What happens when someone with Alzheimers stops all prescriptions, and takes only cannabis oil for 3.5 months? ๐Ÿ’Š vs ๐ŸŒฟ

in #health โ€ข 4 years ago (edited)

Take THAT, big pharma!

I am an independent advocate of cannabis sativa + industrial hemp.
This is not the easiest topic to rally support for, due to polarizing stigma
and blinding disinformation, that continues. If you have
affinity with this work, your support of it is greatly appreciated.

Bitcoin, too:

Thank you.

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Are you, or someone you love, affected by Alzheimers?

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Amazing I love this. I really hope that we can get this common practice. My father has a wealth of problems including damaged Pituitary gland and recently an epileptic/diabetic fit. I want to get him on cannabis oil but he won't because it illegal here in the UK and he won't allow me to buy it for him :)

I have done a rare resteem because this is the future keep up your amazing work :)

"I want to get him on cannabis oil but he won't because it illegal here in the UK and he won't allow me to buy it for him" <--- THIS is why I won't shut up about cannabis.

@vibeof100monkeys, it saddens me to hear that your father suffers ailments he might not with herbal aid. Please start introducing him to the idea of conscious disobedience. Slavery was legal. A healing plant is illegal. Immoral rules like that are, in my opinion, to be broken until they are changed. Encourage him to become the governor of himself and his body. If the Queen would have him hurt, why is she worthy to be obeyed??

And hey, thanks for the Resteem. I appreciate that very much :-)

Man I wish the UK is such a regime it untrue, yet we all drink tea and obey grrr. But there is a growing group of people who are questioning things, especially after Grenville towers.

My step mother is leaning towards CBD use so my plan is to work on her. I know she would try and convince him is she could get it. She would smoke is she could it, but we don't live at home any more :)

Just buy CBD oil, in the UK.... for ยฃ20 this is legally for sale on Ebay, and available for your Dad to browse himself on any shelf at Holland & Barret!!

Nice work yes spoke to a friend you said this to me. Is this a decent strength to have a good effect, I was under the impression this was very low CDB content ?

Should I even mention Sativex?
It's obscenely expensive and not as good as the real thing, but it looks like the only option for someone who still has respect for "the law" and won't emigrate. I'll drop a few relevant links here:


My favourite takeaway from these articles is the discovery that European visitors to the UK can bring in their "medical marijuana" but UK citizens can't go overseas to get prescriptions and bring it back with them.

We are very oppressed yet most are completely oblivious to the BBC programming. You can get it here ;)

Bad food
Worse weather..
I have never been motivated to visit...

The weather is great in the Uk but then again it depends what you are used to. You can literally get '4 seasons in one day'. Bad food? Depends where you eat you can get bad food anywhere!

UK is a great place nice scenery and cracking food actually. And some great events an festivals, you just have to not be brainwashed by the medias image! It like many countries were shown the bad, violent and the like but I never trust this. Often when you go yourself its very different.

Have to admit the weather is crap but much better down south. Cornwall is amazing :)

Stand up for yourself man!

I take it your talking to me!

I do but the majority don't allowing it to continue. Unfortunately they just take you to court and jail you or cause problems at your work.

The UK media is very very powerful, I don't read or watch it but the majority do. They identify the lies but still partake. There is a movement but now they arrests you if you protest and of course with a criminal record a lot of employers wont employ you. I am fighting hard but need money this is the catch you face, once I have made some I am out of here. It like a council tax bill I got it they added ยฃ200 on to my bill I refused they said they would take me to magistrates court if I did not agree to pay. With no legal aid anymore I could not afford it, its pure extortion but very hard to challenge unless you have all the legal knowledge and money!

Possible Solution: I don't have any experience with cannibus but I do have a lot with fasting and diabetes. Your father needs to immediately get on a one meal a day fasting regime(ZERO snacks), a ketogenic diet, and start consuming copious amounts of coconut oil(organic) oil.

His body needs to be thrown head first into "AUTOPHAGY" ASAP! This will help cleanse the brain. The fasting/keto will also get him completely off all diabetic medication within Two months! (Assuming his kidneys and pancreas are still in tact) ---> see DR.Jason FUNG for details he has many videos explaining what happens during fasting and how it effects blood glucose, INSULIN levels, and type 2 diabetes.


Have tried suggesting this but will push it some more. Will look into the ketogenic diet thanks for that :)

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What a great story! I just love this country's recent embrace of the sacred plant medicines. I hear stories of this nature often, specifically related to CBD oil, and it warms my heart.

Thanks, @cabelindsay! Warm hearts, are the best hearts. ๐Ÿ’—

Just to clarify, we're in Mexico, and we use FULL SPECTRUM oil.

