Himal-Health-Contest #3 RESULTS of the last EPISODE!...Congratulations!!!

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Hello my fello steemians, the 3rd episode of the Himal-Health-Contest comes to an end with this post and it is the Result time..If you do not already know about the contest you can check it -- Here

First of all, I would like to thank SteemSTEM, a community science project on steemit for supporting this contest and all the participants of this contest for adding valuable contents on the steemit..


Topic for the last episode was cancer and all the participants have come up with great posts. And we have choosen the best 3 of them!

3rd Place -- @khatisam4

He has written nicely about how cancer works , how it evolves in our body & he has briefly described about the discovery of MCL1 antagonist, a protein that helps in treating the various cancers..

Hello healthy steemians ! I am glad that I have now some topic to write on this steemit . As @himal has started his Health Contest project in a genuine way , I am participating here. To define cancer, According to me hearing the word cancer , has a lot of definitions in it just like defining a world which has various definitions. It can be defined from the cellular level to the molecular level.
Cancer has been with us since the humanity began. The earliest cancer detected dates back to 1600BC which was about the breast cancer. Many Cells in your human body goes in their own business on daily basis in a very honorable way . World is of 6 billion people where there are in an order of 100 Trillion cells in a single human body. These cell may be your skin cell, lung cell , or any cells . When these cells go into bigger form or replicate in replacing the dead cells, it experience a mitosis activity making a perfect copy of each other. From this aspect of view, we have literally 1000 cells or more producing per day. There are other cells too in the neighborhood which transfers signals if other cells are growing too fast or big .This is called as a Contact Inhibition. When some tissue in a body has some defect or damaged, these kill themselves whose mechanism is know as Apoptosis. When the mutation in the DNA occurs in these cells , they get destroyed more often. These are not passed to the offspring I am talking about the human body cells, not the germ cells. So any cells when its mutated, they will either do nothing or malfunction and hurt us but, doesn't do any harm to the offspring .When there is abrupt replication of cells rather than death of cells, malignancy /cancer/tumor occurs !

This MCL1 protein is a major protein in many cancer as this is pro-survival protein that allows the cancer cells to bunk the process of programmed cell death (apoptosis) that normally erases the cancer cells from the body. And study have shown that S63845 targets the cancer cells dependent on MC1 protein .

.... full post here -- Cancer [ Discovery of MCL1 antagonist molecule S63845]

2nd place @kelvanis

For writing a inspirational story about his teacher, he has shared how HOPE and the WILL to live can beat the deadly disease like cancer ..

Dr. Joshi was siting on his sofa, not so comfortably, I noticed his body was changing its position. Sometimes he turned to the left and sometimes he shifted to the right. It felt as if a spider has bitten his bottom. I smiled at my thought. He looked at the left corner of the room this time and my eyes met his. I might have been staring at him for a long time. Did that make him uncomfortable?

The next day he wore a lose Lenin pants. Not one that I guess would fit in his wardrobe. It actually seems new as if that was something he brought just a night before to wear on our regular doctor's conference. Or may be his wife gifted him a pant, that won't be my choice of gift on my 25th anniversary though. ''Dr. Brijesh', I heard, as if someone called me from a distance. The room full of faces turned to me, 'What would your diagnosis be, Dr. Brijesh?', Dr. Joshi asked. That might have been one of my millions of 'kick outs' from a conference.
At present, I am here among you, after so many years, sitting on a same sofa that Dr. Joshi used to sit on,telling you all - my students about the lesson I have learned from his life, about how difficult can one's life be. Even a doctor with all the knowledge about different diseases can fall victim to it. I guess it is why 'Prevention is better than cure' was quoted on the first place. And despite all the ups and down, one should never lose hope of getting the best out of the worst as the critically acclaimed 'The Shawshank Redemption' famously quotes, "Hope is the good thing, may be the best of things, and no good thing ever dies."

Full story here-- Cancer: He Rose Over It !!

1st place @tking77798

He has written a research article on how the microbiome(normal flora) of human body help in prevention of cancer.He has described how their composition is altered in cancer and how this can be helpful in early detection of cancer.

