It has juice fast and battle against cigarettes diary Day 1/ Es beginnt....mein Saftfasten und Kampf gegen die Zigaretten

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Today is the first day since over a year, where having a smoke wasnt one of the first things I have done after waking up and I kind of want to postpone the whole stop smoking thing already. But I know that is just the addiction speaking.

Today is also the day I begin my juice fast. I wll have only fresh juice and water for at least a week, but maybe longer since the first 3 days I remember as pretty hard. So it is worth going through them.

Since I recieved a lot of feedback on my Wim Hof journey and it really motivates me to keep me going, I hope I will find some support for this challange, too.

I have been a smoker for 19 years now and I just dont want to anymore. I want to be fit and healthy. I want to invest the money. I want to be the captain within myself and not some small cigarette monster, which makes me go out in the middel of the night to get new cigarettes.

If I smoke again I have to give 4000 bath to a local orphan home.

While the juicing will be hard first, it will give me a lot of energy later, also and for the start more important I will have an additional reason to not smoke.

My mantra for today : I am only breathing fresh air


Heute habe ich mir nicht als eine der ersten Dinge die ich morgens tue, mir eine Zigarette angezündet. Doch trotzdem würde ich die ganze Sache gerade gerne verschieben. Aber ich weiss, dass das die Sucht ist die zu mir spricht.

Heute beginnt auch mein Saftfasten. Für mindestens eine Woche werde ich mich nur von frisch gepressten Säften und Wasser ernähren. Da ich die ersten 3 Tage als sehr anstrengend in Erinnerung habe, werde ich das mindestens 1 Woche tun, damit es sich etwas lohnt sich durch die Anfangszeit zu kämpfen.

Da ich sehr viel positives Feedback für mein Wim Hof Tagebuch erhalten habe und das sehr motivierend für mich ist, möchte ich auch diese Challange hier öffentlich dokumentieren, in der Hoffnung auch hier etwas mehr Motivation zu finden.

Ich rauche seit ca 19 Jahren und ich will einfach nicht mehr. Ich will nicht mehr soviel Geld ausgeben. Ich will mir nicht mehr selbst den Atem klauen. Ich will wieder selber Kapitän auf meinem Schiff sein und nicht die Sucht, die mich Nachts Kleingeld lassen lässt und trotz regen mitten in der Nacht zum nächsten Zigarettenautomat schickt.

Falls ich es nicht schaffe, werde ich 4000Baht ca 100 Euro an das örtliche Waisenhaus spenden.

Mein Mantra für heute : Ich atme nur frische Luft.



Hey @flipstar... You have taken a life changing decision and if you can be persistent with it, then there can be nothing like it. As a human being, having one's share of fun and pleasures is one thing but we should not become a slave to any habit. Smoking is one of those things that makes you a slave of it. But trust me we humans are much more stronger than that. There must be a reason why we have evolved and are sitting right at the top of the food chain, out of all other species present on this planet. Keep it going buddy. Peace

yes I will try hard to pull it off.

I am sick of beeing a slave to that addiction. The time wasted, the money, the energy...

I will give my best and all the positve feedback I have recieved already is really motivating

Way to go buddy!!

Starting to live a healthy life might be hard in the beginning, especially with juicing and no more cigarettes at the same time! Juicing is a great option you picked.. I've done it before - it's hard in the beginning, cause you're craving food, but it's definitely gonna be worth it later on! You will feel great :)
Wishing you luck with it and I hope that you'll soon be able to rid yourself of addiction & start living a healthy life :)

I have done some juice fast before also and coupled it with a trying to quit smoking most of the time also. My last succesful try was 3-4 month starting with a 2 week juice fast. I hope I can pull it off again.

Thank you for the kind words

Good think.....

Wow 19 years.. Now I understand why the dramatic picture!
Here's one from me, for encouragement...

way too long.

If I can pull it off this will be a big change in my life

I've cut out caffeine and alcohol so many times but I always go back!... Addictions are hard, I wish you the best of willpower! And some luck too.

