New Steemit Stress Series: RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW. Ask your questions!

in #health3 years ago

What do you want to know about stress?

As a Stress- and Relaxation Coach I am now starting the Steemit Stress Series Right here, right now and will in the coming weeks post several articles about different aspects of stress, relaxation and mindfulness.

I want to highlight the questions that you are interested in. Please comment and write your questions below or message me on @givemeyoursteem

Looking forward to this and hope I could help spread some interesting facts and awareness of how we can both prevent and handle stress!

Take care <3


This is my first time to see the most gorgeous kind of an art
that is your beautiful photo and sexy bikini on you
around our friends on the beach.
Love along the way.
Take care <3


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Holy cows. Where is place? Beats the Lantau Island in Hong Kong where I saw few here and there.

Nice one friend, i learnt quite alot

Hi Moa. What an amazing photo of you and your four-legged friends - you really do look very stress-free despite being surrounded by animals which might well feel quite threatening to many people!

I don't have any particular questions about stress, but I'm interested to know how you yourself deal with stressful situations when in a less-than-ideal place, like in the supermarket queue or (shudder! at the thought) when attending family or other gatherings of people: situations where you have to deal with the stress live in-situ rather than retreating to a safe place and being able to calm yourself, if you see what I mean.

All the best,


Happy to see you back on steemit! Yoga, nature, and deep breathing are my go-to stress relievers!

Stress can be a risk factor for some major non-communicable diseases. Stress is part of our life , how do we reduce stress?

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