How do you want to live your life? Valuable tool (RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW Part 4)

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This question can be scary, but it can really be worth it to stop and reflect. How do you live your life? And what changes can you make to live the way you want to?

To handle stress there are many tools that can be helpful. But it can also be important to ask ourselves if we would feel better if we made some changes. To live more by our values, remove stressors and conflicts or make other priorities. I know, it's often hard - but you do not need to find some final answers, just reflect.

It's like walking around with a stone in your shoe, the feet will start hurting. We might get used to it. Or learn to handle the pain better with some acceptance, good breathing techniques or mindfulness (all these things can be really good and has helped me a lot on a personal level! I will write more about it). But at some point we just need to remove the stone.

How do you want to live your life?

A helpful tool to make it more visible can be to do this exercise as I call "Circle of life".

  • Draw a big circle on a paper. Imagine this is a typical 24 h day in your life.
  • What do you put your time and energy on? Draw lines, like pieces of a cake, for every area in your day. For example 8 h of sleep would be a piece that is one third of the circle.
  • Write "sleep", "working" and so on at the different pieces. You can illustrate them with different colors and symbols if you like.

Now, take a new paper and draw a big circle. How do you wish that your typical day looked like? Dare to dream big. Ignore all possible obstacles and challenges along the way. Draw your dream day.

Compare the two circles and reflect. Did you plan for some free time or is every minute scheduled? In which area would you like to make a change and what? Start by picking one. Then figure out something you can do already today to take you in that direction. Even small changes can make big difference long term.

RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW - This is Steemit Stress Series

As a part of my goal to help create an oasis of wellbeing on Steemit I will write articles about different aspects of stress and and how to live more mindful.

Please comment and write your questions below or message me on @givemeyoursteem . I think it's valuable to share our experiences and discuss different aspects of stress together.

For most of us changes can be really hard. What changes has been important in your life?

<3 Moa

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