited use for recreational and medicinal use. (Cannabis is the umbrella name that houses marijuana and hemp.)

cannabis plant.jpg

I always thought Cannabis was harmful to mental health. From time to time there were arguments to the contrary but not the total turnaround from bad guy to good guy that is apparently about to take place if the information I've been sent comes about.

Poacher turned Gamekeeper ?

The Giant tobacco companies Philip Morris & British American Tobacco have apparently been lobbying, anticipating and preparing for its approval for years.

This is a memo from March 1970, from British American Tobacco’s taxation consultant, to its management:

“Smoking such [a marijuana] cigarette is a natural expansion of current smoking habits which, if a more tolerant attitude were ever taken to cannabis, would be a change in habit comparable to moving over to cigars...
The proposed research can be started off very simply, it is just to do for “cannabis-loaded” cigarettes what has already been done for normal cigarettes. . . . The starting point must be to learn how to produce in quantity cigarettes loaded uniformly with a known amount of either ground cannabis or dried and cut cannabis rag.”

Nixon’s “War on Drugs” put the brakes on for a while in the 1970s, but now the leash is off. And the plans are ON.

Over the coming year, a new form of smoking will surface that could actually be good for your health, and its not Ecigarettes,a product which has seen tremendous growth as evidenced by the explosion of vaping outlets.

Their use particularly by the younger generation is one of the reasons for the slump in traditional tobacco sales.

But are the tables about to be turned ? The tobacco people's confidence is growing, because they believe that the increasingly favourable publicity for the good bits of cannabis indicates - Yes !

Tobacco gets a facelift

Imagine a form of cigarette smoking that supplements your diet like a vitamin, kills pain, speeds up sports recovery, and helps prevent you from getting ill.

If it was proven, and government-approved, who wouldn’t want it?

Even Oxford University acknowledges Cannabis can contribute to the well being and health of the nervous system, judging by this statement from Professor Zameel Cader -

Zameel Cader, Associate Professor in Clinical Neurosciences at Oxford University says it’s “increasingly recognised as fundamentally important in the development and function of the nervous system.”

Studies suggest our current lack causes a deficiency that’s linked to migraines, fibromyalgia, IBS, and other diseases related to the immune system and inflammation.

Those statements from respected professionals, allied to money being invested by the tobacco companies looks as if it will overcome previous beliefs? So - What is the truth?

Ah ! The Truth? – that is a difficult one. There are so many sayings that fit. – ‘Truth is the first casualty of War -and Big Money’ – ‘Truth is what you can prove’, and – ‘Justice is what the Judge had for breakfast’.

But I digress

Experts believe that the global market for cannabis products could eventually reach $270 billion. The following comparisons show how big that is

The diabetes devices market is expected to reach around $35 billion by 2024.
Cancer drugs already top the scales at £121 billion.
HIV treatments came in at $19 billion in 2013.

So this new cannabis smoking global market could be worth more than all drugs sold for diabetes, cancer and HIV - Combined.

And It’s happening, soon

It’s why some multinational tobacco companies are scrambling to get their ducks in a row, right now.

Because with Big Tobacco behind it, this will be huge.

• In America, 30 states and the District of Columbia currently have laws broadly legalising marijuana in some form. In addition, 8 states and the District of Columbia have adopted the most expansive laws legalising recreational use.
• Medicinal marijuana is already above board in Australia, Chile, Jamaica and parts of India.
• Police chiefs in Germany have called for cannabis to be decriminalised.
• In the UK, the law is already softening its stance. The non-psychoactive cannabis compound, cannabidiol (CBD), is already legally sold as a supplement - without a license

Big plans have been on the tobacco companies’ table for almost half a century. And now they’re finally making their move….

Phillip Morris’s $20 million investment in Israel’s Syqe Medical was the second largest cannabis deal of 2016…

Last year, Imperial Tobacco changed its name to Imperial Brands and hired cannabis expert Simon Langelier...

And in January this year, Alliance One International bought majority stakes in two Canadian cannabis businesses...

The trend is catching fire!

And now the whole world is gearing up for Marijuana-Mania

• Come 7th June, Canada will have held the vote set to legalise production, sale and consumption of recreational cannabis.

It is widely expected to be a yes.

(Cannabis is the umbrella name that houses marijuana and hemp.)


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I think its the way of science to continually re-evaluate things based on new data. If some form of hemp can be used to benefit people then I think it should be up to adults to decide if they want to partake of it.

Thanks for the interesting article. I had not heard about the vote in Canada in the very near future. I will watch how that turns out.

Thank you Kenny. I was suspicious that money was driving the change in attitudes,but with many authoritative knowledgeable voices now proclaiming it's benefits,and as you say if advances in science are isolating the beneficial qualities for medicinal gain, then it has to be good news.

Like you I'll be watching out after June 7th.

It's great to finally see the reefer madness ideology dying down. I can confirm through experience that cannabis is a great pain reliever when extracted into a butter or oil and consumed in food. It is also a great sleep aid. Depending on what you're trying to treat with cannabis its good to know the cannabinoid profile or harvest time of certain strains which can result in different effectiveness. For instance a late harvest is better for a sleep aid then an early harvest, more of the THC has degraded into CBN. Check out my latest strain review(Justin Trudope) for more cannabis knowledge.

Thank you. Good to hear from someone benefiting from using cannabis. Interesting too that different strains and harvesting times can yield differing results.

I will click on your link and follow you.

1 puff in the AM, 1 puff in the afternoon, 1 puff in the PM= maintaining sanity!!

great post - I hope they legalise it fully in the UK - lots of evidence for it being beneficial for arthritis and seizures.

Thank you.It looks that the tide is turning in it's favour.As I mentioned, my thinking was conditioned negative by reports of continued long term use of the drug being harmful to mental health.

I will be pleased of course if advances in research and development do bring about the positive benefits predicted.

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Thank you.

Very interesting article. I hope that more people realize soon that cannabis was wrongly accused of many bad things. In truth, many new research prove that its really helpful in some treatments. Its oil is also really rich in nutrients and you can use its fiber to produce cheap and good clothes. Everything within healthy limit is beneficial and when overused is bad for us, is it water, coffee or cannabis - doesnt matter. It may trigger schizophrenia in inviduals who are genetically vulnerable to it but its also found helpful in treating some mental disorders. Each stick has two ends ;)

Thank you. You're right. New research reveals that its health benefits far outweigh the downsides that have hitherto dominated.

Even if it is made legal, I'll be staying away from it. I've seen first hand the damage that this does. And tobacco sponsored research that says it is safe does not really convince me I should be smoking this stuff.

In 60 years time we will be going through the same stuff in court as we are going through now, and the tobacco industry will still deny that their products are bad for you.

Thank you Trevor. I've never smoked thank goodness. Yes, I've tried a tobacco cigarette to see what it was like,but never appealed.

As I understand, the cannabis cigarettes will not have any tobacco content, but like you I will not be trying one.