Dear Diary: I Just Took Gabapentin To Relax My Body

in health •  5 months ago


My body gets relaxed well along with some pain alleviation with Gabapention. I started taking Gabapentin when I was heaving these odd sensation or urge to kick my legs because they get so tense, little that I know that those were the symptoms of a disorder called a Restless Legs Syndrome.

Thank God for the Internet and I was able to research a little about that debilitating condition which is just a side symptom of my current condition. So I just went on and purchased myself Gabapentin and true enough after a few minutes I was relieved from my Restless Legs.

Then something came along with alleviation of my Legs, it was a better well-being, a relaxed state that I was longing for. It gave me a good sleep, a quality sleep unlike taking sleeping pills which are just those things that make you go blank.

But Gabapentin makes you get a quality sleep so I was happy about it because one problem got solved right away, which is insomnia. It is just a good thing that I am taking a one pill-cures-many type of medicine and is very valuable for my well-being as it also alleviates some of my lingering pain.

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I take gabapentin to help with my Multiple Sclerosis symptoms. It really does help with 'restless leg syndrome' and other neurological anomalies. There was a time I would be reluctant to take anything as simple as paracetamol. Now i rattle with all the pills I take.

Keep fighting 👍


Thank you Sir @gmuxx
God Bless you and may you recover soon from your ailments.
I don't know how it feels like with multiple sclerosis but we just hope that everything will get fine and that we should just fight it with all our resources.

My mum used to get that restless legs syndrome from being in a wheelchair bless her soul, it was a horrible experience for her so I am pleased you have found a solution I can't imagine trying to suffer with it. And if it helps you sleep well too that is a big bonus, sleep is really important - and quality sleep is hard to get so hopefully you will be feeling better for it.

I'm trying to keep up @cryptopie, so many people, accounts, trying to post myself and then comment on others posts and share as much as I can - it's hard but I am still here.

#thealliance #witness


I appreciate all your support Sir @c0ff33a
You are a gem in the steemit community.

Nunca habia escuchado de ese Sindrome de Piernas Inquietas @cryptopie y Gracias a Dios pudiste conseguir ese medicamento que alivia un poco tu condición actual

Hello my warrior, I know about the restless legs syndrome and it is very unpleasant the imperious feeling of moving the legs, thank God you got a palliative in gabapentin, which helps you with insomnia. I'm happy for your welfare. @crytopie

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