Exercise the Frank Medrano way exercise way , the 300 second exercise program will make this happen ; You MUST see THIS ! ! !

in health •  2 years ago

Ladies cannot build huge muscles like men can ; females need chemical 'supplements' . . .

You can work up to the strength of this lady or aim to see train like this guy ; please , you MUST see this workout ! ! !

Not sure my " The Dangler Of Effort " can get you in shape ?

This exercise is called ' the Human Flag ' it requires huge strength ! ! !

Oh this is a You Tube and this guy is amazing ! ! ! ( THE Frank Medrano ) . . .

In this next YouTube Mr Frank Medrano explains how to achieve each exercise ! ! !

Now compare my 300 second a day exercise program for the fat lazy procrastinator . . .


Anyone who says you need weights machines to get fit and in shape is simply wrong or delusional . . .
All you need is " the Dangler " ! ! !


Thank you again Pixabar for the pic !

Who are you working out with ; )

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Humans have fewer limits than they believe.


You can see crazy strong people because they can move slowly, it is far harder to move slowly than to benefit from leverage or momentum . . .

On a personal note : I can now do seven hammer pullups : )

You can congratulate me as much as you desire ; )

It's hard even for men to build huge muscles. Most pro bodybuilders are chemically enhanced.


Yes so true, and especially even harder for ladies ! ! !

In Norway they were having a Pro Bodybuilder contest at a smaller chalet in Winter time. There were eight contestants, when the substance testers arrived 7 of the 8 contestants ran from the building and out into the snow !

That is a true story, can you imagine these guys running half naked down snow and ice covered roads : )

Norway and Steroids is not that link, rather just about drugs . . .