Regarding Alzheimers, it's the THC, specifically, that does the work of breaking up the brain plaque... so CBD alone would be ineffective.

Oh whoa ๐Ÿ˜ฒ, I didn't realize it's the THC that helps with that. What a surprise! And yet it still makes perfect sense. In my circle of friends we revere the plant as "Santa Maria," and so I like to think that She guides us to our natural state of being: Love and Lightness.

That's a beautiful thought, @cablelindsay. I agree. ๐ŸŒธ

Incredibly inspiring story!
I can't wait for the day when humanity comes together as a collective and realizes how connected our minds and bodies really are. Then we can focus on teaching the things that truly matter like nutrition, meditation, and helping one another realize our true potential.
Forgive me if it's rude for asking (I'm new here) but would you be willing to discuss the medical marijuana industry with me? I'm a young entrepreneur and I really want to get involved but I have no idea where to start
Thank you for being you ๐Ÿ˜Š

@marmwaa, I love your vision and optimism! Stand guard of it, because a grumpy world will do its best to douse it in vinegar. Let your joy stand anyway. :-)

Your question about the MMJ industry isn't rude at all! I'm glad you asked, and will help however I can. A great place to get started with a career in cannabis is https://www.ganjapreneur.com/.

G'day. I really wish I could have done something like this before I lost my Mum. Australia is slowly working towards legalisation of Medicinal Cannabis so maybe there is hope. This is one video I'm happy to share around.
You do amazing work!

G'day, @plumey! I understand the regret (I couldn't help my Grandma this way), but we do the best we can, with the information and resources we have available at the moment, right? Onward and upward, we go. :-) Thanks for your support. I appreciate it greatly.

I love, love, love this video! It made me smaller and cry at the same time. My mother has Alzheimer's and is in a nursing home. Cannabis is still not legal in our state, but if it was I would absolutely start her on it. I don't know if at this stage in her illness that her mind would be any clearer, but I do believe it would improve her quality of life. We had to put her on an anti anxiety drug so she wouldn't hit people and now she just sits with her eyes closed a lot and doesn't talk much

That is so hard to read, @stillwatersart... and, I'm sure, live through. My heart goes out to you. <3

Thank you for all you are doing to raise awareness! I am resteeming this.

I appreciate the Resteem, @stillwatersart! Thanks for that. Also, I checked out your art, and LOVE it! ๐ŸŽจ Especially the process videos. Following, and look forward to growing with, you here!

Thank you so much Erika! I first saw you on Anarchast and loved your energy and what you are all about. Thank you for the follow too!

Love this. I recently convinced my grandfather who was suffering with heavy depression and insomnia to try marijuana edibles and he loves them. Says they changed his life. He's night and day different.

That is MUSIC to hear, @jayjayjeffery! ๐Ÿ’œ๐ŸŽต Good on you, for persuading your Grandfather toward relief. And good on him for loving himself MORE THAN idiotic laws, and/or stigma. Thanks for sharing this great news.

Wao nice history im about to try it for my gtand

Super glad to hear that, @geral! Hey, it'd be great if you shared changes you see. Lil saw significant changes by just the THIRD WEEK!

Indeed. I'd be interested in knowing that too.
Let us know.

Just to be clear, this is CBD without THC, correct?

@ventingplswait, it's full spectrum, so includes THC.

THC is what breaks up the brain plaque, so CBD-only formulas are nowhere near as effective for managing Alzheimers.

Eh. This video is sketchy.

How so, @ventingplswait? And a 100% downvote?! What do you stand for??

To start, your entire argument is fallacious at best.

-Appeal to emotion.
-Trying to use anecdotal evidence as an argument.

There is absolutely nothing in this post or video to support your argument that isn't a fallacy.
I see someone who claims to be the wife of an Alzheimer patient. Where is the patient?
I see her talking about his emotional distress and how the oil helped his depression and anxiety. Which is great.... but not an argument for THC breaking up amyloid plaques. It is, however, an argument for CBD helping with anxiety which HAS been proven as a use for CBD (along with alleviation of nerve pain in cancer and neuralgia patients).

I also hear her call her husband, who is suffering, a pain in the ass. This bothers me greatly since I had to deal with an elderly parent in the late stages their life deal with dementia.

If THC breaks up the amyloid plaques, show SOMETHING that supports your argument. The wife said nothing about how her husbands dementia was improved. Just his quality of life due to the easing of his emotional distress, which is great, but that's not what you're trying to show here.

Also, correlation is not causation. So, you take someone off the medications that are meant to treat Alzheimers and something changes in their demeanor. This could entail any number of things, from the possibility of the patient being misdiagnosed as having Alzheimers when they actually have a completely different form of dementia, if it's dementia at all and not something completely unrelated in a physiological sense like hydrocephalus, to the patient having a negative reaction to that particular medication or combination a meds.