What is the microbiome?
The human microbiome is the collection of microbial organisms (bacteria, fungi, viruses etc.) that live in and around our bodies. It consists of trillions of microorganisms — outnumbering human cells by 10 to 1. However, microbial cells are much smaller than human cells so it only comprises ~2% of a human’s body weight (1). The majority of the microbiome is located in the gut, but components of the microbiome can be found on almost every part of the body.
As you can see, several bacterial specific are significantly overrepresented in patients with colorectal cancer (abbreviated CRC in the chart). For example, akkermansis muchinphila composes only 3.54% of the gut microbiome in the healthy group, but nearly quadruples in prevalence to 12.8% in cancerous subjects.

I like this study because it directly shows a use of the microbiome in helping detect cancer. It’s easy to envision a cancer screen in the near future in which stool samples are analyzed for cancer-associated bacteria. However, it is important to point out the limitations of this study. We still don’t know why patients with colorectal cancer show increased levels of certain bacterial strains and we don’t know if these strains are in any way causing the cancer or are merely associated with it.

Full post here --- Bacteria that help us prevent and detect cancer

Looking forward to your coming research posts..

I had written a post about cancer in my initial days on steemit, i would like to share it here as the post is about cancer--

What is cancer? why is it considered so Deadly??

One Man out of every two Men and
One Woman out of every three Women will have cancer in their lifetime
That's how common the cancer is in our world!

To know about the cancer you first should know how our normal body works. our body is made up of organs like heart,lung brain, kidney muscles and so on. and those organs are not more than bunch of cells, but these cells are so organized that they know what their function is! You may say i'm lying but mind that there are about 37.2 Trillion cells are there in A Human body!
Each cell is made of central nucleus surrounded by cytoplasm and the The nucleus contains a genetic material known as chromosome which in turn is made up of nucleic acid known as DNA. And DNA is the the thing which controls all the activity of the cell. The nucleotide sequence of DNA determines how a cell will work.how much can it divide , how big it can become, where in the body it can go, what function it will , and what organ it will make. so organ is a bunch of similar cells doing similar function! Thats how brain does the thinking, heart does the pumping and lung does the breathing!

So upto Now, you know that all the cells of the body are in a strict rule and regulation thanks to the DNA! but what happens in cancer?
THe basic basic pathology lies in the DNA . Due to many factors like Radiation, smoking, some carcinogenic chemicals, and Hereditary There is alteration in Structure of DNA and this in turn will alter the function. DNA no longer can control the cell. you can correlate it with a simple example

" consider LAW of a nation as the DNA and the People of it as the Individual CELL and THE NATION as the Human body.just think what happens when there is no law in a country, when people dont follow law and do whatever they like there will be chaos in the country . There will be nothing like peace, harmony in the people. and at last the most affected thing is the nation"

This is the same case with cancer! Due to the DNA damage there will be abnormal and uncontrolled proliferationof the cell which contains the damaged DNA . This will produce abnormal group of cells , which themselves will not do any function but also alter the function of other normal cells of the organ . this abnormal group of cells is the cancer. a cells requires food for proper functioning , there will be so much proliferation of the Cancerous cells that they will use the whole food supply of the organ and the normal cells which do not get the food will eventually die. Thus the organ, which is now the group of dying cell , will die!
This cancer not only affects one organ but it can also go to other organs through blood and lymph or by direct invasion. and they will do the same thing wherever they go. ultimately All the organs fail to work and person dies!

full post --- Medicine #5 What is cancer? why is it considered so Deadly??

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That is it for today my friends, I will be back soon with the Himal-Health-Contest #4 with a new topic, stay tuned...


Great contest. I am so thankful for the wonderful opportunity you created. Absolutely delighted to be part of it. Cheers !!

And thank you too for creating great content, ;)

Thank you sir for the contest reward. This contest has been conducted in a genuine way from the @steemstem project and yes, the articles posted on this contest has buildup my mind on the health issues.

Thanks again sir !

thank you too for participating... the success of a contest is determined by the contents the participants come up with and till now it has been great..

Great contest @himal. I'm honored to get 1st place!

thank you for your great post, will love to see more of these from you... these types of posts will add more value to the steemit community.. ;)


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