Just binge watch game of thrones. It's better than nicotine.

On a more serious note, quitting isn't easy and wish you the best of luck mate.

I will propaply watch a lot of tv shows and just get out to get my juice and training the first days.

Actually since the new season is coming very soon, it might not be a bad idea to rewatch at least the last season.

Persistence will pay off. Keep going you can do it.

thank you very much.

I will do my best.

You can do it man! 100%. Best of courage to you!

thank you.

I will give my best

Sometimes I kick one habit and replace it with another.

propaply a good way to do it

It's really great that you've taken such a tough decision to quit smoking @flipstar. I was also earlier a chain smoker and I struggled hard to quit smoking. Now when someone smokes around me, then I really feel suffocating and thought - "It was me who used to smoke cigarettes frequently, and see me now! I am suffocating with its smell." I am sure you'll also quit smoking easily. Please visit my page and see some of my creations if you like @vinaypsychic.

I had several breaks in my smoking "career" and always when I saw a smoker I thought to myself that poor soul has to smoke.

Atm I try to keep myself busy with steemit. But its tough atm.

If you are unable to quit smoking, then I suggest you to try Yoga and meditation. The only reason why we are unable to quit bad habits is because of our mind's psychology of getting pleasure from these habits and becoming addicted to it. When I started smoking, then after few years I realized that I am getting weaker, but my urge and addiction to smoke didn't go and that's why I went on smoking. Then I started doing some yoga and meditation and started to relate smoking with some bad feelings like a picture of a person having mouth cancer etc. After few days my subconscious mind understood that smoking is harmful and this is how I was able to quit smoking easily. You have to relate your habit with something bad feeling and I am sure this will definitely help quit smoking.

already on it.

I meditate since a couple of years already and started doing Yoga regular some months ago.

This is actually what got me going again to give it another try.
I want to be strong, free and healthy

This is great @flipstar! Let me tell you that you must have to motivate yourself every time when you feel like smoking. Whenever I feel to smoke, then I just see my children and thought that how my smoking may affect their health.

It takes a strong heart to do this. You are one! Hey and good luck getting rid of that cigarette monster. Take care. Cheers!

thank you.

I will do my best to keep my heart strong and become even stronger

Ich wünsche Dir gutes Durchhaltevermögen und viel Nerve in den nächsten circa 3 Tagen. Die sind die härtesten. Danach gehts bergauf und es lohnt sich! Die Daumen sind gedrückt und ich bin gespannt auf Ergebnisse. Eventuell könnte das Saftfasten gleichzeitig etwas hart sein :D Oder hast du das schon öfter gemacht und weisst, was da auf dich zukommt?

vielen dank

Saftfasten habe ich schon öfter gemacht.
Ich hatte es vor ca einem Jahr mit einem erfolgreichern Versuch aufzuhören auch verbunden gehabt (3-4 Monate hatte ich damals nicht geraucht)

Der Anfang war sehr schwer dann kam irgendwann der Energieschub und es war die ganze Mühe wert

Das Geld und Deine Gesundheit werden es Dir danken. Es ist auf jeden Fall wert. Ich habe auch 12 Jahre geraucht. Aber eines Tages wollte ich einfach nicht mehr. Voraus gingen Jahre an Zweifeln, Schwäche, Schuldgefühle etc.
Danach gab ich auf und hatte einfach keine Lust mehr auf all das anstrengende an einer Sucht. Ende!
Drück Dir die Daumen, dass du es schaffst, der Substanz keine Macht mehr zu geben. Die Sucht bleibt für immer. ;)

Wouldn't it be easier to do one thing at a time? Quitting smoking is hard and fasting depletes your self-control. Anyway hope you manage :) Good luck

yes and no. since atm I cant decide if I am hungry or want a smoke, it is easier for me to kind of be all in.

since fasting is also a cleaning process for body and mind it also kind of defeats the purpose if I am keep posining myself with cigarttes.

Well hope for the best for you :)

@flipstar, keep breathing the fresh air! You have our support for your journey to become a better version of yourself.

thank you. means a lot

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