So, to your second question "What do you stand for??":

I'll go with the moniker of libertarian for simplicity's sake. That being said, in regards to cannabis legalization and regulation by the government, I feel like it isn't something the government should be involved in to begin with. However, when you don't want an overbearing state entity to regulate everything in life, there is a need for everyone to do their due diligence, to develop values that are compatible with that way of life in addition to virtuous attributes, such as honesty to one's self and others.

For the interests of keeping this relatively short, because I could probably go on, I'll make this my closing statement... if you believe in pushing for the exploration of cannabis as a treatment for something such as this, you should probably do the work to present a bit of a better argument than what you have presented because all I see right now is a really weak video with no real evidence in an attempt to manipulate people's emotions in order to upvote your post (which they are most likely doing so you either follow them back or upvote their comments) along with a BTC donation address being plopped down in addition to a Patreon link.

Should I keep going, or do you understand why I don't feel obligated to upvote your post nor should I feel obligated to refrain from downvoting it?

The interview isn't meant to discuss molecular bioavailability and comparative amyloid plaque removal efficacy rates. It was meant to allow a caregiver to share her personal story regarding a loved one who was suffering from the disease and was helped by the treatment. It did so in a moving way.

If you want to understand the biochemistry of it, search medical journals. There are more than a few examples. Here is a good one, specifically addressing amyloid plaque reduction by THC:

A Molecular Link between the Active Component of Marijuana and Alzheimer's Disease Pathology

Hey, @olyup! THANKS for understanding the pure motive behind this video, and also for sharing that helpful link. I value your contribution! ๐ŸŒฟ

Thank you! The Salk Institute has an article on the same topic aimed at more general audience: https://www.salk.edu/news-release/cannabinoids-remove-plaque-forming-alzheimers-proteins-from-brain-cells/

Reading the actual research paper is probably a little dry for most people!

This piece is presented as anecdote & personal point of view. It's a story of a real person's actual experience moderated by someone who clearly has knowedge, experience, and opinions on the topic. The author makes no claim to providing the level of completeness & scientific rigor you're requesting. She's been gracious & responsive to the conversations here. We should encourage these activities.

Thanks, @extroverting! ๐Ÿ’š

@ventingplswait: To start, this is not an argument, but a sharing. This is TWO HUMAN LIVES... the quality of which, have been improved.

A fallacy is "a mistaken belief, especially one based on unsound argument." The fallacy that this video exposes is that cannabis is a harmful substance, with no healing benefit.

Evidence about THC's effect on Alzheimers plaque can be seen here: https://www.popsci.com/marijuana-compound-removes-alzheimers-plaque-from-brain-cells-study

And as for Lil's very human comment... you needn't worry about the unending love he receives. Most full-time caregivers and mothers will completely understand the innocent exasperation that was behind that comment.

I agree that more details, specifics and certainly a showing of Ken himself will only strengthen our sharing. We will do all those things in the near future.

I'd love to do a collaboration with you

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Peace in Blunts Fam ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ’จ

This is awesome! โค๏ธ

Thanks, @pomperipossa! ๐Ÿ’œ

That's awesome. Really wish we could do more experimenting with cannabis. The opportunities are endless but so many people just don't understand and immediately shy away from hearing the word "cannabis." Glad to see a video like this showing the potential and people heading in the right direction.

"Really wish we could do more experimenting with cannabis."

@boatsports90, you can. If someone you care about becomes ill with something cannabis can help with, start educating them... and remind them that the preservation of their own life/health is the most natural thing in the world. Do all you can to inspire them to NOT surrender their bodies to a faceless overlord who gives no f about them. Thanks for your comment. :-)

Very true! Awesome response, thank you.

My pleasure, @boatsports90. ๐Ÿ˜Š

This is pretty dope Erika. I'll have to do my own research further. I'll have to look this up on my own and pass this info to one of my family member's. I've lost both of my grandparents from Alzheimer.

Sorry for your losses, @geechidan. I lost my Grandma to Alzheimers, too. It was slow and horrid. If only I had known then it could have been easier... on everyone.

There are no HUMAN trials of cannabis being medically-used for Alzheimers. It's only been tested on rat brains. Because, you know, the stupid prohibition BLOCKS RESEARCH + KEEPS STUDIES STALLED. So Lil is a brave health renegade to have allowed this. I hope lots more follow her example.

We can create our own evidence, while healing ourselves!

Great video Erika. My sister had used it late in cancer treatments, but the damage had already been done. She just wished she had known about it before, but lost the battle. However, her cancer counts or whatever you call it, had gone way down in the 8 containers she used of 60 she had purchased locally. I firmly believe it works.

