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The Weekly Steemit Health Challenge


Welcome to Week 11 of the Weekly Steemit Health Challenge. This week I'm going to challenge you all to something a little different. It's going to be a bit harder for you all but I know you'll step up. I can't wait to reveal the challenge but before I do, let's double check that everyone remembers the rules! Make sure you read them very carefully before submitting your post to make sure you're not disqualified! Then... I'll tell you the challenge this week.

Let me tell you about the specifics of the Steemit Health Challenge...

1. There will be a different challenge each week, posted on a Monday. These will rotate each week and will include, recipes, exercise, stress relief and walks/runs.

2. All entries need to be submitted to the comment section of this post, by 8am on Sunday of that week.

3. You must use THIS banner at the end or beginning of your post.

4. The winners will be chosen each week by a panel of judges, including myself and the challenge's sponsor @sweetsssj.

5. First place each week will win 30 Steem, second place will win 10 Steem and third place will win 5 Steem.


Use this banner on your entries!

The Challenge This Week!

Every single week there's a new challenge, but I always like to do some old favourites like recipes and walks because EVERYONE can join in. But this week, it's going to be brand new - one we've never tried before. I hope you all like it and join in!

This week I want you to:

Show us your exercise routine

For this challenge, it's not about just being active. We don't want to see your sport or hobby. We want to see your actual exercise routine. If it's in the gym, show us your entire gym routine, how often you train, talk about the different techniques you like and the exercises you do - how many reps and sets? If it's yoga, show us the different yoga flows you do and how often you practice and how long to hold each pose. Whatever it is, it should be detailed, telling us the step by step things that you do in your training routine.

What I want is to be able to do that exercise routine either at home or in the gym, by following your step by step instructions. Include clear videos and pictures of each exercise in the routine as well as an explanation about how to do it. Could you be the next Joe Wickes guiding us through our workouts?!

I'm looking forwards to seeing all of your entries very soon!

Yours in health,
Coach Ben



Thanks for all of the entries! Entries are now closed. We'll be reading through them all now and announcing the winners soon! :D

@healthsquared, I had problems with the internet to upload my video to youtube and to post in steemit. please this is my entry. Thanks for the opportunity

Wow, this is great, am sure going to be a part of it. Expect my intense workout routine video. 💪💪

Looking forwards to it mate!

Greetings again with all of you, here with my participation in the challenge of this week:

Wow, really enjoyed making this video. Thanks a lot @healthsquared for helping us stay fit. Here is the link to my post.

Nice initiative. Im curious what we will see.

My daily ashtanga vinyasa yoga practice executed in the beautiful sun:

this is the presentation of my challenge this week for the evaluation of all present:

Nice. Sure gonna do this.

Can't wait for you to get involved with another great entry boss!

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