Thumb Release Exercise: Reduce hand tightness, reduce pain, improve range of motion

in health •  9 months ago

This exercise will reduce thumb and hand tightness, increase finger, hand and wrist range of motion, and more!



Thumb Release


  • Reduce thumb and hand tightness
  • Increase finger extension and flex
  • Improve finger, hand and wrist range of motion
  • Reduce palmar(palm) pain
  • Reduce numbness and tingling
  • Improve grip strength
  • Improve upper extremity performance


Using a small ball, place the ball on your thenar muscle (the muscle where your thumb ends)

Squeeze palms together to feel firm pressure and gently massage the muscle

Slide the ball up down

Slide the ball side to side

Squeeze hands together

  • If you find a hard knot, stay in that spot for 2 or 3 minutes and allow the pressure to release the knot
  • Perform each move for as long as needed but, try for at least a minute per move
  • Repeat this exercise as much as needed

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Nice work babe.


Thanks @tremendospercy Appreciate you checking it out

Thanks for sharing! I really enjoy these neat exercises series. Keep it up!

I don't have one of them, but I may have a rubber ball cat toy lying around somewhere LOL!


Haha, that'll work just fine! As long as the cat doesn't come and take it back forcefully :D


Haha, ya it sits there for weeks ignored, but as soon as I play with it, it's suddenly your favorite toy!


That's always the case isn't. Greedy animals <3

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Excellent, I go through thousands of books a month, this will definitely help me. Just gotta find one of those mobility balls. I used a tennis ball for the foot one but looks like a smaller one would be better for the hands.


Power Rangers for the WIN. I still remember this as if it were yesterday.

Yea, for this one you really do need a smaller ball so you can focus it better.

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Looks like a great thing to do if you work a lot using a computer:-)
These exercises are great tips, I have tried the one for knees twice, feels good this far.
You are great, thanks!


Oh yes, most definitely! Got to keep those hands lose!

Glad it's working so far!

good stuff! i usually just use my fingers to do pressure points, but maybe i can find a nice superball. do you have a video for tendonitis?


I don't, but I can put something together for you. Where do you have it? @torico


ah no worries i just wondered. i only have it occasionally in my forearms.

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Good Luck!

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thanks for sharing @dpt-darkfox12!!


My pleasure, thanks for checking it out @awesome-seven! :)


YES! Never fear, the Captain is here!

You're the Doctor!

Interesting! Nice! I upvoted you!

PD: join me in this world of steemit looking my posts, rare content about this world, maybe you like it, maybe not, anyways, We can grow up toghether follow me and I follow you bro! :D