It does, indeed, work. So let's keep letting others know, too... to prevent or shorten knowledge-gaps, like your sister had. I'm sorry for that. I'm fueled by that. Thanks, @johnnycapote.

I feel like more people are getting open for alternatives like medicinal marijuana, but it's still a touchy subject to approach someone with. Seeing as the medical doctors studied for it, and must know it all so well... (little sarcasm there :P)

OMG, it's so bad, @droucil... NUTRITION isn't even a part of a medical student's curriculum... let alone cannabinoid/terpenoid science. So. Far. To. Go.

Thanks for sharing this. We need more experiences from real people that can be shown to those in doubt.

We feel the same, @igster, and that's why we shared. :-)

Very interesting story, but I bet pharmaceutical industry won't upvote it :D

Darn! I was so hoping, @fedesox... lol

Hello Erika,
I have used cannabis and its oil for patients for 16 years. I have even gone to prison standing for my patients rights.
Try some DMSO with the cannabis oil. 5 drops on the tongue with the oil. Its absorbed instantly.
For people who can not take orally; wash wrist, add DMSO drops then cannabis oil.... Instantly into the blood stream. best way for area's of pain.
I will be bringing DMSO with me in October when I am coming to Aca.

Be well dear...

Wow, thank you for your long-time work and personal sacrifice, @healthiswealth! IMHO, everyone who has spent one minute incarcerated for any dealings with this plant is a real and true hero(ine). Thanks for the DMSO tip, too. I haven't looked into that use, and will explore it further. Wishing you safe and happy travels!

Thanks sweetheart, In case you cant find the DMSO, I will bring you some with me in Oct when I get to Aca, will be staying with Nathan. see you soon.

@rkkk I understand you wanting your post to be seen by others, but spamming it four times, and without even one real word from you... doesn't make the best first impression.

Thanks for the heads up
Super awesome! :)
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great article!

Totally agree, the medicines donโ€™t cure

nice history

Wonderful! I feel like getting those cannabis oil right now

great post i followed and upvoted
also past to two friends whose parents are going through this awful disease

Thanks for sharing, @sumjags09! Best wishes to your friends' parents.

C saw this and was moved! Thanks so much!

Thanks, @mikeonfire. ๐Ÿ’œ

just save and help <3 <3 @erikaharris

This is awesome! not sure was this is so unpopular given so many other great benefits! Thank you for sharing, best wishes.

@erikaharris. I just posted my marijuana story on steemit. It is a shame this is illegal in so many places. Like the story. Here is mine below:


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I'm so thankful & grateful for the quality of life increase they both got! Caretaking someone you love that (un)/intentionally makes life miserable is a daily emotional struggle that I wouldn't wish on anyone & feeling yourself slipping away & losing yourself is equally awful. I'm so glad life is better for the both of them!

Rick Simpson Oil, cannabis concentrates, MCT & coconut oil all helped save my life. Watching this was a reminder that I'm struggling & need to get back to my MCT oil coffee routine!

I love when she said that we're being lied to, I certainly agree. I had to overcome a lot of social stigmatism & ingrained beliefs to embrace cannabis as a medicine. I STILL struggle to stay medicated without guilt & justification even though I love it & believe in it.

I hope he continues to improve & I believe turmeric (with pepper) is still a great idea! It's got wonderful properties. :)
If he wants to strengthen his mind, activating mirror neurons can help a lot!

Erika, you're beautiful, have a nice day

great story and result

Insulin resistance is the most likely culprit of Alzheimerโ€™s. Itโ€™s a disease decades in the making. Largely avoidable through nutrition choices, and best treated the same way. THC may play a role here with signalling but I would guess it is a minor one compared to energy metabolism.

The sound is bad, I'm sure you noticed. I find it hard to focus on what she says. Keep the good work. Just a reminder that if we want it to reach more people a minimum of quality must be there. Mics for interviews are getting very cheap. Hope this is constructive criticism.

thought ide come over and paste this here, since a very similar mechanism is at work with CBD to what happens with Carbon 60.

Fullerenes, also known as C60 or buckyballs, offer society changing medical benefits. Massive lifespan increases and recovery from a range of debilitating conditions.
-massive improvement in peopel with alzheimerss, MS, cancer, the list is huge!

It works as both an antioxidant (C60 donates electrons to reactive oxygen species (ROS) which restore these rouge molecules to being useful to your body again instead of being damaging electron scavengers).

There is a significant reduction in the ROS produced in cell mitochondria when Carbon60 is present in cells.

Im only a day into my research, and ive onyl read a few of the published medical research papers on this, but this is pretty amazing!

Totally non toxic nanoparticles that stop you body from producing all the crap that makes us sick and age.

there are a few articles and videos popping up on here and youtube since cliff high covered it.