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The rainy season is disadvantageous for my well-being because it is cold and I am under the blanket all the time. It is not as comfortable as it sounds because with the cooler weather I do not get to perspire much.

Bad thing really because I am filled easily with fluids, it causes me to get so breathless now that my backbone collapse or shrinkage that squeezes my internal organs especially my lungs makes breathing difficulty to get magnified. So I am just preferring not to move around anymore as it causes me a considerable fatigue and not to mention pains.

I had hit the weight of 32 kilos before and now I am 37 KG which means a considerable amount of fluids is in my body. I blame it for adding misery to my life so if I would just add a little more fluids due to normal eating and drinking afterwards I would get breathless so fast because I already have extra fluids in my body.

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I Have To Constantly Adjust To The Weather

It is the reason that I want to get the Peritoneal dialysis option because it will allow me to take control over how many or how water in my body that I would take in and out and not to rely on hemodialysis nurses which doesn't listen to patient's complaints and are just basing their judgement on numbers.

So in my dialysis center the patients have big bellies and are having difficulty in walking considering that they have no bone problems yet like mine.

Anyway I do think that the season will be like this for more than another half a year because it will be winter in the other countries which also affect the temperature in my country when the cold Siberian air blows in here then I just needed to manage my fluid intake more to help e with my breathing issues.


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I suppose the Siberian air is cold and dry, am I right? I sure hope there isn't particle dust in the wind like China has when it blows into Korea.

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